SCENE I.  Louisiana

Enter The False Revivalists


Hurricane “Katrina” began the process of purification, racial and otherwise.  As one Republican Congressman from Louisiana, Richard Baker, put it: “We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans.”  But there was more to Katrina than ethnic cleansing.  During 2003 and 2004, the New Reformation Apostles of C. Peter Wagner's Strategic Prayer Network conducted a 50-State Tour during which they issued “prophetic decrees in the heavenly realm for each state.  Although their stated purpose was to bring revival to the nation, their strange decrees are actually curses, albeit camouflaged with Biblical terminology, designed to bring about the destruction of the United States and Christianity.  And so, precisely one year before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, to the day — August 29, 2004, the feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist — the “National Apostle” for Wagner’s  Strategic Prayer Network, Chuck Pierce, held a conference in Baton Rouge where he decreed the following “prophetic word” concerning Louisiana:

   “How the Saul structure collapses will bring Baton Rouge again to national attention. That alignment within it will collapse. A new demonstration with a new blueprint will be seen. This will be known as a meeting house. This will be known as a place where the Ark of the Covenant has dwelt.  This will be known as a refuge place. The WIND and WATER will rise in the midst of New Orleans. Many from the south will come north for refuge. Prepare. Prepare now for winds and water that will surprise you. I will renew the pattern not fully seen before. Worship will be here, and birthed in a new way from here. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Shift! Saul will be no more. David will arise from this day forward.  The wind from the south will begin to blow. for the effects. This will purify the land and bring great change.

   “Then in Alexandria that night Chuck shared from Song of Solomon 4:16 (Awake the north wind; come, o south wind. Blow upon the garden of this nation). He led the people to pray for the south wind to come. This south wind would be a purifying wind, cause corruption to be blown on and cause corruption to shake and initiate a righteous move starting with the children, then moving to the youth. We were to watch the government and the Catholic Church shake, and watch New Orleans change. (Words Over Louisiana)


Baton Rouge was “a place where the Ark of the Covenant has dwelt?” On July 22, 2005, another false revival prophet, Kim Clement (whose financial supporters become members of the “Warriors Knight Club”) gave a similar prophecy about Katrina, accusing New Orleans of “stealing” the Ark of the Covenant:


“Enough of past curses reminding you of yesterday’s failures. Enough of New Orleans and its treachery. Enough of stealing the Ark of the Covenant from my people just because you had those surrounding you that had no faith. Caleb said we are able to take this land. Joshua said we are able to take this land. But ten voices arose against the Lord God. And they would stone my servant Moses and say let us stone them and raise up another leader so that we may go back to Egypt. Would you go back to your dung? Would you go back to your vomit?

“O New Orleans God speaks to you from Houston tonight and says enough of this! For a judgment is coming says the Spirit of the Lord, and I will take the men that have stood in faith, raise them above the flood that shall destroy those that constantly bicker and stand against my servant Moses, or my servant Bilbo*. I want you to understand there are great men in New Orleans that have faith but you have been set aside not to lose but to win. Enough of this! For I will take the curses and the bodies will even rise and they will come forth on the water, but I will keep you and the stench of death will only last a few days. And then what I promised two years ago will come to pass for August, September and October of this year. I made a promise it would happen, and God said be strengthened now, be strengthened now for enough is enough says the Lord.” (Kim Clement, 7/22/05 / Hear Kim Clement rant on New Orleans)


*Garland Bilbo is the son-in-law of Marvin Gorman, a New Orleans televangelist who was a friend of Jim Bakker. In 1986, the Assemblies of God at the instigation of Jimmy Swaggart publicly rebuked Gorman for adultery.  The next year Gorman and Bilbo filmed Swaggart’s rendezvous with a prostitute and tried to blackmail him to undo the damage to Gorman's ministry. [Did Bilbo’s Critics Cause Katrina?]


Kim Clement remonstrated that New Orleans stole the Ark of the Covenant.  Chuck Pierce prophesied that Baton Rouge “will be known as a place where the Ark of the Covenant has dwelt.”  What could be the reason for their obsession with the Ark of the Covenant? Are these prophets Jewish?  Could this preoccupation with a piece of furniture where God no longer dwells have anything to do with “Ichabod” in I Samuel 4:22, or the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”?  Was Chuck Pierce referring to a symbolic Ark, i.e., the glory of God in Baton Rouge or the literal Ark of the Covenant?  Trying to get to the bottom of this conundrum yielded some interesting history concerning Louisiana’s role in the Merovingian quest for the Holy Grail.


SCENE II.  Egypt

Enter The Knights Templar

To the Templar Jews, who were/are Kabbalists, the Ark of the Covenant was perceived as a source of divine power and blessing to whoever possesses it.  With this in mind, the bizarre prophecies of Kim Clement and Chuck Pierce take on new meaning and present us with a startling prospect: Was the Ark of the Covenant (or a replica thereof) ever brought to the United States?


After the division of the Kingdom of Israel, Solomons son Rehoboam “forsook the law of the Lord, and all Israel with him. And it came to pass, that in the fifth year of king Rehoboam, Shishak, king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, because they had transgressed against the Lord... So Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, and took away the treasures of the house of the LORD, and the treasures of the king’s house; he took all...” (II Chron. 12:1,2,9) 


The conventional explanation is that the Ark is in Ethiopia, south of Egypt in North Africa. Ethiopians maintain that the Ark is kept in a chapel beside St. Mary of Zion church and that the only living descendant of King Solomon lives in Ethiopia. However, the Ethiopians have never been permitted to view the Ark, which raises the suspicion that it may not be there at all. (Exodus 2006)


According to The Mysteries of Rennes le Chateau, the Ark has been in the hands of the Prieuré de Sion since its recovery from the ruins of the Temple of Jerusalem during the Crusades.  Also implied is that the Fourth Temple, soon to be rebuilt, will be dedicated with a procession conveying the Ark of the Covenant into the Holy of Holies: 

“The Ark may not have been an extraterrestrial ‘power source,’ as some authors have claimed, but if it is the possession of Sion, it is an explosive secret, to say the least.  Sion has claimed that they have items ‘which will be returned to the government of Israel, when the time is right.’”

