Charter Schools, Character Education & the Eugenics Internationale
Behind the Conservative Curtain:
Pseudo Grassroots Organizations Front
for Corporate/Government Takeover
…the princes of this world, that come to nought… I Corinthians 2:6

During revision of a 1999 Charter Schools report, research proved that the strategies for Charter Schools, Character Education and Charitable Choice/Faith-Based Welfare Reform originated in the same private foundations. Also presenting itself was the fact that these private foundations were comprised of the same multi-national corporations which are actively involved in a worldwide program of eugenics ~ race science and depopulation through the reduction of inferior races.  This report will be presented as follows:

I.     Charter Schools, Character Education & The Eugenics Internationale

  • Introduction
  • Charter Schools & Special Interests
  • Character Education for Race Betterment
  • Bedfellows Revealed
  • Under New Management
  • Going International
  • Strategists for School Choice/Charter Schools
  • II.     Faith-Based Welfare Reform: All That Glitters is Not God III.    Dr. Dobson & Focus on the Family: The ‘Christian’ Think Tank


    As George W. Bush lawyers were challenging the presidential vote count before the U.S. Supreme Court in November 2000, CNN legal analyst Greta Van Susteren pointed out an obvious conflict of interest –– Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife works for the Heritage Foundation [Paul Weyrich], the elite D.C. think tank which is facilitating the President Bush transition into the White House. Elaine Chou, the newly appointed Secretary of Labor, is a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. More recently comes the revelation that the Bush cabinet is top-heavy with Monsanto-linked representatives, Monsanto having a monopoly on the genetically-tagged seed market, with implications for the world’s food supply. Clarence Thomas, a former lawyer for Monsanto, was one of the Supreme Court conservatives who voted to close down the manual recount in the Florida presidential contest, thereby assuring the election of George Bush.

    Heritage Foundation extends its unmerited influence across the nation through its State Policy Network, through ALEC [American Legislative Exchange Council], through the Heritage Expert Bank, through numerous legal foundations and even through churches under the direction of the Council for National Policy’s [CNP] member organizations.

    Heritage Foundation’s Paul Weyrich arrived in D.C. in the late 60’s. “Bankrolled by Coors brewing fortune [Weyrich] founded the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress” [1974] and, also in 1974, “Weyrich…played a role in the founding of the Heritage Foundation.” 1.  No wonder that he soon earned the title ‘Architect of the New Right’, the ‘New Right’ being the marriage of conservatives and evangelical Christians for political action.

    The Moral Majority began in a strategy meeting May 1979 -- a collaboration of Weyrich, Jerry Falwell and Howard Phillips. Its aim was “to launch a new political organization that would tap into the wave of evangelical activism sweeping the nation.” Weyrich dubbed this new entity “the Moral Majority” and “the name stuck.” Shortly after this, in the early 1980’s, a stealth ecumenical operation, evolved…behind closed doors -- the Council for National Policy.

    Founded in 1981, first Council for National Policy Governing Board included three, and possibly more, members of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]: George F. Gilder, Rockefeller intimate and Program Director of the Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute, Dr. Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, and Guy Vander Jagt. Robert Waring Stoddard, who also served on the 1982 CNP Board of Governors and previously on the National Council of the John Birch Society, was affiliated with the CFR through his Boston newspaper.  Later CNP member directories list CFR members J. Peter Grace, late President of the U.S. Chapter of Knights of Malta, and Arnaud deBorchgrave, former Editor-in-Chief of the Sun Myung Moon-owned Washington Times.

    The Council for National Policy’s 1984 Executive Board included officers Paul Weyrich, Joseph Coors, Pat Robertson, Rich DeVos [Amway], Tim LaHaye, Howard Phillips, and CNP President Sam Moore of Thomas Nelson Publishers. CNP rules state that “Council meetings are closed to the media and the general public,” and “Our membership list is strictly confidential and should not be shared outside the Council.” The mainstream press reveals very little about the CNP.

    Charles H. Kendall Jr., Ph.D., advisor to Protecting Marriage, Inc. [PA], commented on the nature of the CNP: “With secret, unpublicized meetings, and no stated mission or agenda for public benefit, the CNP strikes us as a domestic variant of the Bilderbergers, another extremely powerful and secret group of world leaders, recently described in TIME magazine. And if the CNP meets in secret and performs no public educational or charitable works, how can it maintain 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status?…”

    Today the CNP includes among its member organizations numerous ostensibly Christian ministries, including Focus on the Family [FOTF, James Dobson] and the Family Research Council [FRC, also founded by James Dobson to be the political arm of Focus on the Family]. FOTF / FRC coordinates a network of State Family Policy Councils in the majority of the states. Their work on charter schools is closely coordinated with the Heritage Foundation and with Heritage’s spin-off organization, the Center for Education Reform [CER].

    Trusted “Christian” organizations, while using the pro-family, pro-Christian and anti-one world themes, are a conscious and willing part of a multi-layered apparatus as they work in partnership with Heritage-linked organizations. One deceptive aim is to deliver large numbers of trusting people to the United Nation’s/ GOALS 2000’s “reinvention” of education. Elsewhere, the Heritage Foundation and CNP member orgs such as Focus on the Family continue to operate on the “mass” as they work to seal the church/state bond through “faith-based” legislation, a plan whereby churches will receive federal grants for participation in community programs. Never mind that the churches then become organs of the state.

    Since the mid-90s the charter school issue has been advanced in Washington State. The following article as it was written in 1999 focused largely on behind-the-scenes charter school legislative activities. Astonishingly, despite the huge sums of money poured into the passage of Washington state charter schools legislation, and most recently with cash from the pockets of Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen, the plan has not succeeded. But one day it shall. The day will come when charter schools have been legislated into every state in accordance with the GOALS 2000 law.

