On October 14th of 1997, NASA launched the spacecraft Cassini, which is scheduled to arrive at Saturn in 2004 A.D. Cassini was launched toward Venus and will fly by Venus twice, the Earth once in August 1999 and then be on its way to Saturn, flying by Jupiter in December 2000. Passing by these planets provides a ‘gravity assist’- an aeronautical term which is explained by NASA:

"The Cassini spacecraft is initially actually launched inward toward Venus rather than Saturn. After examining literally thousands of different possible paths, the mission designers came up with an outstanding trajectory, consisting of two Venus flybys, a flyby of Earth and one of Jupiter. Only after these four ‘gravity assists’ is the spacecraft finally able to reach Saturn. It has ‘stolen’ speed from the other planets by using their gravitational fields...The Cassini primary mission is scheduled for launch in October 1997 using the Titan IV/Centaur, with an Upgraded Solid Rocket Motor (SRMU). The Venus-Venus-Earth-Jupiter Gravity Assist (VVEJGA) trajectory compensates for the necessary energy to reach Saturn, requiring a deterministic or Deep Space Maneuver (DSM). This maneuver will be executed after the first Venus flyby (April 1998) to lower perihelion (the closest point with respect to the Sun) and place the spacecraft on the proper course to encounter Venus for a second time in June 1999." 71.

Prior to the October 15 launching, anti-nuclear organizations demonstrated against Cassini, alarmed that the craft will enter the Earth’s atmosphere in 1999 spreading deadly plutonium. The Detroit Daily News carried the following report the day after launch:

"Cassini is powered by 72 pounds of extremely poisonous plutonium, the most ever flown in space. It is also the biggest, most complex inter-planetary probe and the most expensive too - $34 billion for the whole mission... Cassini’s mission won’t begin, scientifically, until the spacecraft and its 18 instruments reach Saturn in July 2004. The route is roundabout: The first stop, so to speak, is Venus in 1998 and again in 1999 to use the planet’s gravity like a slingshot to speed Cassini on its way. The spacecraft will sweep within 500 miles of Earth in 1999 - a prospect that terrifies Cassini opponents more than the launch did - and by Jupiter in 2000. NASA said there is a less than 1-in-1 million chance that the probe will enter Earth’s atmosphere in 1999 and spread plutonium. "Opponents said they would continue their fight. NASA plans to use plutonium - though less of it - on its smaller interplanetary missions. ‘It’s a bigger picture than even just Cassini. This is just the icebreaker,’ said Carol Mosley of the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice, which failed in a court attempt to stop Cassini." 72.

The probability factor for a catastrophe is high, posits Dr. Michio Kaku, who foresees large casualty figures should Cassini enter the earth’s atmosphere.

"The Cassini probe will be whipping around the earth at around 40,000 miles per hour, significantly faster than the escape velocity of the earth (25,000 miles per hour) and faster than many meteorites. If there is even the tiniest miscalculation of the trajectory, the Cassini may burn up in the atmosphere and spray a significant portion of land area with plutonium. There is ample experimental evidence that space probes, without heat shields, will vaporize upon re-entry. However, (NASA’s Final Environmental Impact Statement) again takes a low estimate of plutonium release... Assuming NASA’s own computer models and methodology, one can easily show that casualty figures from Cassini can be 200,000 or more. One does not have to make outlandish assumptions to come up with huge casualty figures." 73.


There is substantial evidence of collaboration between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and psychical research, specifically individuals the scientific community euphemistically calls "remote viewers." Authors of The Message of the Sphinx have documented NASA’s interest over the years in the exploration of the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Sphinx wherein is believed to exist the Hall of Records, a mysterious inner chamber which contains the history of an ancient civilization that was destroyed by a great flood. Hancock and Bauval cite the Edgar Cayce Foundation as the moneyed interest that funded the project:

"Headquartered in Virginia Beach in the United States . . . the A.R.E. [Association for Research and Enlightenment] is a multimillion dollar organization that exists to promulgate the teachings and prophecies of the American psychic Edgar Cayce, who died in 1945. Prominent amongst Cayce’s pronouncements were many statements... to the effect that the Sphinx had been built in 10,500 BC by the survivors of Atlantis who had concealed beneath it a ‘Hall of Records’ containing all the wisdom of their lost civilization and the true history of the human race. Cayce prophesied that this Hall of Records would be rediscovered and opened between 1996 and 1998. He connected the opening to the second coming of Christ and asserted that the contents of the Hall would not be shared with the general public until many years after it had first been entered by ‘three who would make of the perfect way of life.’" 74.

In 1973, the Edgar Cayce Foundation funded the Stanford Research Institute (which has an annual budget of over $300 million from the U.S. Government) to excavate the Great Egyptian Sphinx. Then, in 1977, the U.S. National Science Foundation funded a similar project at the Pyramid at Giza which involved the SRI. Within this company of strange bedfellows may be found employees and consultants with NASA:

"In our research we have stumbled across a tangled web of clues, connections and overlap-ping interests appearing to suggest that American scientists with links to NASA may have quietly involved themselves, since at least the 1970’s, in covert ‘expeditions’ to unveil the secrets of the great pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza..." 75.