If it is true that the Prieuré de Sion has in its possession the Ark of the Covenant, the Knights Templar may have obtained this relic from St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mt. Sinai in Egypt where the Ten Commandments were originally given to Moses.  St. Catherine’s Monastery is also the desert sanctuary where the corrupt Codex Sinaiticus produced by the Alexandrian Gnostics was stored.  In his book, A Testimony Founded Forever, James Sightler has made a reasonable case that Egyptian monks removed the Sinaiticus Aleph manuscripts from the Library of Alexandria just prior to its destruction, and that these manuscripts were eventually taken to Mount Sinai.


St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mt. Sinai was allegedly built in the 8th century to house the remains of St. Catherine of Alexandria, however, it is our view that the monastery may have been built to house the Alexandrian manuscripts and other items of value to the Alexandrian Gnostics. If St. Catherine’s was a safe house for preserving Alexandrian forgeries of the New Testament, it may have been a repository for other artifacts that would advance the political agenda of the Alexandrian Jews who were the predecessors of the Prieuré de Sion and the Knights Templar.  It is also entirely conceivable that the Knights Templar traveled to St. Catherine’s Monastery for the purpose of retrieving the Ark of the Covenant since their presence is documented in that vicinity:

“From the time of the Crusades, the presence of Crusaders in the Sinai between 1099 and 1270 spurred the interest of European Christians and increased the number of intrepid pilgrims who visited the monastery.” (Wikipedia)

The implication in much of the Merovingian literature is that the “Templar Treasure” and the “Holy Grail” are, in fact, the Ark of the Covenant.  One interesting explication of the word “Grail” is “L’Arc” spelled backwards:

“The Holy Grail is the Ark of the Covenant. GRAL the other way round - a way in which Templars use to encode secret things (it seems) - reads LARG and could be connected with L’ARC and so with the Ark of the Covenant. This also connects the Templars, searching for the Ark of the Covenant, with the legend of the Holy Grail, or actually, the Holy CRA’L.”  [The Daily Grail]

This version of the Grail is further developed in Act VII: Atlantis Rising where a spurious Ark of the Covenant pre-dating the Flood will be found to contain the Emerald Tablets of Hermes, called the Gorral, and this myth eventuated in giving the bogus Ark the name of “Grail.”  This farce, of course, shows the true colors of the Knights Templar (who are only exploiting the Biblical Ark of the Covenant and its contents, the Ten Commandments) and reveals where the superstitious “Search for the Lost Ark of the Covenant” will take the apostate Church.

Merovingian literature establishes that the Knights Templar were Jews of the Diaspora whose consuming interest was to return to the Holy Land in order to rebuild Solomon’s Temple and reestablish the Kingdom of Israel.  The Templars maintain that they directly descended from the Jews who were taken captive by the Romans at the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  Compelling evidence of this claim is found in the various rituals of Royal Arch Freemasonry, which reenact the history of the Jews of the Diaspora in anticipation of their return to Palestine to rebuild the Temple of Solomon:


“The twentieth degree known as the ‘Grand Master’ is about the building of the Fourth or spiritual Temple. The historical lecture of the degree tells of the destruction of the Third Temple by the Romans under Titus in AD 70, and how the Brethren who were in Palestine at that terrible epoch were filled with grief at its loss. They left the Holy Land and determined to erect a Fourth Temple that would be a spiritual edifice. We are told that these people who somehow escaped the mass slaughter in Jerusalem divided themselves into a number of lodges and dispersed throughout Europe.

“There could be no clearer retelling of the Rex Deus story than this! Here was the evidence of a degree that is probably medieval, that spells out that the survivors of the battle of Jerusalem in AD 70 did indeed become dispersed throughout Europe... The degree goes on to say that one of these groups eventually came to Scotland, establishing a lodge at Kilwinning. . .

“Described as the ‘Grand Master of all Symbolic Lodges’, this ritual has a retrospect that tells of the fall of the Nasoreans in AD 70 and how the progenitors of Freemasonry left Jerusalem at that time to spread across Europe... One group, it says, found its way to Scotland to establish a lodge at Kilwinning, an early home of the St. Clair family.” (The Second Messiah, Knight & Lomas, pp. 208-210)


A millennium later, the Merovingian Jews, who considered themselves “Rex Deus” or “Kings of God,” managed to enlist all of European Christendom to reclaim the Holy Land from the infidel. Ultimately they failed to accomplish their objective and in 1188, the Knights Templar returned to Europe defeated and discredited. However, the wealthy Jewish “Rex Deus” families were determined to fund another expedition and, to this end, worked diligently to establish a Federal Reserve Bank of Europe. Unfortunately for them but happily for the rest of Europe, the King of France and the Pope refused to cooperate.

“The Templars were able to transcend the boundaries of feudalism and establish Europes first great financial empire, the forerunner of modern-day banking and the historical root of Western capitalism.  Soon clerics and nobles became so deeply indebted to the Templar banks that the Knights were very close to gaining control of both Church and State early in the 14th Century.  Only a series of daring moves by then French monarch Philip the Fair first forcing the Pope to become his vassal at Avignon, then using this papal pawn
to accuse the Knights of heresy averted absolute Templar hegemony.  Contrary to popular belief, however, this secretive order of holy bank-rollers was not wiped out; it simply went underground for a while.” (Apocalypso)

 The surviving Knights Templar fled to Scotland. However, the Prieuré de Sion remained intact in Paris, where another strategy would be developed – Plan B.



Enter The Merovingians

According to new revelations issuing forth from the Judeo-Freemasons, the New World was actually discovered by Henry St. Clair nearly a century before Christopher Columbus made his epic voyage. If this is true, it would explain why Columbus set sail for the New World in 1492 on August 3, the day after all Jews were ordered to leave Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.  For Columbus was himself a Jew and wealthy Merovingian Jews such as Rene d’Anjou and Leonardo Da Vinci were the real financiers of his expedition.