    Monsanto: At Highest Levels of Power 
           “Monsanto has close connections to those at the highest levels power, especially in the field of agriculture, in Bush's new cabinet. The Monsanto Agricultural Company produced one of the most controversial drugs ever to gain approval in the United State. Their genetically engineered bovine growth hormone has caused cancer in laboratory animals; it has been banned in Europe and Canada. During the 2000 elections Monsanto donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to political candidates. However, the connections between the presidential office today and Monsanto are much more wide reaching than most people realise. John Ashcroft, Attorney General, was given the most in donations by Monsanto (five times more than anybody else). In second place for donations was Larry Combest, the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. Combest named Richard Pombo to Head Agriculture's Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Sub-committee. In the past Pombo has received money from Monsanto while voting on a bill that was going to effect the future of Monsanto and biotechnology generally. George Bush Senior appointed Monsanto's lawyer to the Supreme Court, a force instrumental in the handing of the election to George W. Bush. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, and Ann Veneman, Secretary of Agriculture, have both been at the top or near the top levels of power in companies purchased by Monsanto. Secretary of Health, Tommy Thompson has received money from Monsanto during his election campaign. He has used state funds to set up a biotech zone in Wisconsin for $317 million. Mitch Daniels, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, was the vice president of another company that developed the hormone with Monsanto, Eli Lilly. Since Lilly 'owns' the European franchise, Mitch Daniel's position will help get the hormone approved in Europe.” 2.

    The Eugenics Internationale

    Behind the “conservative/Christian” curtain of perceived grassroots organizations exists a vast consortium of institutions run by an interlocking directorate of global power brokers. Global politics is already under the control of the super-rich, large corporations and the international bankers who are king-makers. The Council on Foreign Relations (US) and its corresponding organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (UK), were behind the creation of communism and fascism; wars, revolutions and economic crises are also mechanisms by which they destroy the sovereignty of nations. 3. The CFR/RIIA have established a global network of power elites with institutional affiliations who currently occupy strategic positions at the upper end of the corporate sector (industrial, utilities, banks, insurance, investments), the public interest sector (media, education, foundations, law, civic and cultural organizations), and the governmental sector (legislative, executive, judicial, military). The individuals occupying these positions frequently hold several of these positions simultaneously, which is further evidence of a concentration of power at the top.

    The CFR and RIIA were creations of the Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table groups, whose stated objective was the federation, expansion and consolidation of the British Empire. What Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner really had in mind was the restructuring of civilization based upon the principles of Malthusian Eugenics. Eugenics is the philosophy of depopulation through the reduction of inferior races –“human weeds,” if you will – and the selective breeding of “a race of thoroughbreds” as flaunted early in this century by the Rockefeller-funded, founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. When Thomas Malthus’ theory of population was coupled with Charles Darwin’s evolutionary model, the result was known as Social Darwinism -- the ethical fallacy that social policy should allow the weak and unfit to fail and die, and that this is not only good policy but morally right.

    “The combination of Malthusian population control, which included the deliberate neglect of populations and indirect methods of killing off populations, with Darwinism, produced National Socialism (Germany), International Socialism (Marxist Russia) and International Corporate Capitalism (Global Socialism, headquartered in the United States), and these forms of social conduct have constituted the main reason for the unequal distribution of planetary resources, famines, planned biological warfare, environmental poisoning, suppression of knowledge, suppression of inventions, dependence on backward technology for the population, planned wars to kill off populations and general planetary disorder. The problem is in the Social Darwin-Malthus paradigm, which has now been combined with the pseudo-sciences of behaviorism and genetics in the attempt to assert even tighter control over the planetary population, yielding forms of Neo-Darwinism being perpetrated by a host of post-Atlantean re-treads, per a 1947 Princeton consensus.” 4.
    Holocaust propaganda focusing on Nazi Germany has obscured the fact that, long before Hitler rose to power, strategies for the sterilization and elimination of the ‘feeble-minded’ races, classes and nations of the world were conceived in the British and American Eugenics Societies. In those days, the eugenicists were not shy about broadcasting their prejudices and program of racial extermination:
        “For all the voluminously documented crimes of the Nazis, the fact is, leading British circles were the earliest proponents and developers of eugenics, a pseudo-science that these British influentials––including Charles Darwin’s cousin Sir Francis Galton and various sons of Darwin, members of the Huxley family, International Monetary Fund founder John Maynard Keynes, and others––concocted to promote the reduction in numbers, if not the eventual elimination, of categories of people whose existence was undesired by them. Such undesirables were, in the earliest years of the history of the Eugenics Education Society (the name of the group at the time of its founding in 1907), referred to dismissively as ‘the residuum’ and later as ‘the paupers’ in order to study them, the eugenics mob sponsored so-called ‘Pauper Pedigree Projects,’ to reinforce the notion of ‘social class biologically defined.’ Eventually, the name ‘social problem group’ was used, to describe what is today often termed ‘the underclass.’
        “According to Mazumdar, ‘from its beginning in Britain, eugenics spread to many other countries,’ creating a kind of ‘eugenics international.’ It was the British eugenists who, years before the Nazis existed, synthesized the philosophical ravings of the late 19th century’s Friedrich Nietzsche about the {Ubermensch} (‘Superman’ or ‘Over-Man’ in English) into a coherent thouatrix, to justify measures against what Nietzsche labeled ‘the inferior race.’ It was they who, starting about 1930, together with the Rockefeller Foundation and related circles in the United States, promoted the work of the notorious German race scientist Ernst Rudin, including into the 1933 period when Rudin’s work provided the basis for the Nazis’ compulsory sterilization law, and then used his work to promote eugenics measures in Britain. Beginning in 1929, the same individuals launched the institutions of the neo-malthusian population control movement. It was Sir Francis Galton, the proponent of ‘hereditarianism,’ who declared in 1883 that the ‘Age of Eugenics’ had begun (the name of the Eugenics Society today is the Galton Institute). 5.
    After the Holocaust, the term “eugenics” became repugnant to most people. But not to the members of the Eugenics Societies, which went underground and resurfaced in other forms – front organizations with euphemistic appellations feigning one type or another of philanthropic endeavor.
        “The rise of the eugenicists in Nazi Germany is widely known. Unfortunately, however, the moral generally drawn from this tale is that flaws in the German character explain the Third Reich. It all happened, supposedly, because Germans are too much in love with their own national heritage, or too sentimental, or too docile before authority. These traits, combined with antisemitism, ‘explain’ the rise of Hitler. In other words, eugenical thinking is supposedly a menace particular to German culture. In truth, however, eugenical thinking has been spreading steadily in Western culture throughout this century. Even after the German embarrassment, the eugenicists kept right on pursuing the same goals they had always pursued, the same goals that Hitler pursued. But the spread of eugenics after World War II in the United States is not well studied or documented; hence this compilation of data...
        “Eugenicists were embarrassed by Hitler. After the war, they instituted various strategies to cover up the collaboration that had existed between German, American, and English eugenicists. For example, they adopted a policy of ‘crypto-eugenics’ (or secret eugenics) and founded cover organizations like the Population Council and the International Planned Parenthood Federation to carry out their aims. There is little evidence, however, that American and English eugenicists learned any lesson from the German debacle – except where public relations was at stake.”6.
    With the emergence of new genetic technologies, eugenics is once again a popular topic in academia and is still the magnificent obsession of those who control the world’s wealth, resources and governing apparatus. Present liberal / conservative labels are intended to be diversionary preoccupations for the masses while the corporate syndicate is busy restructuring the social order into a feudal system which will be governed by Nietzsche’s ‘new natural nobility of worth and birth.’ More than a century of applied principles of Social Darwinism have positioned mankind whereby a fully empowered ruling elite will soon rule with absolute authority the servile race they fashion to labor under their monopolist capitalist state.