During the 1970’s, the NASA Mariner 9 and Viking 1 missions were undertaken to probe pyramid structures on Mars in an effort to prove that they were a great cosmic blueprint to the Giza pyramids in Egypt. More direct involvement by NASA in the pyramid project at Giza followed these space missions which occurred from 1971 through 1976:

"Back in Egypt in 1977, a year after the Viking images had first reached the Earth, Mark Lehner [A.R.E.’s ‘man’ at Giza] made contact with NASA’s Dr. Lambert T. Dolphin, leader of the Stanford Research Institute project at the Sphinx ...Later in 1977 Lambert Dolphin traveled to Virginia Beach to negotiate funding from the Edgar Cayce organization for a proposed new SRI project at Giza... In (1983) ‘The Independent Mars Project’ was set up in the United States by Richard Hoagland, a former NASA consultant, and Lambert Dolphin…

"In March 1996...the Egyptian scientist Farouk El Baz (whose name...translates into ancient Egyptian as Horus) had been chosen to lead a team to open the secret door inside the Great Pyramid at the end of the southern shaft of the Queen’s Chamber. The reader will recall that Amtex, the Canadian company participating in the project, claim to be ‘working with Spar Aerospace’ to devise a tool to open or ‘go straight through’ the door. Spar Aerospace are better known for manufacturing hydraulic arms used in NASA Space Shuttles . . . Dr El Baz, a graduate of Cairo’s Ain Shams University, is a NASA consultant. He has been involved for many years with studies of geological formations on the Moon and on Mars and he is a one-time personal friend of astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. It was El Baz, nicknamed King by his NASA colleagues, who in 1969 chose the spot for the Apollo 11 Moon landing. El Baz is the founder of Centre of Remote Sensing at Boston University and presently serves as its Director.

"Also in March 1996 the EAO [Egyptian Antiquities Organization] granted a one-year renewable license for the project at the Sphinx...It was reported to us that team members had consulted with [NASA researcher] Dr. James Hurtak and [NASA consultant] Richard Hoagland in August 1996." (Parenthesis in original) 76.

Of special interest, Lambert Dolphin -- head of the SRI project at the Sphinx and the Mars Project who negotiated funding with the Edgar Cayce Foundation -- has a web site that is linked with David di Sabatino's History of the Jesus Movement, a book dedicated to Lonnie Frisbee, the hippie who in the late 60's became Youth Pastor of Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel. 77. Lonnie Frisbee possessed a spiritual power similar to that experienced in the Toronto/Pensacola revivals and is credited, through his influence and affiliation with Smith and later John Wimber, with giving birth to the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard Movements.

Lambert Dolphin was also one of the Jesus People and his Web Library would appear at first glance to be a Christian web site. On a page titled "Remote Viewing, Channeling, ESP -- and the Power of God," Dolphin acknowledges a "wonderful and challenging career spanning some 30 years with a large and prestigious West Coast think tank. [SRI] Our projects at the lab were often multi-disciplinary and the climate was one where all sorts of diverse ideas could be exchanged freely. Our projects ranged over the broadest possible range." 78.

Although he mentions the government's involvement with remote viewers for espionage, Lambert Dolphin does not disclose that in 1977 he traveled to Virginia Beach to negotiate funding from the Edgar Cayce organization for the SRI project at Giza ~ nor that in 1983 he helped to set up the Independent Mars Project’ as consultant to NASA and leader of the SRI project at the Sphinx. We refer the reader to Lambert Dolphin & The Great Sphinx for details of this Christian minister's connections with the Edgar Cayce Foundation and the Masonic Egyptologists.

There is yet another disturbing piece of evidence inculpating NASA with occult organizations. In the 1996 edition of Who's Who In America will be found the following entry: "Christian Frederick Kleinknecht, Grand Secretary-General, Supreme Council 33, Washington, D.C., now Grand Secretary-General."

This Supreme Pontiff of the Masonic Orders is also the brother of Kenneth Samuel Kleinknecht, also a Mason who, although presently retired, has since 1959 held top positions within NASA. Among these prestigious positions are listed in Who's Who: Manager of the following: Mercury Project, the Gemini Program, the Command and Service Modules and Flight Ops at Johnson Space Center in Houston, the Sky-Lab Project, the Laser Project-Zenith Star Project, the Constrn. Space Shuttle Orbiter; and Assistant Manager of the Orbiter Project, Houston. 79.

