Editor: The information in this letter has been gleaned from thousands of hours of reading and tracing seemingly disconnected bits of information. It is representative of a global movement that oversees the use of literally billions of dollars annually...In a nutshell, here is the lineage of the monstrous apostasy we are researching, as it takes up in the 1930's. It goes back farther, and has it's roots in Theosophy, but time won't allow us to pursue it any further back than is necessary to define the current form of it.




Five people (during the 30's) paved the way to change the orthodox and historic biblical 'worldview' of evangelical Christianity to a Manifested Sons of God theological foundation and a reconstructionist agenda. They are:


Henrietta Mears
J. Edwin Orr
Armin Gesswein
Charles Fuller
Harold Ockenga


These five (who were friends and co-workers) laid the groundwork for the "world changers", "expendables for Christ", or "workers" they prepared to follow them.


Henrietta Mears - while Director of Christian Education at 1st Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, and a teacher/founder of the "Forest Home Briefing Conferences" in San Bernardino CA, motivated and called what they later called the "acceptable anointed evangelists" namely Billy Graham, Richard Halverson, Bill Bright and several others. (1)


J. Edwin Orr - Oxford seminarian, traveled as a historian and theologian to major cities and universities globally to prepare the way for ecumenism on college campuses. The ecumenical groups on campus who were pre-conditioned by Orr to look for a 'great end-time harvest', and sweeping "revival" movement, or "awakening" prepared the way for Bill Bright's ecumenical ministry. The success of Campus Crusade for Christ was a direct result of the groundwork laid by Orr. Orr's vouching for Billy Grahams "new understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit", which he conveyed in letters to key workers paved the way for his success in ministry as well. (2)


Armin Gesswein - a friend of all these named, prepared the way by traveling to cities globally and setting up ecumenical prayer meetings for pastors and lay workers. He also trained up these groups in the expectation of a "great end-time harvest", and "revival" movement. The ecumenical prayer groups prepared the way for Billy Graham. Graham in fact would not travel to a city unless Gesswein's ecumenism had been successful there to establish a pastors group that would "sponsor" his crusade. (3)


C. E. Fuller, also a friend and co-worker with all of the above, started a radio broadcast that was a prototype of the ecumenical pastoring that now dominates television and radio evangelism. One of the first major broadcasts, Fuller's "Old Fashioned Revival Hour" (REVIVAL - get it?), laid the groundwork for a global ministry that transcended denominational barriers, and began to siphon off church dollars into this movement. Fuller founded an ecumenical "think tank" seminary...Fuller Evangelical Seminary in Pasadena Ca. It was C. E. Fuller's suggestion that motivated Armin Gesswein to move to Los Angeles. (4)


NOTE: It is REVIVAL these all look for, not a singular revival of heart that results in the being born again of one sinner whom heaven will rejoice over, but a multiplied sociological "people movement" that is characterized by a "sweeping" powerful manifestation of what they call the "Holy Spirit"....a movement that changes communities, cultures, and large segments of society........these all watched for signs of "God's moving" in significant  and powerful ways among large numbers of people. If you research all the cases in history of such a "sweeping" movement, you will find that they inevitably crescendoed into the aberrant and bizarre "manifestations" that always accompany such "movements of the spirit" wonder they can cite these great "awakenings" as the prototypes of their expectation! Falsely assuming that there is to be a second, 'latter rain' outpouring of the spirit, these teach their followers to expect to see that outpouring, and watch for the "signs" of it appearing. This is a blasphemous departure from the truth that the Holy Spirit was poured out upon all flesh at the day of Pentecost, He has remained, He abides with us still, and according to the promise He will never leave us or forsake us. It is an affront to the abiding Holy Spirit of God, to look for another, call upon another, invoke another, or participate in the pagan manifestations of another spirit. The expectation of this so called "latter rain" of the spirit has prepared the way for the monstrous apostasy we see.


