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The Coalition on Revival [COR]


The Coalition on Revival’s Purpose: COR's mission is ‘to help the Church rebuild civilization on the principles of the Bible so God’s will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ …Charismatics and non-charismatics, covenant and dispensationalist theologians, have joined arm in arm in prayer and hard work to see revival, renewal,  and reformation in the Christian Church and the American culture…”


COR's Steering Committee

Cross-over membership with:

            Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelization [LCWE]/ AD 2000

Council on National Policy [CNP]**

Focus on the Family**/ Family Research Council**

Heritage Foundation**/ Free Congress Foundation**

Christian Reconstruction/ Dominion Theology/ Post Millennnial Eschatology


History and Documents

            Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy [1978]

International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI)

COR's Christian Worldview white papers [17 areas]

A Manifesto for the Christian Church [1986]

                        A Christian Worldview of Christian Unity  [1989, revised 1999]

                        The Christian Worldview of Local and World Evangelism [1989, revised 1999]

                        A Christian Worldview of Pastoral Renewal - 'mobilizing & networking' [1989, revised 1999]

                        The Christian Worldview of Psychology and Counseling [1989, revised 1999]

“…mobilizing and networking our Christian resources and working in concert with other professional spheres both inside and outside COR, to see the behavior of the Body of Christ and our nation changed to approximate more closely the view of reality and morality presented to us in the Holy Scriptures.”  [emphasis added]


That They All May be One    [1992, revised '93 & '94]

Authored by Curran Tiffany, Christian Legal Society & consultant to NAE/ National Association of Evangelicals

[See CLS below]


COR's International Church Council

            Successor to the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI, 1978)



Christian Legal Society [CLS]

                        U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

                        Advocates International

                        World Evangelical Fellowship's Religious Liberty Commission    

                        CLS & Center for Public Justice

Charitable Choice/ Faith-Based Welfare Reform

                                                Private Foundations & Multi-National Corporations

                        Alliance Defense Fund & the Council for National Policy

                        American Center for Law and Justice [Pat Robertson* & Jay Sekulow*]

                                    Lifeline/AmeriVision [Sekulow, CNP]

Trinity Law School/ Trinity International University


Pew Charitable Trusts Grants to Religion


          Ecumenical Documents and Initiatives

• International Council on Biblical Inerrancy [1978]

• COR Manifesto [Coalition on Revival, 1986]

Williamsburg Charter** [1988]

                        Evangelicals and Catholics Together I [1994]**

ECT I - signatories

• Evangelicals and Catholics Together II [1997]

ECT II - signatories

• We Hold These Truths - A Statement of Christian Conscience & Citizenship [1997]

Christian Chamber of Commerce - J. Gunnar Olsen

• Renovaré [Catholic/mysticism]

Promise Keepers** [Catholic/ Vineyard/ Focus on the Family/ Lausanne]

An Evangelical Celebration [2000]

• WEF's International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church [IDOPPC]**

• Focus on the Family's National Day of Prayer for “All Faiths” [NDOP]

• Pentecostal World Conference

The Alpha Course

The Call, D.C.**[Sept. 2000] / Elijah Revolution

• Purpose Driven Church --Rick Warren/ Saddleback Community Church


Leaders involved in Lausanne-related projects:

                        Jay Gary**

                                    United Nation’s Robert Muller

                                    Perspectives Curriculum

                                    March For Jesus

World Future Society/ World Network of Religious Futurists

Vinson Synan

                        Dean, Divinity School of Regent University

                        Synan’s Writing

                        Charismatic Bridges by Vinson Synan

                        Preface to Charismatic Bridges, 1974




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