    It is into the Anglo-American nexus of power elites that the Charter School / Charitable Choice advocacy network may be traced. Under fascism, private enterprise and government team up to subjugate the masses. The encroaching public / private partnership in the education and religious sectors will facilitate the corporate takeover of culture. The implications of a eugenically-motivated corporate ruling class are staggering:

        “Will drug companies recruit their experimental subjects from the inner city recipients of their faith-based charity or use food programs they sponsor inside a church [or charter school] in order to test genetically-modified foods?... In the past 15 years genetically-engineered foods have become so commonplace that many scientists fear the genetically-modified genes corporations have spliced into everything from fish and fowl to fruits and vegetables have already permanently altered the world’s food supply. Some of these genetically-engineered foods may be intended to accomplish the same population-reduction goals as Eugenics.
        “Many Western European nations no longer allow the importation of U.S. produced meat, grain, dairy or produce because they fear that all have been contaminated with modified genes, pesticides, artificial hormones and animal feed containing fecal matter and ground up diseased animal tissues. While priding ourselves on being the only remaining superpower, we the American people have become lab rats for the corporate interests that actually run this country.
        “These corporate interests have pushed the Human Genome Project to its current advanced state. If one examines the history of these same corporate interests, specifically as applied to promoting Eugenics, there is no reason whatsoever for optimism…
        “Probably the single greatest irony in the human genome issue is the idea being marketed to the public that this scientific advance will lead to the average person enjoying a much longer and healthier life. In light of governmental resistance to preventing corporate pollution of the environment, developing renewable sources of energy, banning the use of toxic chemicals and insecticides or protecting the food supply from contamination, can we really expect that this technology will be used to extend human life generally?
        “Politicians claim there is an imminent crisis facing the social security system right now. How much worse will that crisis be if tens of millions of Americans who might otherwise have died in their sixties and seventies from chronic disease live into their nineties and beyond? Be assured that those in control have no intention of allowing this to happen.
        “The far likelier scenario is that for the very wealthy there will indeed be new and miraculous medical treatments to prolong and enhance life. For the vast majority however, this new technology will only be used to further limit their freedom and privacy while creating a caste system based on genetics that fundamentally changes the way society is structured.” 7.


    Since the Holocaust, the veneer of charity and religion has been liberally applied to the genocidal program of the burgeoning overclass.  The aforementioned Rockefeller Foundation, which conducts a Philanthropy Workshop to mobilize dollars from the wealthy for their social engineering projects, advertises itself with a shameless affectation of Christian virtue.  John D. Rockefeller, Jr.–– who funded grants for Nazi race science at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and whose Standard Oil Company was in a cartel relationship with I.G. Farben (builder of Auschwitz and inventor of Zyklon B gas) –– is depicted as a young man who learnt philanthropy by giving to his Baptist church:

        “His bent for philanthropy began early in life. In his teens, from sums earned in his first job, he allotted money for his Sunday school and other activities of his Baptist church. By 1860 Rockefellers philanthropy included regular contributions to churches, Sunday schools, and an orphanage. As his personal wealth grew, Rockefellers interest in philanthropy increased. He was impressed in 1889 by an essay written by Andrew Carnegie and titled The Gospel of Wealth. The day is not far distant, Carnegie said, when the man who dies leaving behind him millions of available wealth, which was free for him to administer during life, will pass away unwept, unhonored, and unsung. Rockefeller wrote a letter to Carnegie: I would that more men of wealth were doing as you are doing with your money but, be assured, your example will bear fruits, and the time will come when men of wealth will more generally be willing to use it for the good of others.” 8.
    The truth about the Rockefeller philanthropies is more available in unauthorized biographies such as Emanuel Josephson’s exposé, Rockefeller Internationalist:
        “The mask of religiosity, combined with the sham of pseudo-philanthropy, was invaluable in blinding the public to the true nature of the activities of the Rockefeller interests. He held close and purposeful control, both direct and indirect, over the activities of the ‘philanthropies’ and over the frankly commercial and political activities of the [Rockefeller] Empire….
        “[T]hough there were antitrust laws that barred Rockefeller from attaining his objective of monopoly in business, there was no barrier to his attaining it through ‘philanthropy’… Rockefeller and Carnegie merged their foundations, in effect, with an agreement to collaborate…[in order] to retain control for the Rockefellers of all the activities fostered and all profits, actual and potential, tangible and intangible, derived therefrom, while forcing others to assume the bulk of the costs….
        “The clear-cut statement of Rockefeller’s purpose in his ‘philanthropies’ has never been lost to sight by the Rockefellers or their agents. That purpose from the start, was, and still is, a ‘new social order,’ the establishment of a dictatorship in the United States. The objective is to convert our republic into a totalitarian state, into what Hilaire Belloc has named a ‘Servile State’, a state of slaves.” 9.
    Emanuel Josephson observed in 1952, “At the present time there is no important foundation in this country that is not controlled, usually directly but sometimes indirectly, by the Rockefellers or their agents, to be converted to the propaganda, conspiracies and other uses of the Rockefeller Empire.”  Under Rockefeller oversight, a network of pseudo-conservative and liberal non-profits have evolved and flourished as tax exempt entities, enjoying one of many forms of legalized tax evasion for the wealthy.  This collective of economic parasites live off the public dole whilst they self-righteously remonstrate against welfare for the poor and conspire against them.