Harold Ockenga was a leader and shaper of the minds of all the above. (5)  Co-founder and first President of the National Association of Evangelicals. (See: Global Prayer & Missions Movement Database)




Fuller Theological Seminary has fostered, nurtured, and promoted the apostasy globally. By devising and implementing "strategies" and "methodologies" that run the gamut from introducing heretical doctrine, to manipulation of spiritual forces through the bringing down of "fire" from heaven, virtually all pockets of resistance to this global movement have been overcome. The following are just a sampling of the men who have contributed to framing the heretical doctrine being taught at Fuller and spread throughout the world today. Literally thousands of church leaders have been trained and "deployed" into "power" positions from this seminary.


Donald McGavran- Founding professor of Fuller's School of Missions whose influence has reshaped globally the "mission" of the "church". McGavran taught that the job of the church is not to save individuals or disciple them. (In fact to save one person out of the "context" of his sociological 'unit' is a setback to global evangelization according to him - dubbing the traditional evangelism of one soul "extraction evangelism". His notion is that when Jesus said to make 'disciples of the nations', He meant literally, the NATIONS...i.e. governments were to be discipled. This is reconstruction theology. He developed a methodology of "people movements" that is taught in the 'Perspectives' program globally. He developed the idea that cultures were to be "redeemed" ....the gospel was to be "contextualized" for each culture and adapted by the use of "redemptive analogies" to be acceptable in each culture...syncretism to the utmost, this perverted the gospel into a 'culturally relevant' message that anyone could adapt to...anyone that is except a truly born again believer. The paganism so blatant in this movement is a direct result of this teaching. They boast in how they can incorporate pagan practices into Christianity. McGavran's book "The Bridges of God" originally titled, "How Peoples Become Christian" was published in the early 50's. (6)


Ralph Winter - Ralph changed the new covenant in Christ's precious blood back to the Abrahamic covenant...He states that there is really only one covenant in the bible, the Abrahamic covenant, which was 'to be a blessing' to ALL nations.....He calls it, the "secret mission" of the church. In his way of thinking the church is to take the biblical law and standard to all nations. The Jews according to him failed in their "mission", as did Jesus! He claims that Jesus came to re-iterate the Abrahamic covenant. The church has now been assigned the task according to his thinking. This is reconstructionist at the roots, and a brazen blasphemy. Winter is the founder of the US Center for World Mission, Pasadena CA, which was a direct result of strategies developed at Fuller.(7)


C. Peter Wagner - a missions strategist, a 'think-tankers' genius who has contrived methodologies and strategies for the re-introduction of the 'gifts' and the 'mission' to the church. He co-authored MC510 Signs and Wonders with John Wimber and took this course globally to every continent. He and John were the implementers of the 'restoration' of the missing "holy spirit" to the church... The Post-denominational Church Movement and AD2000 United Prayer Track Spiritual Warfare movement are spearheaded by C. Peter Wagner. Involved with him in that work are several dozen church leaders including Francis Frangipane (co-pastor with Reuven Doron - working under direct authority of Latter Rain leader, James Watt), Ed Silvoso, Ted Haggard, Cindy Jacobs, James Morroco, John Dawson, Esther Ilnisky, Larry Stockstill, Larry Lea et al. (8)


John Wimber - by utilizing methodologies from the Fuller think tank, John took seminars around the world to "reintroduce" the missing 'gifts and offices' to the church. He preached a blatant 'Kingdom Now' restoration and dominion theology complete with their expectation of a 'great end-time harvest and revival', a revival, remember that would involve mass numbers of people. Wimber was a premier student of Fuller's ilk. Traveling on their behalf for four years in the early 1970's, he successfully introduced Cho's cell church theory in his "Church Growth" seminars. After he left Fuller, he successfully took restoration theology to most of the major denominations of the world. His seminars included Healing (how to heal!), Davidic worship (how to get 'beyond the veil', and into the throne room!), Holiness (perfection in the physical body of the saints - manifested sons theology), and on and on his seminars go....signs and wonders, apostolic offices, is completely manifested sons, including their perverted eschatology. John is directly responsible for promoting, equipping, and developing methodologies that resulted in the aberrant "manifestations" called the "Toronto Blessing". The major players in this movement were all personally trained by Wimber, and had directly received their teaching of and entry into (by the laying on of hands) what they call the 'Holy Spirit' directly from Wimber. Pastors who promote and operate in this same "power" force, are the major "players" in the Promise Keepers Movement. This thinly veiled political constituency is operating behind the scenes to change our government using the massive numbers of their constituency as leverage to gain entry into the law-making process.