Was Edgar Cayce a Freemason? In the 1997 A.R.E. publication 'The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce' edited by Robert Smith, we read on page 56 that Edgar quit school at the age of 22 (one has to be at least 21 to join the Masons) to join his father Leslie in peddling insurance for the Fraternal Insurance Co. to other Freemasons around the state of Kentucky. Employees of this company were required to be Freemasons. It was also at this time that Cayce and his father opened several Masonic Lodges in the area to facilitate insurance sales, among other things. The following quote of Cayce's is to be found on page 159 of Lytle W. Robinson's 1979 book, Is It True What They Say About Edgar Cayce:

"...with the changes that will be wrought, true Americanism, the universal thought that is expressed and manifested in the brotherhood of man, as in the Masonic Order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world." 80.

These connections at the very highest levels of NASA, Freemasonry and the Edgar Cayce Foundation make it difficult to resist the suspicion that the present missions to Jupiter and Saturn involve may involve more than legitimate scientific exploration. Neither is there assurance forthcoming that the Edgar Cayce Foundation is not financing the fulfillment of the visionary's prophecies through NASA. Is it possible that the present Galileo Europa Mission is gathering information from Jupiter's moons like the Mariner 9 and Viking 1 missions undertaken to probe pyramid structures on Mars to prove some cosmic blueprint to the Giza pyramids in Egypt? The following recent status report on GEM may not tell the whole story:

"NASA's Galileo spacecraft has been transmitting to Earth this past week pictures and other science information gathered during the Dec. 16, 1997 flyby of Jupiter's icy moon, Europa. The information, which had been stored on the spacecraft's onboard tape recorder, includes fields and particles observations of the interaction between Europa and Jupiter's magnetic and electric field environment. Also included are pictures and observations of Europa's wedged regions and hot regions. Important observations of surface changes on the volcanic moon Io will help later on in the Galileo Europa Mission, when one or two close Io flybys are planned. Next week, Galileo will transmit science information and pictures of Europa's regions of fretted shapes and regions of dark lines, as well as images of the Gilgamesh region on another Jovian moon, Ganymede." 81.

The current president of the A.R.E. and Edgar Cayce Foundation is Cayce's grandson, Charles T. Cayce. According to Hancock and Bauval, these organizations have carried on various initiatives at the Giza pyramid for the past two decades. Charles Cayce has expressed his conviction that "the truth about Giza was going to emerge and the 'Hall of Records' was going to be discovered, just as Edgar Cayce had prophesied." 82.

Hancock and Bauval also state that, in March 1996, the Egyptian Antiquities Organization granted a one-year renewable license for the project at the Sphinx and that team members consulted with former NASA consultant, Dr. James Hurtak, and SRI consultant, Richard Hoagland -- the men with whom Lambert Dolphin worked on the Independent Mars Project. In 1985, the Edgar Cayce Foundation and A.R.E. magazine, "Venture Inward," revealed the primary agency created to fulfill Edgar Cayce's prophecy concerning the second coming of Christ:

"There has been one systematic search, a sort of direct shot at finding the Hall of Records, when the Edgar Cayce Foundation funded SRI International..." 83.


As the fourth wise man of Jay Gary's parable observed the heavens, according to the ancient custom of magi, he witnessed a rare astronomical sign -- the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. To disciples of the ancient mystery religions, each planet is governed by a planetary spirit. The concept of a personal God who is the Creator and Ruler of all is held in contempt and a hierarchy of planetary gods thought to rule the solar system. H.P. Blavatsky wrote of these spirits in her Theosophical Glossary:

"As our earth has its hierarchy of terrestrial planetary spirits, so has every other heavenly body. The highest planetary spirit ruling over any globe is in reality the ‘Personal God’ of that planet and far more truly its ‘over-ruling providence' than the self-congratulatory Infinite Personal Deity of modern Churchianity." 84.

Michael Howard, author of The Occult Conspiracy states that in classical Greek and Roman mythology, the planets were thought to be heavenly representations of the gods after whom they were named:

"...the Gnostics derived some of their lore from the stellar religion practiced by the Chaldean astrologers. They adopted the seven planetary spirits or gods... represented by the classical gods of Roman and Greek mythology -- Mercury (Hermes), Venus (Aphrodite), Mars (Aries), Jupiter (Zeus), Saturn (Chronos), Sol and Luna. 85.

When author/astrologer Rick Levine explained that a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7-6 B.C. in the zodiacal sign of Pisces "created" the Star of Bethlehem, he wrote in terms of the "signature of the King's Star" (Jupiter) and "the star of final authority" (Saturn), as though these planets possessed governing providences or gods:

"The greatest planetary rhythm that was observable to the ancient astronomer- priest was the rhythm of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction... The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction...actually jumps from astrological sign to sign with great regularity... It is the combination of astrologically rare events that created the Star of Bethlehem.

"There is much evidence to suggest that what we call the Star of David was an alignment of the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. In ancient Jewish tradition, Jupiter was the planet called the ‘King’s Star.’ Even later in Greek mythology, Jupiter, or Jove, was the King of the Gods. Every 20 years, when the King’s Star lined up with Saturn, the star of final authority, the ancient Jews called this the Star of David." 86.