    Not infrequently the offspring of the early Eugenics Establishment – the merchants of death whose millions subsidized Nazi Germany – are today found sitting on the boards of their fathers’ multibillion dollar corporations, tax exempt foundations, think tanks and institutions of higher learning and some even occupy high level government positions: Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr. (SUNY), Mark F. Rockefeller (Morgan, Stanley & Co.), William Kristol (Manhattan Institute), Herbert Hoover III (Hoover Institution), Jeremiah Milbank III (Hoover Institution), William H. Draper III (Hoover Institution), Nina Houghton (Aspen Institute), Pierre du Pont IV {U.S. House of Representatives, Hudson Institute), George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, to name a few. The grandfather of President George W. Bush, whose family history is now coming to light, was well-connected with the Eugenics Establishment which bankrolled Germany’s Third Reich:

        “John Loftus, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department’s Nazi War Crimes Unit, said his research found that Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a principal in the Union Banking Corp. in Manhattan in the late 1930s and the 1940s.  Leading Nazi industrialists secretly owned the bank at that time, Loftus said, and were moving money into it through a second bank in Holland even after the United States declared war on Germany. The bank was liquidated in 1951, Loftus said, and Bush’s grandfather and great-grandfather received $1.5 million from the bank as part of that dissolution. That’s where the Bush family fortune came from: It came from the Third Reich,’ Loftus said.”10.
    Prescott Bush was W. Averill Harriman’s business partner in Brown Brother Harriman, a London-affiliated Wall Street firm that secretly financed Hitler.  In 1904, Averill Harriman’s mother, Mary A. Harriman, and the Rockefellers provided grant money in excess of $11 million to fund the Carnegie Institute’s establishment of Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, NY.  In 1910, Mrs. Harriman funded the Eugenics Record Office at Cold Springs Harbor as a branch of the Galton National Laboratory in London. Today, the Cold Springs Harbor Lab hosts the Human Genome Project to map DNA:
        “The Human Genome Project, as it admits on the very first page of its website, is derived from the eugenics movement in the US and Nazi Germany during the first half of the 20th century. The Eugenics Records Office at Cold Springs Harbor NY - where American eugenics started - was built by the Harriman family - the Bushes’ Wall Street business partners in funding Hitler. This is the new frontier of colonialism in the 21st century - the total domination and exploitation of the earth and everything on it - the New World Order both former President Bush and Adolf Hitler so frequently called for.” 11.
    Many other unknown second and third generation descendants of the architects of Hitler’s genocidal apparatus – whose dossiers were sanitized after World War II enabling them to resume their lives and eugenic mission in the United States – are carrying forward their ancestors’ program of ‘race purification’ under manifold pretexts––conservatism, free enterprise, patriotism, education, philanthropy...and Christianity.
        “The eugenicists, as I see them, are the men behind Hitler, the men behind Josef Mengele, the men behind apartheid, the men behind segregation, the men behind the Rumanian orphanages. Nazism, apartheid, segregation and Ceaucescu’s ‘orphanages’ were all eugenically based schemes for social salvation. The failure of these schemes has discredited eugenics but not the eugenicists. This is because no one really knew who they are. But since they are professors, journalists, economists, gynecologists, psychiatrists and sociologists and since they have been left in place, they have continued to mold society. The difference is that in the Thirties they worked openly whereas now they work in obscurity. However, the need to hide actually works to their advantage. Recall that their goal is the destruction of democracy and the creation of an elite. Obviously this goal will be more easily achieved in a democratic society by deception than by open statement. Thus, in all democracies, the post war eugenic strategy differs from the pre war strategy in that it relies on deception rather than force.”12.
    The Bible foretells that one day the ‘Eugenics Internationale’ will resort to force to ‘purify’ the human race, according to its own carnal notions of purity, while justifying drastic measures of population reduction as a ‘moral’ obligation. Julian Huxley wrote, “Once the full implications of evolutionary biology are grasped, eugenics will inevitably become part of religion of the future, or whatever complex of sentiments may in future take the place of organized religion.” 13. The final solution to the population problem is previewed in the Revelation of St. John, which describes the reign of terror of the final kingdom to rule mankind before the return of Jesus Christ:
    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. (Rev.6:8)
    Providentially, the Revelation does not end here. This global mafia of high class criminals will meet with swift retribution during the Great Tribulation and their evil conspiracy will be overthrown at the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then Christ’s beatitude––odious to the eugenicists––will be realized...
    ~ Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5 ~

    “Public authority must be used to create a system that is almost beyond the reach of public authority.”
            ~ John Chubb, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
    “Foundation investment is the best hope for investment in development of new schools. One or more major foundation could support a new school’s incubator program, that would pay the up front design salaries costs required for the (GOALS 2000 New American Schools design teams)…”
            ~ Paul Hill, The Brookings Institution and Senior Social Scientist, RAND Corporation, 1998
    This report emerged from an investigation into charter school legislation in Washington State. Facts gleaned resulted in discovering numerous out-of state influences, all working to insure the movement’s success. Anyone wishing to investigate the history of choice/charter schools in their state would probably be able to corroborate that the same national organizations, including a very munificently financed conservative/“Christian” network, have been at work in their locales. Some may be surprised or shocked to find that many leaders they have trusted are, in fact, committed to the same GOALS 2000 program that most conservative people so ardently oppose.

    GOALS 2000 requires Charter Schools

    Public Law 103-227GOALS 2000: Educate America Act [1994] SEC. 308 State Use of [GOALS 2000] Funding - (b) Each state that receives an allotment under this title shall (2) use the remainder of the assistance ... to implement the State improvement plan, [for activities] such as ... (I) promoting ... public charter schools and other mechanisms for increasing choice among public schools ... (J) supporting activities [where] schools contract with private management organizations to reform a school. [emphasis added]


    The listing which follows is presented as a reality check.