In his recent book, The Secret Scroll, Henry St. Clair’s descendant, Andrew Sinclair, confirmed that the Knights Templar, who survived the mass executions decreed by the French King and the Pope, fled to Scotland where they were given asylum by the Merovingian monarch, Robert the Bruce.  According to Andrew Sinclair, the Templars brought with them the treasures of the ancient Temple, including the Ark of the Covenant:


“TANTALISING clues to the tale can be seen on the secret scroll that I found in a Masonic lodge in Kirkwall, on Orkney... The first word can be deciphered only as meaning ‘distinguishing marks or symbols’. The last word has no Latin equivalent, but is an anagram of’ St Cler’ and ‘Vina’. Was this a reference to the St Clairs and Vinland — the old Norse name for the New World?

“CLOSE by are the heads of two sea serpents — one bearing a crown, the other a cross. They are remarkably similar to the dragon crest of Henry St Clair. Other images include sea-borne angels and the lost Ark of the Covenant floating on the waves. There were emblems of the Ancient Ark Mariners Guild, a Masonic brotherhood of shipwrights who built the St Clair family’s fleet. I believe the scroll’s symbols reflect the long odyssey of the Templars, from heroes of the Crusades to persecuted pariahs. It was an journey that took them from Jerusalem, where the Ark Of The Covenant was said to be buried beneath their headquarters, across Europe and the Mediterranean to Scotland, where the knights took refuge after the French king—envious of their wealth—sought to exterminate them.

“It was in Scotland that they passed on their secret religious wisdom, gathered in the Holy Land, to the Masons. And it was here, too, that they brought the priceless holy relics accumulated during their years of glory.”


It should be noted here that Andrew Sinclair is descended from one of only two direct Merovingian bloodlines, the other being the Plantard bloodline. The current highest ranking lineal descendant of both bloodlines is Thomas Plantard de Saint-Claire, the current Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion who will soon step onto the world stage as the false messiah of Israel, i.e., the Antichrist.


In Scotland, the Clan Sinclair/St. Clair has traditionally served as the hereditary Grand Masters of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.  It was Henry St. Clair, the Grand Master of the Templars, who traveled by ship from Scotland to the New World some 90 years after the refugee Templars fled Europe. Henry’s objective was to find a home where the displaced Knights of the Order of the Temple of Solomon would have “religious freedom”— in other words a Judeo-Masonic Empire of their very own. 


“Overwhelming evidence suggests that it was Henry St Clair who led the Scottish expedition to America, left behind the Westford Knight and the Newport Tower, and brought back knowledge of the New World crops.

“His voyage is said to have taken place around 90 years after the Templars made their exodus from France to Scotland, bringing with them the seamanship and navigational expertise built up while transporting pilgrims and merchants to the Holy Land. It is this expertise that would have been the key to Henry’s astonishing achievement...

The voyage was also a quest for a home. After their catastrophic fall from grace at the start of the 14th century, when their Grand Master and other leaders had been accused of blasphemy and burnt to death, the Templars were refugees. Although they had found protection with King Robert The Bruce, who absorbed them within the early Masonic guilds, it was natural they should look further beyond the seas for a new land where their ideals could take root. The outcast Templars would look to the West, and set out to build their new Jerusalem.” (The Secret Scroll)


The name St. Clair is French for “holy light,” which esoterically signifies “illumination” or “clairvoyance” while exoterically evoking images of the glory of God which, on occasion, emanated from the Ark of the Covenant.  The most memorable manifestation of God’s glory occurred when King Solomon, whom the Knights Templar revere, dedicated the Temple of Jerusalem in I Kings 8:6-11.  Clairvoyant Ellie Crystal, however, associates this Old Testament manifestation with inner illumination, “The quest for the light of the Ark or the Holy Grail - is the quest for ones light or soul.”  Unfortunately for clairvoyants, the “light” they perceive is neither “holy” nor the glory of God, but rather the fallen Angel of Light—Lucifer.


Henry St. Clair was the son of Sir William St. Clair who built the Rosslyn Chapel circa 1450 near Edinburgh, Scotland.  Intended to be a replica of the ancient Temple of Solomon, Rosslyn Chapel is nevertheless permeated with occult symbolism. It is also said to contain treasures from Solomon’s Temple:


“Rosslyn is a deliberate copy of the ruins of Herod’s Temple with a design that is inspired by Ezekiel’s vision of the new ‘heavenly Jerusalem’. The clues to understanding the building were placed into the then secret ritual of the Holy Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry. William St Clair used this method to tell us that the building is ‘the Temple of Jerusalem’, a ‘key to a treasure’ and a ‘place where a precious thing is concealed’, or 'the precious thing itself.’ The great west wall of Rosslyn can be conclusively shown to be a reconstruction of part of Herod’s Temple and the name ‘Roslin’ has the astounding meaning ‘ancient knowledge passed down the generations’ when understood in Gaelic.” (The Second Messiah, Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, p. 42)


The “most precious thing” in the Temple of Jerusalem was the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. It was into this Most Holy Place that the High Priest entered once a year, on the Feast of Atonement, to offer the blood of the sin offering to God on behalf of himself and the Jewish people. The Knights Templars not only believe themselves to be the bloodline of Solomon, they also believe that the Grand Masters of their high cabal, the Prieuré de Sion, are hereditary high priests descended from Solomon!


“…the fourteenth degree of the Ancient Scottish Rite of Freemasonry…acknowledged existence of a group within the forces of the First Crusade who were descended from the Jews who fled from Jerusalem in AD 70. ..