The Star of David is not a Jewish symbol, but an Egyptian symbol which Israel adopted in the wilderness during the first apostasy. (Acts 7:37-43; Amos 5:26) O.J. Graham wrote in The Six Pointed Star: "The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia declares that the six-pointed star...according to the Rosicrucians...was known to the ancient Egyptians." Dr. Albert Churchward identified the six-pointed star as the symbol of Horus in Signs & Symbols of Primordial Man:

"In the Astro-Mythology of the Egyptians, we find belief in the first man-god (Horus I)...and his death and resurrection as Amsu...This was the first sign or hieroglyphic of Amsu...Amsu - the risen Horus - the first man-god risen in spiritual form." 87.

It becomes apparent that, like the Lubavitch Movement, Rick Levine has derived his theology from the Kabalah, the primary source book of Jewish mysticism which is an extension of the Babylonian mysteries. Nowhere is the Star of David found in the orthodox Hebrew Scriptures, except as a pagan symbol, nor do the prophets foretell its appearance at the birth of the Messiah. Mr. Levine acknowledges that the Messiah must be born of the lineage of David, however he chooses to ignore the vast number of other Messianic prophecies which were fulfilled at the birth of Jesus Christ. Rather he claims that an occult symbol and an astrological sign were used to validate the credentials of "the Christ" in the "age of Pisces."

"Christ is a Greek word for king. A king was one who was literally born under the cosmic signature of the King’s Star. Jesus, as we know, was born in the lineage of the House of David. But to be born in the lineage of David didn’t only mean that you had parents in that lineage. It also meant that you were born under the Star of David, which occurred when Jupiter, the King ’s Star, aligned with Saturn...there was, in fact, a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, in the sign of Pisces, in the years 7-6 BC." 88.

This New Age author then informs readers that, just as Jesus was the man chosen to be Christ for the age of Pisces, mankind is about to enter a new astrological sign which will inaugurate a new age. Due to the Precession of the Equinox, the next Jupiter/Saturn triple conjunction will take place in the sign of Aquarius in May of A.D. 2000, at which time Mr. Levine believes many will be reborn as "Christ." Note Levine's misrepresentation of the Lord's Prayer to justify the Masonic axiom "as above, so below." (Luke 11:2 states: "Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.")

    "For the last couple of thousand years, the North Pole of the Earth has been pointing to that area in the sky we call Pisces. This means that, astrologically, we have been in the Age of Pisces, or the Age of the Fish! Note the connections between the fish and Christianity. Christ was a fisher among men. The vesica Pisces, the vessel of the soul, became a symbol for the church. Fish represents the apparent multiplicity, and in the Age of the Fish, it was reserved for the religious mystic to see how all the individual fishes are, in truth, one.

    "In these times, we have talk now of another new age, The Age of Aquarius. Because the equinox slips backwards, it goes from Pisces to Aquarius, rather than Aries. It is the resonance between the changing of the ages two thousand years ago, and the changing of the ages in modern times that captures our attention as this story unfolds...

    "The story of the Star of Bethlehem tells us that cosmic alignments herald earthly events. The Lord’s Prayer tells us that "it is done on earth as it is in heaven." The words are clear even if we, in our scientific mindset, shirk from the true meaning. Ancient prophecy was often astrological.

    "What will the stars of the late 20th Century mean to the big historical picture? What will these times bring? The Christmas Star brings us an answer, or at least a perspective. Even if we were alive during the ministry of Jesus and were personally touched by his spiritual magic, we could not, in our wildest imagination, have predicted what was to follow. By the same token, even if we accept that these are times of great proportion, and that we are at the edge of a new world, we cannot know what is around the bend of history." 89.  


As previously noted, in classical mythology Jupiter is thought to be Zeus, King of the gods, and Saturn is Chronos, the god of Time. The reference to Jupiter as Zeus correlates with astrologer Rick Levine’s identification of this planet as the King Star, Zeus being the king of the gods. Levine calls Saturn "the star of final authority," a title which has in it the element of time and the end of an age. However, H.P. Blavatsky and Michael Howard more precisely identify Saturn as Kronos, "The God of Boundless Time and of the Cycles."

We have seen that there is a plan afoot to change the laws of mankind, replacing the commandments of all religions with the seven Noahide Laws. The planetary spirit that would be evoked to enforce these laws would naturally be Zeus, the king of gods, who represents the planet Jupiter, the King Star. There is, in fact, an abrupt transition to a new system of laws prophesied in Daniel 7:25, which verse also foretells a change of the times under the rule of Antichrist.

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws...

Saturn or Chronos, the god of Time and Cycles will be in charge of the administration of the New Age under a new calendar. The opportune time for this transition would logically be the true beginning of the new millennium which, according to the Greenwich 2000: Millennium website, "officially starts on 1 January 2001 (there was no year 0)." 90.