    Why do Charter Schools – a component of GOALS 2000 – represent the corporate/government take-over of education?


    Heritage’s ideologue, Paul Weyrich, has often been identified as the founder of the Heritage Foundation. This designation has served to obscure that Heritage’s war chest was and is still supplied by Richard Mellon Scaife, longtime liberal, abortion rights funder, and privatization sponsor, as well as currently having been identified as the paymaster of the anti-Clinton impeachment campaign; and the Coors’ family fortune, built on the Coors Brewing Company. More Heritage funding is supplied by a phalanx of rich and powerful corporations, including the mainstays of the Rockefeller holdings such as their flagship, Chase Manhattan Bank. In William Grieder’s best-selling book, Who Will Tell the People, Weyrich’s funding is further explored and defined:

    “Not withstanding its role as ‘populist’ spokesman, Weyrich’s organization, for instance, has received grants from Amoco, General Motors, Chase Manhattan Bank (David Rockefeller) and right-wing foundations like Olin and Bradley.” 14.
    Just as the perceived conservative Paul Weyrich traces into the one-world nexus, so too----as this investigation of the charter school initiative demonstrates--- do various other leaders, such as Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Together, Weyrich and Dobson lead the unwitting grassroots conservatives into the arms of behind the scenes forces.

    1994 Heritage Foundation’s $100,000 Funders

    Heritage Foundation has been a recipient of grants totaling $35, 557,437 between the years1985 and 1999: Castle Rock Foundation [Coors, CNP], Olin Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Scaife Family Foundation, Carthage Foundation [Scaife], Philip M. McKenna Foundation, JM Foundation, Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation, Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. [source: Media Transparency]

    Pew Charitable Trusts was a 1994 $100,000 funder of the Heritage Foundation.

    “The Pew Charitable Trusts are a group of seven individual charitable funds established between 1948 and 1979 by two sons and two daughters of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph N. Pew and his wife, Mary Anderson Pew. What are today The Pew Charitable Trusts came into existence in 1948 as The Pew Memorial Foundation. The four founders—J.N. Pew, Jr., J. Howard Pew, Mary Ethel Pew and Mabel Pew Myrin—chose to honor their parents’ memory by establishing a foundation that would contribute to the public’s health and welfare and strengthen the communities in which we live. The founders capitalized the foundation with shares of Sun Oil Company stock, and gathered for the first board meeting on April 3, 1948. In its early years, the foundation worked in almost complete anonymity. The founders’ religious principles and family philosophy made them very sensitive to any appearance of self-promotion through their ‘good works.’”

    Example of Pew Trust Grants: Pew Charitable Trust Grants to Planned Parenthood



    “I Have a Dream”
    Ideas for Rebuilding American Culture
    Policy Review [Heritage Foundation publication] ~ March-April 1996, Number 76
    A Revival Parallel to the Evangelicals
        …It follows that if America’s culture is to be rescued from the sewer into which it has fallen, we need a revival of religion. In theory, a number of religions offer a sound moral basis; it should be no surprise that the Confucian cultures of East Asia believe we could learn some things from them. But it is difficult to envision Confucianism or another non-Christian religion suddenly sweeping America. For reasons of history, if a religious revival is to happen here, it will be Christian. The choice is that or nothing.
        Such a revival has in fact been under way for some time, spearheaded by the Protestant Evangelicals. They have done fruitful work, and the fact that there is any resistance at all to the destroyers of our culture is largely their doing. However, much of the citizenry remains beyond their reach. For many reasons, these people are uncomfortable with either the Evangelical message or the Evangelical style. No one is at fault for this; it is a fact of life that people differ.
        I dream of an effort parallel to the Protestant Evangelical revival, not in competition with it. Both would be aimed at the unchurched, not each other.
        The new effort would be led by a real new order; a new religious order, similar to older orders such as the Benedictines, the Cistercians, and the like. It would be liturgical, apostolic, and sacramental, but it would not be part of any of the four churches with those characteristics (the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, and orthodox remnants of the Anglicans and Scandinavian Lutherans). It would be supported by all of them, it would draw from all of them, and it would be recognized as legitimate by all of them. But the key difference is that it would not require anyone to join any organization to partake of a liturgical and sacramental religious life led by clergy who were part of the apostolic succession. In our sad times, it is probably necessary to say that this new order would adhere rigorously to the creeds and the doctrines of the Church as laid down and universally accepted before the split of 1054 a.d. And it would preach and practice, within the limits of human frailty, traditional Christian morals.
        It would dismiss with complete disinterest all the turf fights, jurisdictional squabbles, historic slights, and other ephemera that stand between the liturgical, apostolic, and sacramental church and people hungry for that church. It would thus bolster the sound elements, not only within our own culture, but in other nations as well…
        Paul Weyrich is the president of the Free Congress Foundation. [emphasis added]


    Paul Weyrich works with an organization called Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) which was founded in 1974 by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, a Roman Catholic Brazilian who openly calls for the implementation of a world-wide “Christian” regime based on the elitism of the Feudal Age. [See: New Right leaders Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell with U.S. President of TFP.] The respective endorsements of these Council for National Policy principals on the cover and in the Forward of Plinio Corrêa’s 1993 book, Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII, recommend de Oliveira’s revival of medieval-style elitism under a “kinder, gentler” ruling aristocracy:

    “Sadly, most American elites are now devoted to self-interest, not to service, which is one reason why affairs here go so badly. Your book may help reawaken people to the realization that we need and can have an elite devoted to service.” [Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation]

    “One does not have to accept Papal infallibility to appreciate a case persuasively made, using theological, moral, and prudential arguments. This book will convince many readers, whatever their faith, that good elites are legitimate, desirable and, yes, necessary.” – from the Forward, by Morton C. Blackwell [President, The Leadership Institute] 15.

    Policy Review is a quarterly journal of the Heritage Foundation. Roger Pearson, who served on original board of Policy Review, is also a member of the Eugenics Society and beneficiary of the Pioneer Fund. The Pioneer Fund was established in 1937 to fund racial science and eugenic solutions to the problem of inferior races.