“This one degree of Freemasonry had confirmed…there was an ancient hereditary priesthood in Jerusalem that started at the time of King Solomon; these priests did come to Europe and their descendants did return with the Crusader armies to retake their lost city

“…the ‘Knight of the East and West’ which concludes the Allied Masonic degree of the Knight of the Red Cross of[s] with the Book of Revelations, mentioning seven seals and the ‘wrath of the Lamb.’ …The ritual states that the degree was organized by knights engaged in the Crusades in 1118. …the Knights Templar who were founded in 1118! …The presiding officer is called the ‘Most Equitable Sovereign Prince Master,’ supported by the High Priest. It struck us that the High Priest would have been the Grand Master of the Templar Order, running from Hugues de Payen through to Jacques de Molay..." (The Second Messiah, pp. 206-208)


“Towards the end of the 13th century, the Temple Order had lost most of its ‘raison d'être’. Palestine was lost and the Templars were thrown back upon themselves... So the idea of a ‘new temple’, or rather a ‘Grail-Temple’ was born. A ‘Heavenly Kingdom’ based on realization of spiritual perfection. The leader of this New Temple, should be a person of irreproachable conduct and spiritual purity, a Gnostic and initiate: thus the 'Grandmaster' would become a 'High Priest'.” (Underground Stream)



Enter The Acadians

A close look at the Masonic history of North American will take us “back to the future” — to the final act in the Merovingian drama. Although Andrew Sinclair does not rule out the possibility that Henry St. Clair brought the Ark of the Covenant to the New World, it is his opinion that the Grail is still in Scotland.  A similar Masonic book was published in March of 2004 under the title, The Knights Templar in the New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Acadia by William F. Mann.  The publisher’s review of the book avers that the Holy Grail was brought to the New World, but that the Grail is the impious bloodline which claims to be that of Jesus Christ.


“In 1398, almost one hundred years before Columbus arrived in the New World, the Scottish prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, sailed to what is today Nova Scotia... This was the same Prince Henry Sinclair who offered refuge to the Knights Templar fleeing the persecution unleashed against the Order by French king Philip the Fair early in the fourteenth century... Here they found a safe refuge for the Grail - the holy bloodline connecting the House of David to the Merovingian Dynasty through the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene - until the British exiled all the Acadians in 1755.” (The Knights Templar In The New World)


It seems that, in the New World, the Merovingians were known as Arcadians (possibly derived from “Ark”) which was then shortened to Acadians. The original Arcadians were the idolatrous tribe of Dan which had migrated from northern Israel to Greece after the Assyrian invasion. The Danites brought their false gods to Sparta, where they settled Arcadia, according to Merovingian sources including Guardians of the Grail by J.R. Church:

Now, the question remains, how do we know the Spartans were the offspring of the tribe of Dan? .... Aside from the fact that the Spartans wore long hair as a symbol of their power (like Samson) there is a legend written about the son of Belus, king of the Spartansin which is given the story of one named Danaus, who arrived in Greece with his daughters by ship. According to the legend, his daughters called themselves Danades. They introduced the cult of the mother goddess, which became the established religion of the Arcadians and developed over the years into the worship of Diana... The Spartans so loved their king that they called themselves Danaans long before they adopted the name of Spartans.  Also in the legend is a record of the arrival of colonists from Palestine. Please note, the man who headed the expedition was named Danaus. He may well have been of the tribe of Dan, and thus would have been the progenitor of the ancient Spartans. (Church, 127:120-21)


In Greek myth. . .[is] the legend of King Belaus, one Danaus, who arrives in Greece with his daughters, by ship. His daughters are said to have introduced the cult of the mother goddess, which became the established cult of the Arcadians. According to Robert Graves the Danaus myth records the arrival in the Peleponnesus of colonists from Palestine. Graves states that King Belus is in fact Baal, or Belor perhaps Belial from the Old Testament. (Baigent, 31: 275)

At that particular time Arcadia was ruled by Spartans... There appears to have been a relationship between the Spartans and the Jews. In the Apocryphal we read: It has been found in writing concerning the Spartans and the Jews that they are brethren and are of the family of Abraham.  (Maccabees I 12:21) (Van Buren, 258:45)

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the French gave the name “Arcadia” to the country that is now Nova Scotia, but King James VI of Scotland (later James I of England and Scotland) changed the name to “New Scotland.” In the ensuing territorial wars over Canada, the English deported thousands of French Arcadians/Acadians to the American colonies, and many of these moved further south to Louisiana:


“The French were the first Europeans to explore the St. Lawrence River and settle in Canada. To protect the entrance to the great river they needed to hold also the region around the Gulf of St. Lawrence. They gave the name Acadie (in English, Acadia) to the land south of the Gulf. It included what is now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick...

“Because of its geographical position, Acadia at once became involved in the long struggle between the British and French for possession of the North American continent. In 1621 James I of England granted all Acadia to Sir William Alexander, who renamed it Nova Scotia (meaning New Scotland)…

“So in 1755, 6,000 to 8,000 Acadians were deported to the American colonies along the Atlantic coast from Massachusetts to South Carolina. Some made their way to Louisiana to live with the French settlers there.” (Arcadian History)


The Cajuns of Louisiana are descendants of the French deportees from Nova Scotia, formerly Acadia/Arcadia, which was originally discovered by Henry St. Clair. The term “Cajun” is an English corruption of “Cadien” and identifies a Louisiana-born, French-speaking descendant of the deported Acadians. It is very interesting that the governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, is a descendant of the deported French Acadians.