The motto of 33rd degree Freemasonry is "ordo ab chao," which transliterated means that a new social order will come about through the destruction of the old order. The planetary god of Saturn is characterized in astrology as one that brings suffering. Vera Alder stated as much in her book, The Initiation of the World:

"Pain and pressure are born upon this planet ...from the planet Saturn." 91.

According to the Masonic principle "Ordo ab Chao," Saturn or Chronos will produce massive upheaval of the old order and Jupiter, the King Star or Zeus, will restore social order under a new system of law. In The Illuminati Formula, Fritz Springmeier amplifies Alder’s model of Saturnian severity as the cosmic force, which will merge with Jupiter to create the Golden Age of Saturn:

"...the religion of Saturn is Saturnian gnosis - which turns out to be a rehash of the gnosticism that the high level Satanists believe in. Saturn is severe. Jupiter is mild. The merging of Saturn (severity) with Jupiter is the creation of the new Golden Age -- according to high level Satanic hierarchy teachings." 92.

According to the schedule of bimillennial events, the Christmas celebrations will commence with a reenactment of the Journey of the Magi, leaving Iraq on September 1, 2000 and arriving in Bethlehem on December 24, 2000. 93. The month of December will be devoted to global Christmas celebrations as the modern Magi arrive in Bethlehem bearing "treasures" of a lost civilization. Perhaps the Noahide Laws will replace the Ten Commandments and the U.N. will officially assume its position as a world government as of January 1, 2001.


Dr. John Billingham of NASA’s Ames Research Center stated "We have reached the time when we know we can talk to each other across the distances between the stars." Expectations are high in the scientific community that a message from across the universe is imminent. Hancock and Bauval report:

"The only scientists actively working on [decoding such a message] today are those involved in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - SETI for short. They endlessly sweep the heavens for messages from distant civilizations and they have therefore naturally had to give some thought to what might happen if they ever did identify such a message." 94.

As might be suspected, the SETI web site has numerous links to NASA. 95. Alice Bailey predicted such an encounter in The Externalisaton of the Hierarchy:

"Exoterically speaking, a point of contact, a moment of 'spiritual intercourse,' is imminent, and out of that moment a new world can be born." 96.

In esoteric teaching, the planetary gods meet in councils to rule the universe and intermittently intervene in the affairs of earth in order to assist man in his progress toward the evolved state. However, author of The Occult Conspiracy, Michael Howard wrote that the planetary gods are also transformed into archangels:

"...the Gnostics derived some of their lore from the stellar religion practiced by the Chaldean astrologers. They adopted the seven planetary spirits or gods...represented by the classical gods of Roman and Greek mythology -- Mercury (Hermes), Venus (Aphrodite), Mars (Aries), Jupiter (Zeus), Saturn (Chronos), Sol and Luna. In Gnostic belief these gods were transformed into archangels who became the central focus of medieval magic and Hermetic tradition." 97.

Concurrent with widespread interest in ETs, there is in Evangelical as well as New Age circles a plethora of books on the subject of angels. New Agers contend that the true origins of Christianity have been suppressed, however this error will be corrected when the true Christians (the Gnostics) restore the records and customs of ancient mysticism. To this end, New Age books have also been forthcoming purporting to set the record straight on the events of the life Jesus Christ. It was only a matter of time until a revisionist account of the Incarnation would be made available in Christian bookstores.

Max Lucado is Vice President of the Promise Keepers Organization and a popular Evangelical author. In 1997, Lucado wrote Cosmic Christmas, a short novel which reimagines the events that occurred prior to and including the nativity of Jesus Christ. There is a disclaimer in the Afterward of Cosmic Christmas to the effect that many elements of Lucado’s narrative are imaginary and not found in Scripture. As points of fundamental doctrine, however, at least a few are seriously heretical and have no place in a Christian book.

The spotlight in Cosmic Christmas is on the Archangel Gabriel, who is sent by God on a mission to announce to Mary her election to receive the Seed of God. Lucado's novel portrays God as "the Light" who sends the "treasure" of his "essence" to earth. This "essence" or "Seed" -- designated "it" -- "will become" the Son of God. Carefully note in the following excerpt from Cosmic Christmas Gabriel’s words that "the fruit of the Seed," rather than the Seed, is the Son of God.

"I entered the circle of unceasing Light... I lifted my eyes to see a necklace - a clear vial on a golden chain - dangling from (God’s) extended hand... Handing me the necklace, He explained, ‘This vial will contain the essence of Myself; a Seed to be placed in the womb of a young girl... The fruit of the Seed is the Son of God. Take it to her... He draped the chain around my neck. Amazingly, the vial was no longer empty. It glowed with Light. Jesus. Tell her to call my son Jesus..." 98.

Privy to this conversation is Satan, to whom God offers forgiveness if he will only repent. Max Lucado presents the following outrageous scene as the Archangel Gabriel watches on:

"From the circle of Light came His extended hand. From His throne came an honest invitation. ‘Will you surrender? Will you return to me?’ I do not know the thoughts of Satan. But I believe that for a fleeting second the evil heart softened..." 99.