     In Genes We Trust: When Science Bows to Racism by Barry Mehler

        “Fascist ideologist Roger Pearson, a Pioneer Fund beneficiary ($568,000 from 1981-1991) and author of Eugenics and Race, published by Willis Carto’s notoriously anti-Semitic Noontide Press, argues that the white race is endangered by inferior genetic stock, but with proper use of modern biological technology ‘a new super-generation’ descended from ‘only the fittest’ of the previous generation can be produced. The first nation to adopt such a scientific breeding program, Pearson contends, would dominate the rest of the world.
        “In 1965 Pearson became editor of Western Destiny, a magazine established by Carto and dedicated to spreading fascist ideology. Using the pseudonym of Stephan Langton, Pearson then became the editor of The New Patriot, a short-lived magazine published in 1966-67 to conduct ‘a responsible but penetrating inquiry into every aspect of the Jewish Question,’ which included articles such as ‘Zionists and the Plot Against South Africa,’ ‘Early Jews and the Rise of Jewish Money Power,’ and ‘Swindlers of the Crematoria.’
        “Despite Pearson’s long history of association with neo-Nazi groups, he was appointed in 1977 to the original board of editors of Policy Review, a journal published by the respected Heritage Foundation, a conservative political research organization in Washington, D.C. Perhaps the clearest indication of Pearson’s acceptance into the mainstream is the letter of support he received from then President Ronald Reagan, thanking Pearson for his “substantial contribution to promotion and upholding those ideals and principles that we value at home and abroad.”
    The Pioneer Fund
          “Before logging the facts on the Pioneer Fund grantees, it is important to understand that in the demimonde of eugenics, popular categories such as ‘racism’ or ‘liberal / conservative’ are but useful devices for obfuscating the point that the overall eugenics agenda is aimed not so much at individuals (let alone persons) as at the human species… The Pioneer Fund was founded in 1937 by Wickliffe Draper… One of Draper’s first eugenicist grantees was Harry Laughlin, who also acted as the Pioneer Fund’s first president. In 1922, Laughlin wrote the Model Eugenics Sterilization Law, adopted variously in 30 states and was responsible for the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of people in this country. This was the law that became the model for the Nazi’s own forced sterilization program of two million people. In 1936, Laughlin, along with Frederick Osborn, also of the Pioneer Fund, and psychometrician Charles Davenport, both of whom had connections to both the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation, ‘were notified by the Nazi’s advisor for the extermination of the handicapped that he would be receiving an honorary degree’ at the 500th anniversary of the University of Heidelberg, which ceremony Adolf Hitler attended...” 16.

    The president of the Virginia Taxpayers Association, Kenneth White* well observes the dialectical tactics employed by the Heritage Foundation:

        “A major reason why the UN and other totalitarian entities have been allowed to proceed as far as they have is the existence today of many widely publicized but controlled opposition groups. The agenda of these groups, which make many true statements, are however deliberately designed to be insufficient.
        “For example, the Heritage Foundation, recognized by the media as one of the most influential voices in Washington, completed in May a major mailing devoted to a ’United Nations Assessment Project.’ Yet the Heritage Foundation itself is listed on the United Nations web site as an NGO officially associated with the UN Department of Public Information. And in the Heritage mailing, seeking financial support and discussing several UN treaties described as objectionable, not a word was said about the subject of paramount concern, the forthcoming Millennium Assembly or the Charter for Global Democracy, although the VTA had reported across the state planning for the Assembly as far back as Jan. 11.  It’s obvious the Heritage Foundation will do nothing to expose the Millennium Assembly or Charter in advance…” 17.

    *Author’s Note:
        Although White describes the Heritage Foundation’s deception so well, he told me in a phone conversation that he is friendly with Council for National Policy’s Howard Phillips. (Phillips was involved with Weyrich in setting up the Council for National Policy.) Phillips has visited White’s VA Taxpayer Association meetings.  White circulates America’s Survival / Cliff Kincaid [CNP] materials to his e-mail loop because they have ‘excellent’ information on the U.N. However, Kincaid’s organization is housed at the Free Congress Foundation [Paul Weyrich,CNP]. Kincaid was formerly associated with Floyd Brown’s [CNP] organization, Citizen’s United [CU], heading-up CU’s American Sovereignty Action Project [ASAP].
        White recommended Jackie Patru’s web site to me.
        Patru’s Council on Domestic Relations [CDR] exposes the Council for National Policy; many of the CNP and John Birch Society exposés posted on Patru’s site were written by Barbara Aho [Watch Unto Prayer]. But at the same time, on Patru’s CDR >About Us<  page, she says that she is ‘networking’ with Eagle Forum [Phyllis Schlafly, CNP], the John Birch Society [John Stormer, CNP], and the Christian Coalition [Pat Robertson, CNP]. Patru links directly to these national organizations from this page. Schlafly’s contact for the state of Virginia is Helen Blackwell, who is the wife of CNP director Morton Blackwell [author of above endorsement of “good elites”]. Patru also links to Devvy Kidd’s web page which in turn links to Scaife-funded World Net Daily, Judicial Watch and Insight Magazine [a Sun Myung Moon-owned publication]. Kidd is a close associate of Herb Titus [CNP]. Devvy Kidd and Larry Becraft of Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch started the Wallace Institute.
        The Wallace Institute Board includes: Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, whose Front Line Fellowship is affiliated with the Reconstructionist think tank Chalcedon Foundation directed by Rousas Rushdoony [CNP] and funded by Howard Ahmanson [CNP]. Wallace Institute Advisory Board Members include: Geoff Metcalf: “This very popular west coast radio personality now broadcasts on the Net. He is also a columnist for World Net Daily [Joe Farah, CNP].” Farah is the recipient of Scaife funding, Scaife being a Trustee at the Heritage Foundation.
        Judicial Watch, Inc. has been a recipient of grants totaling $2,195,000 between 1997 and 1999: Olin Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Carthage Foundation [Scaife] [source: Media Transparency]
        Kenneth White and Jackie Patru both claim to understand the “controlled opposition” modus operandi, they warn others about it, and yet, they fully participate, just as those in control have planned.