So, in 1398, Henry St. Clair arrived in Nova Scotia and almost a century later, in 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the New World.   The English and the French arrived shortly thereafter:


“In the on-going search for Asia, the English explorer John Cabot may have landed in Acadia as early as 1497. By as early as 1504, its coast had been visited by French fishermen. They took possession of the territory under the reign of Louis XII, King of France (1498-1515)… On January 17th, 1524, Verrazano sailed from the Madeira Islands with two ships, the Dauphine and the Normanda, towards the New World. The crew, consisting of Norman and Breton sailors, attained their destination on March 7th after a voyage of 50 days. They explored the North American coastline from Georgia to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.” (Arcadian History)


Verrazano set sail on January 17th, the feast of Janus/Dianus, the bisexual god worshipped by the Templars and their high cabal, the Elders of Zion or Prieuré de Sion. The House of “Vere” is the senior branch of the Merovingian bloodline from which the Houses of Anjou (pronounced “an Jew”) and Plantagenet (as in Thomas Plantard) derive. [See: The Merovingian Dynasty: Identity of the False Christ]


In the seventeenth century, the French painter Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) exhibited his famous canvass known as “The Arcadian Shepherds,” which is also called “ET IN ARCADIA EGO” (1647), meaning “I am also in Arcadia” or “I am even in Arcadia.”  This mysterious painting, which now hangs in the Louvre, has been the occasion of much speculation, some of which concerns the location of the “Holy Grail.”  Most of the conjecture identifies Arcadia in Greece, the home of the Merovingians en route to Europe, as the setting of the painting.  


“Arcadia, the place in Greece thought to be the home of the oldest antediluvian races, was also associated in medieval iconography and symbolism with the ‘underground stream’ Alphaeus, which was said to flow all the way to Sicily. According to the ‘prieure documents,’ the Benjaminites, who were ancestors of the Merovingians, fled to the Arcadia region of Greece, and later migrated to Europe, becoming one of the ancestral origins of the Salian Franks.” (Priory of Zion: Facts, Theories, Mystery)


Note that the "Prieure documents" misstate that the "Benjaminites" were the ancestors of the Merovingians. However, the Danites were the ancestors of the Merovingians.  Ever staying under the radar as they take over the world through stealth, the tribe of Dan will attempt to steal the birthright from the tribe of Judah during the Tribulation period.  They will falsely fulfill Jacob's prophecy in Genesis 49:8-10 but they will not succeed:


"Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father's children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?  The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be."


Read Zechariah 12 and The Lost Tribe of Dan


Et in Arcadia Ego

In light of recent Masonic revelations that Henry St. Clair may have brought the Holy Grail, to “Arcadia” in “New Scotland,” is it possible the French painter was pointing Grail Questers to the New Arcadia rather than ancient Greece?

The original name of Nova Scotia was Arcadia, but the r was dropped to shorten it to ‘Acadie’. It is from Acadie that the ‘Cajuns’ of Louisiana are from, who sing the old folk song ‘Good King Dagobert’. Some authors claim that Prince Henry Sinclair sailed to A(r)cadia in the 14th century, and may have even brought the Grail with him, leaving it in Oak Island. The blue lotus or waterlily, the stargate of the Egyptians, also grows in Arcadia National Forest.”  (Ibid.)

Preceding Andrew Sinclair’s work, another Jewish author, Michael Bradley (Gentile pen name), wrote a trilogy challenging the traditional history of Canada with Henry St. Clair’s “Grail Refugees” arriving in Nova Scotia well before the English.  Holy Grail Across the Atlantic (1988) and Grail Knights of North America (1998) and Swords at Sunset (2004) became Canadian bestsellers.


Bradley speculates in “Crucible of the Holy Grail” that “the Book of Mormon might be based on the ‘Grail Refugees’ North American experience.” This would support theories that the Ark of the Covenant and the Golden Tablets which Mormon founder, Joseph Smith, received from the angel Moroni are located in the same place, in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.  Connecting the Ark of Israel with the Golden Tablets would explain why Joseph Smith’s closest colleagues were Jewish Kabbalists.  Such a discovery would certainly expedite the mainstreaming of Mormonism by the cult apologists who work for Evangelical Ministries to New Religions.


Another Jewish Kabbalist, the aforementioned clairvoyant Ellie Crystal, explores Bradley’s and similar theories that the Grail/Ark was brought to North America, including the possibility that the Cadiens of Nova Scotia conveyed the Grail/Ark to Louisiana. A section of her inquiry titled “Sailing and Grailing Across the Atlantic” mentions that “One researcher…feels it is worth pursuing the origins of the Cajun people of Louisiana. [Acadian]” (Mysteries of Rennes le Chateau)


Given the prophecies of Chuck Pierce and Kim Clement, as well as insinuations in several Masonic works, it seems fair to allow for the possibility that the Acadian deportees, who ended up in Louisiana, brought with them the Ark of the Covenant, or probably a reproduction thereof.  Of reproductions, more will be said later, as we shall see that the Merovingian deceivers will use any religious gimmick to pervert Christianity and Old Testament Judaism into the pre-Flood mystery religion. But, first, is there any historical basis for this obsession with the Ark being in Louisiana?


Enter French Freemasons

Louisiana was named in honor of Louis XIV of France (1638–1715). New Orleans was named after the French city of Orleans, whence, in 1491, Jeanne d’Arc, rescued France from the English invaders. The “Maid of Orleans” was accompanied to the battle by René d’Anjou, former Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion (located in Paris) and head of the powerful Merovingian Jewish family who funded Christopher Columbus in 1492, one year later. Apparently, René dAnjou was responsible for naming the New World “America” after the Incan Sun-god Ameru, which meansserpent.”  According to Atlantis Rising, “The first cartographic appearance of the name America appears on Martin Waldseemüllers 1507 map produced under the patronage of Duke René dAnjou II, who had inherited the title King of Jerusalem from his grandfather. The map has recently been purchased by the US Library of Congress for $5 million, and will be the crown jewel of its map collection.


Evidence indicates that Jeanne d’Arc was of Merovingian lineage, as well as a relative of René d’Anjou, who is credited with introducing the theme of “Arcadia” into the Renaissance.  Was Jeanne d’Arc really “Jeanne d’Arcadia,” and also a female Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion?  Whatever her strange role in French history, this Merovingian mystic is the patron saint of France as well as New Orleans, and they have always maintained a close relationship:


“Louisiana was claimed by Sieur de la Salle in 1682 in the name of Louis XIV. And New Orleans was founded by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, who founded La Nouvelle Orleans in 1718 and named it in honor of the Regent of France, Philippe, Duc d'Orleans.  So we have a very strong French connection indeed.