Richard Foster - Renovare' - a Fuller psychologist who has fine-tuned the encounter group methodology that has pervaded the church...the precursor to [Robert] Hicks, and the tie to Catholicism, by implementing the "contemplative" virtues back to the church, words cannot describe the impact his meditative techniques have had globally! The altered state of consciousness that is the merging of Hinduism with Christianity, has been very highly developed as a tool in this movement. (9)


G. Eldon Ladd - noted "Kingdom Now" theologian. John Wimber credits Ladd with his understanding of restoration theology.(10)


It is not a mistake that Fuller Seminary has three schools. Theology, Psychology, and Missions. Their theology is reconstruction and Manifested Sons of God. Their psychology is an altered state of consciousness and mind control techniques, their "mission" is to take over governments for Jesus!


And they are succeeding!


The Fuller "Think-tank" has spawned other notables as well.


Jay Grimstead - Coalition On Revival


Jay Gary--see Missions Frontiers Vol 1:5, Vol 4:1 page 18, Vol 6:4-5 April-May 1984 page 13, Vol 7:8-9 Aug-Sept 1985 page 12, Vol 9:7 July 1987 page 6, Vol 10:4 April 1988 page 4, Vol 10:8 Aug 1988 page 4. (See also: A.D. 2000 United Prayer Track and Cosmic Christmas)


David Bryant, (See MF Vol 4:2 page 12, )


Dr. Arthur Glasser - who defined the technology of "progression of Integration theory". Basically this was the methodology employed for ecumenism. It is still successfully being used to integrate their doctrines with peoples globally. The four steps of integration are :


1) Communication (dialog and consensus) getting people together so they can "talk" and find areas of agreement..."consensus" The most successful strategy for implementing "communication" has been to hold ecumenical prayer meetings. This has been employed at the city level-regional level, national level, global level, and has been utilized in areas of interest (secretaries, etc), and among people groups as well...pastors prayer breakfasts, women’s prayer organizations (Aglow), Businessmen (FGBMI), denominations, etc. Concerts of Prayer, and Mission America are currently being employed.


2) Fellowship - Due to dialog and consensus, they now begin to like one another, have camaraderie.


3) Co-operation - get together around a common goal or project - March for Jesus is a good example or the Billy Graham Crusades, Spiritual Warfare conferences, General of Intercession, Post-denominational church seminars, at this level there are still denominational differences


4) The fourth and final step of integration is "Association", this is creating a whole new organizational identity - non-denominational churches were an example, people left their denominations and re-grouped into a new "form", Promise Keepers appears to be a new form (even though they adamantly deny this, their small group structure promises to bind men together in groups that will find consensus etc), as well as Antioch Networks and Cell churches.. Where people leave their denominations and create all-new organizational structures.


(See:  Art Glasser & The Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism)


Many, many more!


NOTE: ALL these men are from Fuller, and many, many more you would be horrified to find out. Billy Graham has been on the board of trustees of Fuller, and Bill Bright was there during the "think tank" years...... And all of these men work in conjunction with David (Paul) Yongi Cho, under the guidance of whom they have modeled their cell group church structure. This cell church structure (and software!) includes an integration technology that ties it to PK's database, Bethany World Prayer  Center, Brigada, et al...a global database that soon will include every man, women and child on the earth: where they are, what they are doing, and what ETHNICITY they are! Ethnic cleansing is at the root of this monster, and is part of a highly kept secret doctrine to eradicate many of those they happily 'embrace' at the moment. Millions of Christian workers are being utilized to bring about their own destruction, all in the name of evangelizing the world... How diabolical...satanic!