An important Gnostic doctrine is the ultimate salvation of Lucifer. In the Afterward, Lucado does not decisively state that Lucifer can never be saved, but rather equivocates, leaving room for the remote possibility:

"Finally, the Bible tells no story of a throne room encounter where Lucifer is offered a second chance. But the Bible does contain page after page showing God giving grace to the scalawags and turncoats of the world. He seems more willing to give grace than we are to seek it. Such divine love leaves me to wonder one thing more: if the old snake himself sought mercy, wouldn’t he too, find it where millions have - at the foot of the cross of Christ?" 100.

As previously noted in this report, the removal of Lucifer’s judgment in Isaiah 14 leaves room for innumerable heresies, including his ultimate salvation. This aberrant doctrine was proposed, c. 250 A.D., by Clement and Origen of the Gnostic cult of Alexandria, Egypt. Although they are promoted in our day as "Church Fathers," these heretics produced copies of the Scriptures which were corrupted with Gnostic doctrine. Clement of Alexandria's false gospel is also found in his Homilies:

"After a preliminary examination of all possible different attempts at a solution of the problem of evil, the attempt is here made to represent the devil as an instrument of God. Christ and the devil are the two hands of God, Christ the right hand, and the devil the left, the devil having power over this world-epoch and Christ over the next. The devil here assumes very much the characteristics of the punishing and just God of the Old Testament, and the prospect is even held out of his ultimate pardon." 101.

In Cosmic Christmas, Max Lucado continues his subtle departure from Scripture with an allusion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: (Note also a New Age analogy comparing angels to "stars.")

"One final time I faced the Light. We turned and plunged into the heavenlies. On a wave of His Light we flew... We flew as a torrent of stars through the universe... On a wave of worship I flew, this time alone. I circled through the clouds and over the ground... I knew her in an instant. Her heart had no shadow. Her soul was as pure as any I’ve seen... Her heart is so flawless, so willing..." 102.

The angels and archangels occupy center stage of Cosmic Christmas, overshadowing and preempting the second and third Persons of the Godhead. In fact, Jesus Christ is nowhere seen in the heavenly courts of this pseudo-Christian book, although Scripture declares His eternal pre-existence:

For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven and that are on the earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all thing were created by him, and for him. And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. Col. 1:16, 17

In Max Lucado's imaginary tale, the "the Light" disappears from the vial that has been entrusted to Gabriel, and presently impregnates Mary with "the essence" which will be called the Son of God. In the final analysis, Cosmic Christmas has reduced the Lord Jesus Christ to a "divine spark" which is implanted in a worthy human being:

    "Mary...You will become pregnant and give birth to a son and call His name Jesus. He will be great. He will be called the Son of the Highest. The Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David; He will rule Jacob’s house forever - no end, ever, to His kingdom...   

    "I continued, 'The Holy Spirit will come upon you, the power of the highest hover over you; therefore the child you bring to birth will be called Holy, Son of God...

    "‘I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve. Let it be with me just as you say.’ As she spoke, a Light appeared in her womb. I glanced at the vial. It was empty." 103.

Evangelical leader, Max Lucado has portrayed in story form the Gnostic principle that human beings are, through their own merits, incipient vessels of the divine essence. Jay Gary would agree. From his Bimillennial Report we read:

"We must recover the simple idea that the spark of eternity has been placed within each human being. We must fan this flame, this tiny spark within each person - and insure that no government, not group, or no authority is allowed to smother or snuff out this sacred flame." 104.

The Annunciation scene from Max Lucado's Cosmic Christmas bears an eerie resemblance to a similar portion of New Age book titled Messiah & The Second Coming. However, as members of the Coptic Order belonging to the Spiritual Unity of Nations (S.U.N.), John Davis and Naomi Rice are at liberty to present a more blatantly heretical account:

    "(Mary) was considered by the elders and priests to have the most flawless character of all women in the temple. At the age of fourteen, Gabriel was sent to Mary's bed chamber. He stood outside her chamber door and poured his radiant light into her chamber. When she saw this great light she became afraid and he backed away. The procedure was repeated three times. On the third time, Gabriel spoke to her and assured her that she need not be afraid. He told Mary who he was and that he had been sent to inform her that she had been chosen among all women to bear the body of the new Messiah and to protect and raise the child with great care.

    "The Holy Spirit then entered into Mary through her air pipe in her throat, and there the seed thought of the baby Messiah initially took shape. As she held this immaculate concept within her mind and heart, the fetus of Jesus began to take shape in her womb." 105.