“When Charles de Gaulle came here on a state visit in 1959, he presented the statue of Joan of Arc to the City of New Orleans as a gift from the people of France. It is an exact replica of an original that stands in Orleans, France...

“On Nov. 14, 1999, French Ambassador to the United States Francois Bujon de l’Estang was present for the dedication of New Orleans’ new Place de France. He gave a stirring speech about the role Joan of Arc played in France and her importance as a symbol for the French people. He also spoke of the common heritage that we share and the long and deep relationship between America and France.

“He concluded his address this way: ‘Mr. Mayor, in the name of the French authorities, allow me to express to you and to the people of New Orleans our most profound gratitude for returning France and France’ greatest national heroine to the heart of the city, and for giving us this wonderful occasion to celebrate once again the importance of the historical links, as well as the long-standing links of affection, that unite France and the City of New Orleans and that unite our two nations. Vive la France! Vive les Etats-Unis d’Amerique! Vive l’Amitie Franco-Americaine!” (Blake Pontchartrain)


Philippe Duc d’Orleans, in whose honor New Orleans was named, was the Masonic Grand Master of France, and the Elder of the Prieuré de Sion who originally planned the French Revolution!  Prior to this watershed event, Duc d’Orleans presided over a secret society which would convey Templar paraphernalia from France to Charleston, South Carolina, the city in the United States on the North Latitude 32nd Parallel (corresponding to 32º Freemasonry) which would become the world headquarters of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. According to Edith Starr Miller, the Duke of Orleans was a major figure in French Illuminism:


“In 1705, Philippe, Duke of Orleans, collected the remaining members of the cultivate politics... This presumably is the Templar sect that furnished Isaac Long with all the Templar bric-a-brac that found its way to Charleston in 1804...

“These knights that adopted its doctrines made them the basis of a new liturgy, which they rendered public in 1833 in a kind of Johannite Church.'

“The Order of the Temple in a list of the names of the successors of Jacques de Molay as follows...

“Philippe Duc d'Orleans ............1705

“This list is quoted from a manuscript of A.G. Mackey in the possession of the writer...

“The introduction of Illuminism into France was effected by the Marquis de Mirabeau who, during his residence in Germany, was initiated by Mauvillen, a professor of the Caroline college at Brunswick. He rose high in the order, and, on his return to France in September 1788, initiated the Duc d'Orleans, who was Grand Master of the Freemasons of that country, and also Tallyrand. 

“Frost, in Secret Societies of the European Revolution, refers to Barruel as asserting 'that the whole of the Masonic lodges comprised in the Grand Orient, 266 in number, were 'illuminated' by the end of March 1789 and that there is no doubt that, with the ground so well prepared by the works of Voltaire and Rousseau, d'Alembert and Diderot, and with the example and influence of the Duke of Orleans, and the exertions of men such as Mirabeau, Talleyrand, Sieyes, and Condorcet, the system spread rapidly...

“The conspiracy formed by Philippe of Orleans (Duc de Chartres, Masonic name, ‘Egalite’) to overthrow Louis XVI was directed by Sillery and Mirabeau and, of the 605 elected members of the Tiers Etat, 477 deputies were Freemasons...” (Occult Theocrasy, Edith Starr Miller, pp. 374, 380, 403-5) 

SCENE VI. Louisiana Territory

Enter Albert Pike and Louisiana Freemasons

It is not surprising that, during the Revolutionary era, Louisiana was a major center of Freemasonry.  According to the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, when Catholic Spain owned the Louisiana Territory, Freemasonry was proscribed as a seditious element.  The Masonic version of “religious freedom” would come to pass after Napoleon overthrew the king of Spain and put his Masonic brother on the throne.


“The Louisiana Territory, which included all of the center of the United States and the ‘Isle of Orleans,’ was secretly ceded by France to Spain following the Treaty of Paris in 1763, which ended the French and Indian War.  Spain outlawed Freemasonry in Louisiana, so for almost thirty years groups met in secrecy or out of the confines of New Orleans. Tradition indicates that, in 1769, Spanish Governor O’Reilly arrested and executed a number of citizens in New Orleans following an unsuccessful coup. All of the men were supposed to be prominent businessmen and Freemasons who wanted to be rid of the Spanish…. Masonry throughout the Territory had been practiced more openly since Napoleon's brother became King of Spain, as he was also Grand Master of the Grand Orient.”


Exploration of the Louisiana Territory was conducted by Masonic brothers, Lewis and Clark, and the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was negotiated with Napoleon and approved by Freemasons in the U.S. Government – Presidents Jefferson and Monroe and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall. Moreover, “In 1804, Louisiana was divided into the Territory of New Orleans (south of 33 degrees latitude) and the District of Louisiana (north of 33 degrees latitude).” (History of Masonry


In the year that Louisiana admitted to the Union, 1812, the Grand Lodge of Louisiana was formed under the first Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Freemasonry that had been established in Charleston, South Carolina in 1801. The Grand Lodge of Louisiana immediately began granting charters to Masonic lodges throughout the South.


“Louisiana became the eighteenth state on April 30, 1812… Masonry was in existence throughout the new State, either as organized Lodges or as groups of Masons meeting together in homes, businesses, or under trees.  The vast majority of Masonry was located in New Orleans, and all but two lodges used French as the ritual language and Scottish and York Rite forms equally. On June 20, 1812, the Grand Lodge of Louisiana was constituted with a membership close to 1,000…
“…General Lafayette toured Louisiana in 1825, and the French Rite and Scottish Rite were still in existence and were very popular during the visit, particularly in New Orleans. While the ‘Morgan Affair’ crippled Freemasonry in general throughout the United States from 1826 through the 1830’s, Louisiana …activities thrived…

“…In 1852, Albert Mackay, the Sovereign Grand Commander in Charleston, appeared in New Orleans and constituted John Gedge and fifteen others as Princes of the Royal Secret. …Only in New Orleans was Scottish Rite organized in a body; however, many ‘country’ Masons traveled to New Orleans for the higher degrees.” (Grand Lodge of Louisiana)


Interestingly, in 1853, the Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Freemasonry, Albert Pike, moved to New Orleans and from there became active in the work of the Scottish Rite.