    For further study of the fascist origins and globalist associations of the Heritage Foundation, the reader is referred to:
    The Rockefeller-Heritage Connection and The Heritage Foundation: Power Elites {Or, Merging Left And Right}


    Charter Schools are based on contractual agreements between private organizations or individuals and the government. Public funds are provided for charter schools to operate as public schools without the cumbersome bureaucracy that attends government-run public schools.  In states where charter school laws permit, private schools may convert to charter schools.  In several states, Waldorf Schools--based on the Anthroposophical belief system developed at the turn of the century by Rudolf Steiner (an early disciple of Madame Blavatsky)--are operating on public funding as Charter Schools. Rather than correcting the problematic situation of government sponsorship of religious indoctrination, however, the Department of Education has been allocating tax monies to introduce Waldorf education into public schools!  The controversy over the public funding of Waldorf Charter Schools has led to some measure of awareness of the inherent dangers of the charter school concept.  Alarmed Waldorf Charter School parents from Anchorage to San Francisco and beyond have received a crash course on the New Age beliefs of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

        “The DOE may be enthusiastic about Waldorf education, but many parents at the local level are not. In Anchorage, parent Kathi Gillespie led the 1994 charge to stop a Waldorf school from entering a citywide program that encourages ‘alternative education programs.’ (The approach was not technically a charter program, but the state has since passed a full-blown charter law.)
        “Gillespie says she became concerned when other parents approached her with information about the odd teachings of Rudolph Steiner and Anthroposophy. (See ‘Anthroposophy: Rudolph Steiner’s ‘Spiritual Science,’’ page 7.) ‘At first I found it hard to believe,’ she told Church & State, ‘but then I looked him up in the Encyclopedia Britannica and went, ‘Whoa!’’
        “‘[The Waldorf] people are very deceptive,’ she says. ‘They came in and were not honest with the school board or the parents on what the school’s relationship was to Anthroposophy....When you send your kid to an Episcopal or Catholic school, you know they will do catechism. It’s never up front in the Waldorf schools, but they will do Anthroposophy.’
        “Waldorf critic Dan Dugan, an inventor who lives in San Francisco, agrees. Dugan sent his son to a Waldorf school for a year and a half and was once a confirmed Waldorf. Dugan notes that Waldorf publications define Anthroposophy as ‘an association of people who would foster the life of the soul, both in the individual and in human society, on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world.’
        “Says Dugan, ‘It sounds like religion to me.’ He is convinced that Waldorf educators deceive the public, saying, ‘There’s a top layer, which says, ‘We’re non-sectarian.’ Then there is a bottom layer, which says, ‘We’re Christian,’ which is designed to appeal to the mainstream... And then there is the third level; it’s actually occultism, and the Christianity is very strange. It’s esoteric, a heretical Christian sect in that respect.’... 18.
    In 1919, Rudolf Steiner founded the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany at the Waldorf-Astoria tobacco factory.  In 1928 the first North American Waldorf School opened in Manhattan, NY. Steiner’s Anthroposophy, which formed the doctrinal basis of the Waldorf Schools, was a popular variation of the burgeoning Nazi Aryanism. Holding to a form of creationism, the Aryan race theory claimed a seven step process of human evolution in which successive races evolve from a lower to a higher form of life. Madame Blavatsky called these stages “root races” and identified our current Aryan root race as the fifth, which followed the fourth race known as the Atlantean. According to the Aryan root race view of history, survivors of the ancient and highly developed lost civilization of Atlantis would one day endow “initiates” with esoteric powers and wisdom. These initiates would use their occult powers to create a new race of Aryan supermen who would eliminate all inferior races.
        “Although Dugan found Anthroposophical teachings troubling from a religious standpoint, he was more offended by what he calls the school’s emphasis on pseudo-science. In place of evolution, he notes, Waldorf schools teach a type of creationism that argues that humans were created separately from animals. Teachers at his son’s school, he said, also taught ancient myths and legends as fact.
        “Dugan also charges that of some Steiner’s books are rife with ‘1920s German racist stuff.’ He was upset that his son’s school was selling these titles but ran into stiff resistance when he challenged them. ‘What I wanted from the teachers was a repudiation,’ Dugan said. ‘I was not able to get it. All I was able to get was [the teacher saying], ‘Some of Steiner’s writings are difficult.’ That was as far as they would go.’
        “Some of Steiner’s writings do seem to reflect ideas of human development frequently championed by racists. In his book The Universal Human: The Evolution of Individuality (1916), Steiner argues that the races were meant to evolve in sequence, not concurrently. Ancient Greek sculpture, he argues, depicts humans in the perfect state they were meant to reach. But Lucifer and Ahriman (the chief demon in the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism) interfered with the process, allowing ‘older racial forms’ to develop ‘so that there was a coexistence of races rather than a succession.’
        “Another Steiner tome, Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy (1921), asserts that the Anglo-Saxon ‘race was the only one designed to fully evolve. In yet another book, Health and Illness (1922), he writes, ‘If the blonds and blue-eyed people die out, the human race will become increasingly dense if men do not arrive at a form of intelligence that is independent of blondness. Blond hair actually bestows intelligence.... It is indeed true that the more the fair individuals die out the more will the instinctive wisdom of humans vanish.’
        “Still another Steiner book, The Gospel of St. John and Its Relation to the Other Gospels (1909), condemns race mixing. He writes, ‘[T]he mixing of different bloods obscured the ancient wisdom more and more.... [A]s a consequence of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences, human blood became ever less fitted to provide the faculty of seeing the outer world in its true light: a steady increase in illusion was bound up with the blood’s deterioration...and destruction by miscegenation.’
        “Waldorf education official Alsop concedes, ‘I’m quite sure some of things Rudolph Steiner said were racist. I just don’t see that as an indictment of Anthroposophy.’” 19.
    Within Rudolf Steiner’s Anthrosophical worldview were the seeds of Hitler’s racial theories.  Steiner believed that the inferior races must be educated by the superior Aryan race.  This supercilious worldview and Steiner’s advocacy of deregulation of industry appealed to the wealthy industrialists of the early twentieth century, who financed his Waldorf schools.
        “The affinities with Nazi discourse are unmistakable. Wolfgang Treher makes a convincing case that Steiner's racial theories, especially the repeated scheme of a small minority evolving further while a large mass declines, bear striking similarities even in detail to Hitlers own theories. He concludes: ‘Concentration camps, slave labor and the murder of Jews constitute a praxis whose key is perhaps to be found in the theories’ of Rudolf Steiner...
        “But the worst insult, from an anthroposophical point of view, is Steiner’s dictum that people of color can't develop spiritually on their own; they must either be educated by whites or reincarnated in white skin. Europeans, in contrast, are the most highly developed humans. Indeed Europe has always been the origin of all human development.’ For Steiner and for anthroposophy, there is no doubt that ‘whites are the ones who develop humanity in themselves...’
        “Why does anthroposophy--a blatantly racist doctrine which anticipated important elements of the Nazi worldview by several decades--continue to enjoy a reputation as progressive, tolerant, enlightened and ecological? The details of Steiner’s teachings are not well known outside of the anthroposophist movement, and within that movement the lengthy history of ideological implication in fascism is mostly repressed or denied outright. In addition, many individual anthroposophists have earned respect for their work in alternative education... Organized anthroposophist groups are often best known through their far-flung network of public institutions. The most popular of these is probably the Waldorf school movement, with several hundred branches worldwide,..
        “In the aftermath of the bloody world war, at the very moment of the greatest upheavals in history against the violence, misery, and exploitation of capitalism, Steiner emerged as an ardent defender of private profit, the concentration of property and wealth, and the unfettered market.... Industrialists, on the other hand, showed a keen interest in Steiner's notions. Soon after the revolutionary upsurge of workers across Germany was crushed, Steiner was invited by the director of the Waldorf-Astoria tobacco factory to establish a company school in Stuttgart. Thus were Waldorf schools born.” 20.
    Model Neo-Gnostic Schools
         “In 1904, Rudolf Steiner published a magazine called ‘Lucifer-Gnosis’, and his interpretation of the Gospels (on which he wrote many books) is based on the same esoteric Gnosticism which so plagued the early Church. As any faithful Anthroposophist will reveal, Steiner claimed that his main purpose was to introduce the West to the concept of reincarnation. Today, his occult legacy is subtly permeated throughout society by the many award-winning and prestigious international ‘Waldorf’ schools (over 25 in the U.K.) and the ‘Camphill Trust’ communities for the handicapped. Behind its renowned and lauded educational activities lies an esoteric programme of instruction in Steiner’s occult philosophy which claims its roots in the mystery religions of ancient Greece and Persia. All members of staff in anthroposophical institutions -- many of whom are sincere and hardworking careers -- are required to undergo such occult instruction in a specially designed ‘Induction Course’. In some of these institutions, astrological charts and other means of occult divining are used to compile reports and assessments on pupils.
         “In regard to the infiltration of occultism into the educational scene, the Steiner schools fit perfectly into Satan’s end-time New Age philosophy. They are model Neo-Gnostic schools -- a fact which is all the more surprising when one considers the number of professing Christians, duped by Steiner’s use of quasi-Christian vocabulary, who persist in sending their children to these institutions.” 21.
    The New Group of World Servers