Notice that in Cosmic Christmas and the New Age book, the archangel is the agent who brings "the Light" to Mary. In Holy Scripture, Gabriel's mission is to simply announce to Mary that she has been chosen to bear the Son of God, the incarnation being the work of the Holy Spirit alone and that moment is never recorded in Scripture. The authors of Messiah & The Second Coming have developed the concept of the fruit of the Seed to its Gnostic conclusion:

"...the seed thought of the baby Messiah initially took shape... As she held this immaculate concept within her mind and heart, the fetus of Jesus began to take shape in her womb."

The Council of Nicea was held in 325 A.D. to counter various systems of Gnosticism, a 2nd-century dualistic religion which denied that Christ had had a completely human life; He was said by some Gnostics to have passed through the body of Mary as light passes through a window. As noted earlier, Gnostics believe that the world of matter in which the human soul is imprisoned is evil and that man's spirit is meant to partake in the divine nature of the Universal Spirit. "Gnosis" is the perception by man that he contains a spark of God and the realization of his need to awaken from his inferior mode of physical existence to a full consciousness of his divinity, which has become ensnared in matter.

Alchemy is the esoteric philosophy which seeks to release the soul via the ascendancy of spirit over matter. The four elements of ancient cosmology are earth, air, fire and water. In alchemy, a fifth essence is believed to enhance these material elements. The four elements and the quintessence which elevates them to a higher plane have been elucidated by Hans Biederman in A Dictionary Of Symbolism: Cultural Icons And The Meanings Behind Them:

"The alchemists’ spiritual focus on essence, rather than matter, was supposed to increase the proportion of the fifth essence in the make-up of the entire world. The quintessence was thought to be present within each of the four elements as its sublime creature: in the water as the dolphin, in fire as the phoenix, in the air as the eagle and on earth as the human race. At the same time, the quintessence was believed to envelop and extend beyond each of the others. The graphic symbol corresponding to the quintessence is the pentacle." 106.

The pentacle is also the logo of the Theosophical Society. Founder H.P. Blavatsky identifies the pentacle as: "Any geometrical figure, especially double equilateral triangle, the six-pointed star, (like the theosophical pentacle)." 107.

Theosophist Charles Leadbeater wrote in The Hidden Life of Freemasonry: "The blazing star is properly six-pointed." 108. Alice Bailey and others have confirmed that the blazing star is commonly seen by the initiate during a valid initiation. "At all initiations the Lord of the World is present...His power streams forth and the flashing of the star before the initiate is the signal of His approval..." 109.

As Masonic Prince Adept, Albert Pike, stated: "...the blazing star... represents [the] Star of Horus...Morning Star...Star of Set...Lucifer." 110. Since the quintessence is symbolized by the pentacle or six-pointed star, we may infer that this essence which enhances material elements is Lucifer, symbolized in occult language by the eagle or phoenix.

The blazing star graces the cover and title page of The Star Of 2000. Cosmic Christmasalso opens and closes with illustrations of the planet Saturn and a blazing star. In The Star Of 2000, Jay Gary has set the stage for a reenactment of another journey of modern Magi, guided by the blazing star, to present the gift of a new civilization to "Christ." Max Lucado has described in Cosmic Christmas an initiation whereby a willing human vessel receives the divine essence. The Masonic axiom, "as above, so below," is particularly relevant to the Christmas season, the celestial event being the birth of the Sun-god or Gnostic Christ and the terrestrial event the "birthing" of the baby "Christ" within willing human vessels. In Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception: Mystic Christianity, no less than Rosicrucian Grand Master, Max Heindels, identifies December 24 and 25 as the most potent time of the astrological year and the ideal time for initiation rites:

"The night between the 24th and 25th of December is the holy night, par excellence, of the entire year. The zodiacal sign of the Immaculate Celestial Virgin stands upon the eastern horizon near midnight. The sun of the new year is then born and starts upon his journey from the southernmost point toward the northern hemisphere, to save that part of humanity (physically) from the darkness and famine which would inevitably result if he were to remain permanently south of the equator... The spiritual influences are strongest, in the north, at midnight of the 24th of December... It would then be easiest for those who wish to take a definite step toward initiation to get in conscious touch with the spiritual time... The blazing star is ever there to guide him." 111.

The hidden message of Cosmic Christmas is closely related to that of New Age Messiah & The Second Coming: According to Gnostic theurgy, the angels are stars or the planetary spirits which will guide a willing humanity to receive the Luciferic initiation.


On February 4, T.V. C-Span talk-show moderator, Connie Brod, mentioned a seemingly insignificant item in a Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill News. The writer of The Hill News article took note of a piece of jewelry worn by Hilary Clinton at her famous interview last January on the Today Show. During discussion of the Presidential scandal among other issues, the First Lady confidently displayed an attractive pin of a golden eagle atop a beautiful imitation pearl. The Hill News reporter had astutely observed that identical pins had been worn by the President’s secretary, Betty Currie, at the Grand Jury hearing, and also by Donna Shalalah, Secretary of Health and Human Resources. C-Span’s guest from The Washington Times scoffed that this popular piece of jewelry for elites indicated a left-wing conspiracy.