Receiving the Orders of Templar Masonry in Washington in 1853, Pike served as the First Eminent Command of Hugh de Payens Commandery No. 1…

“When the Provincial Grand Lodge for the United States of America of the Royal Order of Scotland was instituted, ‘Sir and General Albert Pike’ was named the Provincial Grand Master, ad vitam, in a warrant dated October 4, 1877, from Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Albert Pike in has last Allocution as Grand Commander remarked: ‘I never heard of the Scottish Rite until 1853.’ That year he moved his law office to New Orleans, Louisiana, where the Scottish Rite had been active for many years.

“The survival of the Scottish Rite and the Mother Supreme Council in particular was probably due to the fact that in 1853 Grand Secretary Albert G. Mackey, 33rd, and Albert Pike were Grand High Priests in their respective States of South Carolina and Arkansas. They were friends and had worked together in Royal Arch Masonry. On March 20, 1853, when Mackey Communicated the Scottish Rite Degrees from Fourth to Thirty-second to Albert Pike in Charleston, South Carolina…he urged Pike to study them in detail and become active in the work of the Rite…

“He did not receive the Thirty-third Degree until April 25, 1857, and in the same year was made Special Deputy of The Supreme Council for Louisiana. On March 20, 1858, Albert Pike was elected an Active Member of The Supreme Council at a session in Charleston, South Carolina.” (Albert Pike)


It seems that New Orleans functioned as the hub of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the South. Albert Pike would later accede to Albert Mackay’s exalted position in Charleston.


Following the [Civil] war... Albert Pike became Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite in Charleston, which now titled itself the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America.  He reorganized Scottish Rite Masonry and helped restructure the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.  He also initiated correspondence with foreign Scottish Rite bodies and thus became the unifying factor throughout all of Scottish Rite Masonry.”


Of singular importance was the fact that Albert Pike cut a deal with Giuseppe Mazzini, the Italian founder of the Propaganda Two (P-2) Lodge. Pike and Mazzini signed a secret treaty which merged Gentile and Jewish Freemasonry under the government of B’nai-B’rith, which is under B’nai Zion which is directly under the Elders of Zion.

“By the decree of September 12, 1874, which confirmed a treaty signed by Armand Levi for the Jewish B’nai-B’rith (brothers of the Alliance) of America, Germany and England and the supreme authority of Charleston, Albert Pike, authorized the Jewish Freemasons to form a secret federation functioning side by side with the ordinary lodges. This secret society was to bear the title of Sovereign Patriarchal Council and its Universal center was to be at Hamburg, Valentinskamp Strasse. In subscriptions alone, it collected one million four hundred thousand francs a year which were used for general Jewish propaganda.
    “Under the terms of this document, Jewish Masonry, unlike Gentile Masonry, was not to be graded, its members were exempt from belonging to any other official rite and ‘the secret of its existence’ was to be most strictly kept by those members of High Masonry who had been informed by the Supreme Dogmatic Directory of its existence.

Les Juifs dans la Franc-Maconnerie, De la Rive, Re treaty between the B’nai B’rith and the supreme authority at Charleston.
    “Translation: ‘...Albert Pike and the Jew Armand Levy affixed their Palladian signatures to this document. Armand Levy styled himself, 33rd Lieutenant grand assistant and sovereign delegate of the Grand Central Directory of Naples, honorary member ad vitam of the Sublime Federal Consistory of the B’nai B’rith of Germany, acting as general agent for this Consistory as well as those of America and England, the various federations of the B’nai B’rith having given him full powers.’
    “The latter clause in the agreement is undoubtedly responsible for the equivocal attitude of all High Masons with regard to the past and present, national and international, secret political activities of the B’nai B’rith.” – 1102 (Chap. 4)


“According to well-informed sources, there is in the B’nai B’rith a super-position of secret societies ending in a single governing power. Above the B’nai B’rith are the B’nai Moshe, then the B’nai  Zion, and finally the hidden center of supreme command.”  (quoting Leon de Poncins, The Secret Powers Behind the Revolution)1102

And so it appears the roots of Louisiana Freemasonry were deeply embedded in French Illuminism, which may explain the strange prophecies of Kim Clement and Chuck Pierce pertaining to a dispute over the Ark of the Covenant, which has been in the possession of the Prieuré de Sion. How to explain the struggle over possession of the Ark – whether it was an internecine war within Freemasonry or the age-old conflict between the French Freemasons and Roman Catholics in Louisiana – is not clear.  However, we suspect the latter to be the case.


For lack of solid evidence that the literal Ark of the Covenant ever made its way to the New World, we will infer that the false prophets allusion to the Ark was metaphorical and referred to the glory of God.  To Kabbalist Jews like the Templars, the glory departed from Israel when Jesus Christ usurped the messianic worship of their real messiah, King Solomon. Likewise, the Jews perceived the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. not as God's judgment upon Israel, but as Rome’s attempt to steal Israel’s glory and set up a rival religion.  Perhaps New Orleans earned the epithet “Ichabod” because the city was overrun with Roman Catholics, many of whom also happened to be Black and poor. 


Let us bear in mind that Roman Catholics, notwithstanding their highly Judaized and Babylonian traditions (due to Jewish infiltration), have historically believed that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh, a most blasphemous doctrine to the Jews.  And the endgame of the Zionist Jews is to insure that the doctrine of the deity of Jesus Christ, as well as His name, is forever expunged from this planet.  Therefore, high on the agenda of the Jewish Merovingians is the destruction of Mystery Babylon the Great, the Church of Rome:

“And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.” (Rev. 17:16) 


SCENE VII. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Enter Zionist Prophets, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, George Bush


On August 29, 2004, the Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist, Chuck Pierce prophesied that the “Saul structure” in Baton Rouge would be eliminated. A “Saul structure” would refer to any government in opposition to “David who will arise from this day forward”— i.e., Israel, whose symbol is the Star of David.  In I Samuel, God removed the kingdom from King Saul for his disobedience and made David king over Israel.  The Strategic Prayer Network characteristically cloaks their witchcraft with Biblical expressions and import, yet David never cursed Saul as these Zionist prophets pronounce their spells and curses against Roman Catholics. As far back as February of 2003, the Zionist sorcerers were in Baton Rouge blowing the shofar, while Chuck Pierce decreed the events that would radically change Louisiana:

50-State Tour:    The Governmental Mantle State

                            February 16-17, 2003


   “The meeting was held in Baton Rouge... We began the meeting by blowing the shofar and taking communion. The Lord gave the following words: ‘I am beginning to lift the veil dwelling on the state... I will start the cleansing process this state has not seen in many years. I am coming now in your midst. I will cleanse the government. All the nation will see the cleansing on this state. By November, I will be doing a new thing. [Republican Sen. David Vitter elected in Nov. 2004]...

   “...I declare that the ceiling over the state and the veil over the state be lifted... For you have allowed me to bring a knife into this state, and I will  perform circumcision. I am cutting away what has been held in place [New Orleans cut off] and what has influenced and caused you to miss prosperity. [enter Halliburton] I will cut away, and I will establish a new and fresh leadership. Rise up new and fresh in the next 18 months. [Vitter?] As they rise, the nation will be affected by this course...’

    “Chuck prophesied: ‘I have brought life and purity [with the two hurricanes / Betsy and Georges]. I brought the wind and the water. This was meant to bring life and purity into the state. But you have resisted life and purity. I will come as a storm that penetrates, known as the storm that broke through and brought change. [Hurricane Katrina] There will be a breaking and cleansing of hostility. [Roman Catholics out] You will see the change manifest or else you will see the sevenfold against you. This is a season of change. If you change, you will cleanse the womb of this nation. [So. Louisiana is largest US port]” (Chuck Pierce, Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation, 2005, pp. 237-39)

Since Katrina, the Zionist false prophets have supplied their audiences with spurious explanations which further advance the Zionist agenda. According to Zionist Kim Clement, God took out New Orleans because of its ties with France, which has opposed the Iraq war.

“For I say to you,...they laughed at America when America went through a cleansing. And when Katrina came to purify this one section of the Nation, God said, let the French be still. Let them not laugh on the other side. This was one city that took upon themselves the spirit of the French. Therefore God says, listen to me; I am removing from this Nation any influence from that side of the earth, so that this nation will be pure America like it was supposed to be. What are you saying? No, this is not a racial issue. This is a spiritual issue. They laughed when I purged,...” (Kim Clement, October 21, 2005)

In the first place, for Clement to pontificate that God judged New Orleans for its sinfulness is not scripturally supportable:  And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? (Luke 13:2-4)


Clement denied that Katrina had anything to do with racial cleansing, but did acknowledge it was a spiritual issue. Well, the population of New Orleans was largely Black and Roman Catholic, and these were the people who died, rather than the French Quarter.  At the end of the day, the Roman Catholic base of Louisiana, New Orleans, either died or was shipped out of the state, and the vast majority will never return.  And the approval ratings for the Roman Catholic governor of Louisiana have plummeted, partly due to a major falling-out with the Black Caucus in the Louisiana Legislature.

In the aftermath of her inept handling of the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans, Governor Kathleen Blanco (D) appears to be in trouble when she faces re-election in 2007. The new Southern Media & Opinion Research poll contrasted numbers for various Bayou State politicos taken before Katrina against numbers recorded in November. As for Blanco, the number of voters who said they would definitely vote to re-elect her dropped 23%. President Bush and US Senator Mary Landrieu (D) recorded numbers virtually unchanged between before Katrina and now. US Senator David Vitter (R) saw his approval rating skyrocket to 70%. (, 12/1/05)

God did not purge New Orleans with a hurricane; the Merovingians in the state and federal government saw to it that the levees failed, either through disrepair or dynamite, and this resulted in the flooding of the city.  In the days which followed, either Governor Blanco or President Bush, who is also a Merovingian—or both—allowed multitudes of black people in New Orleans to perish.   Poor, Black and Roman Catholic would add up to three strikes against New Orleans, the poorest section of which now resembles the sunken Atlantis.  Of the 80% of New Orleans residents that have returned, most are white and wealthy.

FEMA, who couldn't get water to blacks, sends a cruise ship to New Orleans, that will house the workers, who are going to tear down the black's old housing.  Michel Arison, an Israeli, owns Carnival. The casino interests of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the New York real estate developers are buying the blacks' demolished housing. Their plan is to turn New Orleans into the 'Jewel of the South', another Las Vegas.” (Katrina's 2nd Class Citizens)

Perhaps the Roman Catholic element in New Orleans was a thorn in the side of Louisiana Freemasonry, whose power and influence is in evidence throughout the states history. Even the State Capitol in Baton Rouge looks like an obelisk atop a Masonic temple. Kathleen Blanco was elected governor as a Roman Catholic Democrat, however, she is also a French Acadien, which would make her a Merovingian Jew of the Tribe of Dan. Either Blanco or her ancestors were Marranos, i.e., false converts to Roman Catholicism for the purpose of infiltration. 


Baton Rouge


The dialectical process — Merovingian Blanco vs. Merovingian Bush — will be played out to its predetermined end, which is purification of the human gene pool, the end of Roman Catholicism, per Revelation 17, and transformation of the United States from the greatest industrial and scientific nation to a third world country.  The American people, including Christians, will watch the entire performance in a very small frame — as Democrats vs. Republicans and/or France vs. the U.S.  Since the United States has been polarized by the Jewish-controlled media, and the Christian Church has come under the spell of the Zionists, the majority of Americans will never recognize the larger conspiracy, which is Jewish to the core.