    One seemingly conservative organization which promotes charter schools, the Heartland Institute, is recommended by The New Group of World Servers!

    “Heartland...publishes...School Reform News, a monthly newspaper reporting on market-based school reforms, such as charter schools, voucher and tax credit initiatives, and contracting out... In 1994, Heartland received the prestigious SPN Roe Award for outstanding leadership on state public policy, and in 1996 it received the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award for its book Eco-Sanity: A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism.” 22.
    Heartland Institute’s chairman, Herbert J.Walberg, a professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago is also a Fellow at Hoover Institution, another major strategist for charter schools.  The above mentioned Sir Antony Fisher was a member of the Fabian Society and the Mont Pelerin Society, who founded the Manhattan Institute in 1977 with Frederich von Hayek, prophet of laissez faire / free-market economics [aka deregulation / fascism]. The Mont Pelerin Society was also instrumental in founding the Heritage Foundation, whose president, Edwin Feulner [CNP], is a scholar and past president of the Mont Pelerin Society. Heritage Foundation and Manhattan Institute are also major strategists for charter schools. Charles Murray, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute and American Enterprise Institute, another strategist for charter schools, co-authored The Bell Curve, a landmark publication advancing the theory of intellectual inferiority of black races.

    In 1957, Alice Bailey wrote in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy: “The three main channels through which the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field... in all of these three movements, disciples of the Great Ones are to be found and they are steadily gathering momentum and will before long enter upon their designated tasks...” 23.

    Considering that charter schools come under the umbrella of GOALS 2000, it is not surprising to find proponents of Charter Schools among Alice Bailey's New Group of World Servers. GOALS 2000 is based on the United Nation’s Life Long Learning Model, which is the Educational Restructuring program developed in the 1960s by the Harvard Department of Economics under the patronage of the Rockefeller-funded International Bureau of Education and UNESCO.

    Also developed by the Rockefeller-founded/funded U.N. is the World Core Curriculum, authored by former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, Robert Muller, one of Alice Bailey's New Group of World Servers. 24. The World Core Curriculum Manual states: “...the World Core Curriculum ... is combined with the Ageless Wisdom teachings ... set forth in the books of Alice Bailey... [T]he World Core Curriculum process has expanded to include teaching manuals from birth through high school ... including adult education.” 25.

    Another organization on the list of Educational Groups belonging to the New Group of World Servers is the Character Education Partnership, Inc. CEP is described as: “A non partisan coalition of organizations and individuals who are concerned about the moral crisis confronting America's youth....mission statement: Developing civic virtue and moral character in our youth for a more compassionate and responsible society.” 26.  The Character Education Partnership, whose Advisory Council features several CFR members, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, includes in its membership and is recommended by Focus on the Family.

    Character Education is a major component of Charter Schools, and both are special projects of Focus on the Family as documented in Parts II and III of this report. Evangelical ministries, such as FOTF, which never actively promoted church-sponsored Christian schools, now appear to be the front organizations behind which the CFR is mobilizing Christians to populate their corporate-run Charter Schools. The Character Education curriculum oversees the cultivation of “virtues” that have been derived by consensus from the major religions.

    Part II: Character Education for Race Betterment



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