Not only does this movement rationalize their need for this information based on a purported need to find the 'hidden people groups' and "evangelize the world", but countless millions of Christians have been trained up in, and indoctrinated into their methods and mission. Cho has also been active for years, according to Al Dager's "Celebration 2000" report on Jay the Catholic Church as well. It all comes together at the CHO level (He founded Church Growth International and is the pastor of what is purported to be the world's largest 'Christian' church with over one million members!)........ There is literally not one church organization that is not at least partially involved in this movement, many of whom, I am thinking, are incredibly gullible and innocent in their participation. (As in all conspiracies the fewer who know the real agenda, the better.) However, the theology that these promote speaks for itself, and the dearth of true doctrine is the shame of all who join in this movement.... They have been deceived into taking up banners, and taking to the streets in a bold display of "power" in Marches for Jesus, because they do not understand the Word of God.... and the plain fact that APOSTASY is prophesied, not end-time REVIVAL of masses....what a huge deception this all is! Our most recent 'dose' of this movement is the "Mission America" door to door data-basing in America..."




Out of Fuller Theological Seminary came the US Center for World Mission headed by Ralph Winter whom they split off from Fuller. Ralph wrote the 'Perspectives' course while he was at Fuller, only then it was called SIIS (Summer Institute of International Studies - later the "summer" was dropped - it was a prototype course of ecumenical study, and taught all of the aberrant theology I am mentioning - still does!) - After the US Center was established Jay Gary re-packaged, while there, the SIIS course into what is now called "Perspectives". This course was designed to follow-up converts of Billy Graham, Intervarsity Fellowship, and Campus Crusade outreaches and crusades, and even now is being used for the training of field workers for the Wycliffe Bible Translators. The idea simply stated was to get new converts educated in restoration, dominion and manifested sons of God theology and to see to it that they are effective in infiltrating "key" positions globally, strategically able to implement their agenda from positions of power! This is not an exaggeration!


The US Center for World Missions now effectively oversees the outreach ministry of the entire global evangelical church. Under the Lausanne banner, AD2000 and Beyond Movement, GCOWE (project director was Jay Gary while at US Center! After directing several notable projects at there, Gary went on to found B.E.G.I.N. where he developed an AD2000 campaign aligned with the United Nations.), etc. The US Center is an 'umbrella' organization for nearly every major missions organization in the world. This is not an exaggeration! Under their umbrella fall the Mission Aviation Fellowship, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Intervarsity Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, Billy Graham Evangelical Association, Christian Educators Association....and 4000 other organizations and groups working in Christianity.......we were unable to find one organization or denomination that is not participating in their agenda to "subdue the nations"......the Toronto Blessing, the "Gatherings", Promise Keepers, and every major evangelical thrust or movement, March for Jesus, Concerts of Prayer, ALL you see or hear globally is all working under one leadership...including Frangipane, Doron, every television evangelist, and para-church organization, all of whom you see doing such blatantly bizarre and aberrant things!


They have effectively data-based the entire globe in the door to door canvassing that has been going on for the past fifteen years under the guise of reaching the "unreached" and "hidden people groups" of the world. A thinly veiled desire to take over the world and implement biblical theocracy is pervading the entire AD2000 agenda, and they are ready to implement their next stage which is to "cleanse the land" and unseat heavenly principalities and powers in high places that resist their efforts to take over. This is a political movement of the highest order and must not be confused with anything even remotely resembling Christianity. This is where George Otis Jr. and the Generals of Intercession come in! By "spiritually mapping" every square inch of the globe in huge databases, they use a cell "grid" to mark every pocket or person of "resistance" to the move of the 'Holy Spirit'. This is where the database is effectively targeting each and every believer who resists the takeover. The spiritual mapping database was developed at, you guessed it, the US Center for World Mission!


Given the aberrant theology, return to Abrahamic covenant, mission to take over government by "people movements", blatant use of shamanistic and demonic forces as demonstrated in the Toronto Blessing...this movement which includes Reinhardt Bonhke, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard Brown.... (honestly, ALL are involved at some level...) one which seems to be so global and so complete as to fit every mark of the coming beast.


Documentation for the full article, can be found in the following:


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"The Latter Rain Movement" by Richard Riss
"Billy" authorized biography of Billy Graham by Pollack
"Confronting the Powers" by C. Peter Wagner
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His servant, nef


For information on Fuller Seminary's Masonic connections: