The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert has called for the American people to rise up and resist Clinton's latest bid for dictatorial power ~ a recent Presidential Executive Order on Federalism, which appropriates to the American President powers that are reserved by the Constitution to the states and the people. Apparently, representatives of organizations representing state and local governments met and demanded that the President withdraw the order. The White House responded by stating that it would wait 90 days to implement the executive order. Executive Order #13083 is posted at the web site of the Free Congress Foundation.

While the wording of this document seems ominous, caution is also advised regarding the agenda of the Capitol Hill Prayer Alert and the network it represents. To the following analysis is appended the CHPA update on the President's executive order.

In 1973, Paul Weyrich founded the Heritage Foundation, a Washington, D.C. think tank which has received grants from Amoco, General Motors, David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank and is also funded by private foundations such as Pew Charitable Trust, which funded initiatives for the federal government's GOALS 2000 plan to restructure American education. The current president of Heritage Foundation is Council for National Policy member, Ed Feulner. The network of organizations linked to Heritage Foundation can be explored in the CLEAR Wise Use Groups.

In 1976, Weyrich formed the Committee for the Survival of Free Congress Foundation with funds provided by Joseph Coors, chief executive of the Coors beer empire which is heavily represented in the Council for National Policy. [Holland Coors serves on the Board of Directors of the Heritage Foundation.] Richard Viguerie (CNP member who owes his financial solvency to the intervention of one of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s religio-political organizations) became the direct mail fundraiser for the Free Congress Foundation, which then launched a campaign to convince Protestant pastors that political activism is a mandate of patriotic Christians.

Over the years, Paul Weyrich has formed a network of organizations to this end, including Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which develops sample legislation and is now funded by Scientologists and staffed by CFR members. For more information on the private funding of the Religious Right, please refer to The Rockefeller / Heritage Connection, which documents Rockefeller's plan to use the Republican Party and Weyrich’s organizations to mobilize conservative Christians for Rocky's hidden agenda.

Paul Weyrich was also an early executive committee member and presently serves on the Board of Governors of the Council for National Policy. The CNP is a highly secretive and powerful coalition of Evangelical ministries, such as Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Christian Coalition and Concerned Women for America, working together with globalists, entrepreneurs, legislators, former high-ranking military leaders, Scientologists, Moonie-front organizations, TV preachers and the bulk of the multi-millionaire Coors family and Catholics belonging to cults such as Opus Dei, DAR and Knights of Malta.

While there is not an abundance of information available on the CNP, an unofficial site, the Clearinghouse for Environmental Advocacy & Research, provides a list of some members which contains links to the organizations they represent. The current CNP membership list is provided by the Institute for First Amendment Studies.

Sun Myung Moon, the founder and leader of the Unification Church, is an influential patron of the Council for National Policy. CNP member Ron Godwin, a former executive of Falwell's Moral Majority, is currently Senior Vice President of the Washington Times which is owned by Rev. Moon. A recent article in the Seattle News stated that Godwin "serves as emissary to conservative Christian leaders." The web site of one Moon organization, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, displays a link to CNP member James Dobson's Focus on the Family.

Sound the Trumpet Ministries

Council for National Policy member, Harry Valentine, is the founder of Sound the Trumpet Ministries, which is also endorsed and reports to Paul Weyrich. The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert is a publication of Sound the Trumpet Ministries, which is also a member of the Free Congress Foundation's Coalition for Constitutional Liberties and the Coalition on Revival. The latter posts on the Internet a Christian Manifesto, 25 Articles on the Kingdom of God and 42 Essentials of a Christian World View. These comprise the Alliance "Statement of Faith" and set forth their intention to build on earth the Kingdom of God as expressed in the following articles:

25 Articles on the Kingdom of God
4. We deny that the Church must await the second coming of Christ for the Kingdom of God to be inaugurated on earth in time-space reality and in power...We deny that Christ will ever be given any more power or authority over the earth than He was given at His first coming…
16. We affirm that God holds the Body of Christ responsible for advancing His Kingdom on earth to whatever extent God has ordained, by applying His biblical principles through service in all spheres of human activity in all nations, prior to our Lord’s glorious return…
25. We affirm (a) that the Kingdom of God is a central teaching of the New Testament and cannot be neglected without loss to the Church and the Church’s influence upon society; (b) that millennial issues flow from the understanding of the Kingdom of God rather than vice versa; (c) that it is more important strategically for the Church to engage in building the Kingdom of God on earth than for it to resolve its disagreements about the millennium; and (d) that the foregoing affirmations and denials are consistent with the mainstream of historic orthodox Christianity.
We deny (a) that orthodox Christianity has ever adopted a universally accepted position regarding eschatology or regarding the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God, and (b) that Christians should make views such as premillennialism, amillenialism, or postmillennialism a test of orthodoxy.
To deny a systematic doctrine of eschatology would seem to constitute willful ignorance of Bible doctrine. In spite of their neutral confession, however, the Alliance for Reformation & Revival does hold out the hope of endtime revival and plans to build, before the return of Jesaus Christ, a "Kingdom of God" based on ecumenism and the deconstruction of Bible doctrine. Writing about the Latter Rain Revival in Last Days Leaven, Don Clasen assayed the modern false prophets who wrest the Scriptures to fit a predetermined agenda, thereby leading their followers to reject the prophetic warnings of Scripture:
"Gone now are all the shackles of that old traditional Pre-Millennial view with its ‘negative’ references to a bloodbath of martyrdom, the greatest upheavals history has ever seen (Mt. 24:21), the wrath of God poured out on the followers of the Antichrist, and the necessity for Christ to return and save the day lest ‘there should no flesh be saved’ (Mt. 24:22), Christian or otherwise. Such is considered too unbelieving to a generation raised on the mantras of ‘positive confession’ that, literally nothing is impossible to them that believe; a generation that thinks—if you thought you’d ever live to see the day—that rejection of the prophecies and warnings of the Scriptures is somehow ‘faith’; and a generation that, nonetheless, predicts that they will be more consecrated and holy than any other in history."
The Statement of Faith of the Alliance for Reformation & Revival also demotes the authority of secular governments which Scripture states are ordained by God:
42 Essentials of a Christian World View
29. We affirm that the laws of man must be based upon the laws of God.
37. We affirm that it is the duly of all citizens to obey God ordained authority. We deny that any citizen is obliged to obey any government when it transgresses its God given mandate or requires him to disobey God’s Laws.
These and other statements on governmental authority coming from the conservative Christian network should be carefully evaluated according to Scripture.
"Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well. Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king." (I Peter 2:13, 14, 17)
"Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work." (Titus 3:1)
The fact that the Council for National Policy is composed of and funded by high profile leaders from opposite ends of the political spectrum makes it difficult to avoid the conclusion that the spate of new laws and executive orders must be agreeable to both conservatives and liberals. Why then the pretense of conflict? As Chey Simonton stated so well in The Rockefeller / Heritage Connection, the manipulation of the Silent Majority by New World Order planners requires the dynamic of controversy to complete the dialectical process leading to a new social order.

The protracted fearmongering by the wealthy and well-connected conservative Christian establishment, coupled with incitement to rebellion, will serve to further destabilize society and is mobilizing a revolution of the proletariat led by conservative Christian patriots. When this formidable coalition feigns to topple the despised, liberal Powers That Be, new structures will conveniently be in place for modern revolutionaries to establish a more repressive regime, euphemistically called the Kingdom of God on Earth."

One hyper-charismatic organization, Discipleship Fellowship, even hosts a radio program called PREPARE FOR WAR! The inflammatory rhetoric of a conservative pseudo- Christian network in combination with the subtle indoctrination of the Church with Warrior/Knighthood themes will provide a noble cause for the next Crusade. The trumpet is already sounding and ensuing battle cry of the modern-day Knights-in-training will no doubt be  "Save America!" rather than "Jesus Saves!"


The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert
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July 23, 1998

Clinton Power-Play Defies Constitution; States; All Americans


The Clinton White House has postponed implementation of Executive Order #13083, entitled "Federalism."

On May 14, while visiting Birmingham, England, President Clinton signed the new order which officially revoked President Ronald Reagan's EO #12612. Reagan's "Federalism" order reaffirmed federal government's few, limited and enumerated Constitutional powers. Clinton's order not only fails to affirm the limited powers of the executive branch, it effectively revokes the 10th Amendment and arrogates to the President broad new powers tantamount to those of a totalitarian dictatorship. The Tenth Amendment reserves to the states and to the people all powers not specifically granted by the Constitution to the federal government.

* A month passed before President Clinton's unprecedented power grab began to register in the public mind. The secular media ignored the story and no reaction was heard from Congress, the governors or state legislatures. But praying Christians and conservative activists, alerted by the alternative media (the Internet, talk radio, email news and prayer alerts, etc.), raised a hue and cry and apparently prompted some action.

* Finally, on July 14th, the Washington representatives of seven major organizations representing state and local governments held a stormy meeting with the chief of White House intergovernmental relations, and drafted a letter demanding that the President withdraw the order. The Washington Post covered the story on July 16, the same day the White House announced it would wait 90 days to implement the order.

* The order, which eliminates the principles of federalism (shared power) that have guided the U.S. for more than 200 years, came on the heels of the President's announcement that he will not spend the next two years as a "lame duck" nor be beholden to a "do-nothing Congress." Rather, he pledged to issue a flurry of executive orders to further implement his agenda. Another recently-issued Clinton EO directed the rewriting of all federal regulations pertaining to race & gender discrimination to include "sexual orientation" as a covered group. Thus, Clinton has illegally usurped Congress and taken upon himself authority to dictate the law.

* EO #13083 justifies federal action (i.e., intervention) under the following circumstances: (1) When the matter to be addressed by Federal action occurs interstate as opposed to being contained within one State's boundaries. (2) When the source of the matter to be addressed occurs in a State different from the State (or States) where a significant amount of the harm occurs. (3) When there is a need for uniform national standards. (4) When decentralization increases the costs of government thus imposing additional burdens on the taxpayer. (5) When States have not adequately protected individual rights and liberties. (6) When States would be reluctant to impose necessary regulations because of fears that regulated business activity will relocate to other States. (7) When placing regulatory authority at the State or local level would undermine regulatory goals because high costs or demands for specialized expertise will effectively place the regulatory matter beyond the resources of State authorities. (8) When the matter relates to Federally owned or managed property or natural resources, trust obligations, or international obligations. (9) When the matter to be regulated significantly or uniquely affects Indian tribal governments. (The above quote is verbatim from the executive order).

Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) has introduced (in the House of Representatives) The State Sovereignty Act of 1998, in an effort "to restore the division of governmental responsibilities between the national government and the States that was intended by the Framers of the Constitution, by requiring all federal departments and agencies to comply with former Executive Order #12612 (Reagan's Federalism EO).

President Clinton's dictatorial executive order is postponed for only 90 days. If Congress, the governors, the state legislatures, local civic leaders and the American people fail to permanently reverse Bill Clinton's wicked EO #13083, a key provision of the U.S. Constitution will be undermined and there will be no checks and balances on this president.

Prayer Target: Pray that the American people and their servants in federal, state and local government will rise up and resist Clinton's bid for dictatorial power. May Rep. Barr's bill be embraced by Congress and passed speedily (1 Sam 8:7-18; Neh 4:14; Pr 26:24-26; 28:4; 1 Tim 5:19-20; Mt 20:25-27; Lk 16:2).


The Council for National Policy