[NOTE: A phone call to C-Span revealed that the pin was designed by Ann Hand for the Clinton Inauguration. However, former U.N. Representative Jeanne Kirkpatrick, a Republican, was also seen of late wearing this pin. A subsequent call to The Hill News brought forth denials of the article.]

Hans Biederman's Dictionary Of Symbolism lists among the most important motifs from the world of alchemy: the eagle, gold, the hexagram (6-pointed star), the pearl, the phoenix, the quintessence, Saturn and the sun. 112. Quoting a 7th century Gnostic, John Damascenus, Biederman interprets the meaning of the pearl as that which "symbolized for the Gnostic of remote antiquity hidden knowledge and esoteric wisdom." 113. We may conclude from this definition that "Gnosis" is the fruit of the Seed or the product of the Divine Light that is implanted in those who are willing to receive it. The very symbolism presented in the Annunciation scenes of Cosmic Christmas and Messiah & The Second Coming is also found in the Gnostic dictionary of Hans Biederman:

"...The divine lightning from heaven entered the utterly pure oyster, Mary, the Mother of God, and a pearl of great price came forth from her as it is written: she gave birth to Christ, the pearl begotten by divine lightning." 114.

Biederman's Dictionary explains the symbolism of the eagle: "In ancient Syria, the eagle was associated with the sun-god. It was said to be capable of rejuvenation, like the phoenix." 115. Finally, Biederman presents the following Gnostic fable, which provides considerable insight as to the esoteric meaning of the eagle atop the pearl:

"A Gnostic ‘Hymn of the Soul’ attributed to Bardesanes and dating from the early Christian era is impressive in its richness: A child (representing humanity) is sent out into distant Egypt on the long pilgrimage of life, to fetch a pearl out of a deep well guarded by a dragon. But he eats the customary food of the country and forgets his mission, until a letter (saving doctrine) brought by an eagle reminds him of it. Now the task of recovering the pearl - enlightenment (gnosis) - from the well can be undertaken." 116.

According to H.P. Blavatsky, the dragon which prohibits humanity from obtaining the pearl of gnosis is the murderer of Osiris -- Seth, also called Set or Typhon.

"Typhon, or the worsted by Horus, who pierces his head with a spear...As Set--he is the darkness of night, the murderer of Osiris, who is the light of day and the sun." 117.

Recalling that the Gnostic Christ who deposed Seth is Horus, the Sun-god, it is notable that Masonic symbologist, Albert Churchward, identifies him as the Morning Star who will arise and be given via initiation to "Followers of Horus" in the Cosmic Millennium:

"The ‘bright morning star’...represents Horus of the resurrection or Revelation the son of God promises to give the morning star to them that overcometh...the morning star was equally identified with Horus...the star of dawn. Henceforth the Morning Star was given to followers of Horus, therefore we use it. It was the star of Horus and his guide which led him to paradise when he seated himself upon his throne, and then Horus gave his star as a guide to his followers." 118.

Using the language of occult symbology, Jay Gary, Max Lucado, astrologer Rick Levine, and the First Lady are cleverly conveying a covert message to "Magi everywhere" -- The Phoenix will assuredly rise to conquer the Dragon Christianity, which has impeded man’s journey toward Enlightenment, the Pearl of Great Price. Zalshar’s prediction, "The morning Star is soon to arise in every heart," points to the global initiation which will soon inaugurate another journey of modern Magi. In very fact, Jay Gary has announced that his forthcoming book is titled The Millennial Journey. 119.


The parable of the Pearl of Great Price did not originate with the Alexandrian Gnostics or even the Babylonian Magi. Rather it was first written in Holy Scripture, and is found in a private discourse between the Lord Jesus and his disciples:

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls; who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. Matt. 13:45, 46

In this parable the Lord spoke, not of Gnostic wisdom which is earthly, sensual and devilish (James 3:15) -- but of Himself. Matthew Henry has distinguished in his Commentary the cheap trinkets of man's wisdom from the precious Pearl of Great Price:

    "All the children of men are busy, seeking goodly pearls; one would be rich, another would be honourable, another would be learned; but most are imposed upon, and take up with counterfeits for pearls. Jesus Christ is a pearl of great price, a jewel of inestimable value, which will make those who have it rich, truly rich, rich toward God. In having him, we have enough to make us happy here and forever. What worthless pebbles are all worldly things, compared with this pearl of great price.

    "A true Christian seeks and finds this pearl of great price. What will it avail us to know of Christ, if we do not know him as ours, as made to us wisdom? I Cor. 1.30. Those who would have a saving interest in Christ, must be willing to leave all to follow him. -- A man may buy gold too dear, but not this pearl of price. When the convinced sinner has Christ discovered to his soul, as the all-gracious Saviour of the lost, all things else become comparatively worthless in his estimation. He sees that eternal misery is his portion if he obtains not this prize." 120.



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