By Barbara Aho

My expose of The Discernment Ministries was the result of two years of research motivated by my discovery of the presence at a 1997 Discernment Conference of a British Unitarian whose credentials would connect him with the Parliament of World Religions, British Intelligence and the Bilderbergers.  Since publication of this expose, the discernment ministries have responded with denials, lies and contradictory statements regarding Sir Anthony Buzzard's attendance of the East Lansing Discernment Conference and a pre-conference leadership retreat in Atlanta, GA.

The desperate and deceptive attempts of these pseudo-ministries to cover their tracks should serve as a warning to all, that the so-called discernment network is really a controlled opposition movement, comprised of various fronts whose purpose is to disinform as well as to control and neutralize the opposition that is bound arise against the main conspiracy.  Fronts in a controlled opposition movement also work to identify dissidents for future elimination and to control all of the information concerning the conspiracy, so that no one gets to close to the truth. Which is why the discernment organizations are so determined to discredit, and have even tried to destroy, Watch Unto Prayer. 

In New Lies for Old, Anatoliy Golitsyn exposed the Communists' use of controlled opposition movements to neutralize the opposition:

"The creation of a false, controlled opposition movement like the dissident movement serves internal and external strategic purposes. Internally it provides a vehicle for the eventual false liberalization of a communist regime; it provokes some would-be opposition elements to expose themselves to counteraction, and others are driven to conformity or despair. Externally, 'dissidents' can act as vehicles for a variety of disinformation themes on the subject of the evolution of the communist system. A well-advertised wave of persecution of dissidents, partly genuine and partly spurious, generates Western sympathy for, and vulnerable alignments with, those who are secret creatures of the regime. It sets the scene for an eventual dramatic 'liberalization' of the system by heightening the contrast between neo-Stalinism and future 'socialism with a human face.'" (pp. 241-242)

In December of 1999, Nancy Flint, a speaker at the 1997 discernment conference and pre-conference, honestly and courageously wrote me to confirm that Buzzard had attended the Atlanta pre-conference.  My request and her response are reprinted below:

From: Timothy Aho
Date: Monday, December 13, 1999 6:40 PM
To: Nancy Flint
Subject: Request

Dear Nancy,

Dana Hoard recently gave you a copy of a report I wrote on the Discernment Conference of June 1997.  I am writing to you because certain information in this report was challenged by Tricia Tillin, specifically the presence of Anthony Buzzard at the May pre-conference in Atlanta.  When I was trying to discover whether or not Anthony was present at this pre-conference, Dana inquired of you and learned that he was.  Based on her information, I included this important fact in my report.

Dana has told me that she met with you recently and that you confirmed A. Buzzard's presence at the Atlanta conference.   Since Tricia has denied that he was there, it seems important to document this matter in the report so there is no question in the readers' minds.  As an eyewitness, would you be willing to furnish a written statement confirming his presence?   An e-mail message with a simple statement would be sufficient.

I realize that the leaders of the discernment ministries are your friends and colleagues and that publication of this information is an embarrassment to them.  However, Christians have a right to know with whom the discernment ministries work at the highest levels. (I Th. 5:12)  To leave this matter as it now stands would be to cooperate with a false witness.  I appeal to you to on the basis of our duty before God to deal in truth, not to withhold this vital information from those who follow the discernment ministries.

Sincerely in Christ,
Barb Aho

Watch Unto Prayer  

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 12:46 PM
Subject: Re: Request

Hello Barb,
I can verify that Anthony Buzzard was in Atlanta. I met him there and spoke with him, and remember it quite clearly. I also had a misgiving about his presence and was told that Jewel had invited him. I had absolutely no idea about his background and connections. I did not pursue any further knowledge about him and can't verify that he was in Lansing because I simply don't recollect seeing him there.

I would like to speak with you regarding this and hope you could call . . . and reach me. [clip]. . .

There is something troubling me. . .


Nancy has since changed her story, apparently under pressure from those who have been caught red-handed in this scandal.  In a "Statement of Truth", dated April 29, 2000, a different version of events in Atlanta emerged from the discernment ministries. The source of the latest spin is Jewel van der Merwe:
"[Anthony Buzzard] and his wife graciously picked us up at the airport and took us to the meeting place some distance away. . . He and his wife dropped us at our destination, were introduced to those who had already arrived, and left immediately. . ."
On two occasions another researcher, Dana Hoard, spoke with Nancy Flint regarding Anthony Buzzard's attendance at the Atlanta conference.  When the misnamed "Statement of Truth" was circulated, Dana wrote a letter confronting Nancy with the obvious contradictions between the statement and her original version of events in Atlanta.  This letter, to which Nancy did not reply, is included below.  The letter also mentions Nancy's disclosure to Dana that the owner of the retreat house in Atlanta was involved with military intelligence.  [This fact was confirmed by Nancy to me in a phone conversation last December.]

Subsequently, at Dana Hoard's request, a meeting was arranged by Al Dager which took place on on July 5, 2000. This meeting included Al Dager, Dana Hoard, Nancy Flint and a woman by the name of Robbie Jackson, who always accompanies Nancy on such occasions.  Predictably, the meeting was diverted to discussion of other matters and failed to resolve the discrepancies between the "Statement of Truth" and Nancy's original statements to Dana and this writer.

In the Banner Ministries' cover-up of the Buzzard affair, Tricia Tillin was careful not to include a link to the Watch Unto Prayer Discernment expose. This omission has prevented her readers from exposure to factual information that implicates the discernment ministries in the very deception they pretend to oppose.  A careful examination of the articles pertaining to this issue on both websites should reveal the truth of the matter to interested readers.

In their various rebuttals, the discernment orgs have repeatedly associated Watch Unto Prayer with organizations and individuals with whom we have no association and material with which we do not agree.  This cannot be said of the discernment ministries, which actually invite the enemy to their conferences!   In my expose, I omitted to mention one invited guest at the 1997 East Lansing Discernment Conference -- Don Clasen, author of the Kingdom Gospel Messenger who is a member of the Kansas City Vineyard Fellowship -- home of Bob Jones, Mike Bickle, etc.!  Obviously, Anthony Buzzard was not the only exception to the otherwise stellar discernment of these ministries!

I considered writing a point by point response to Tricia Tillin's diatribe, but decided that to perpetuate this type of abusive exchange would edify no one.  Suffice it to say that the viciousness of Tricia's response ought to be reason enough to question her qualifications as a discernment leader. As well, Tricia's admitted fondness for the morally bankrupt programming of American TV -- and specifically Friends and Frasier, which was spun-off from the bar room sitcom, Cheers  -- makes an enormous statement.  Most Christians, even those with minimal discernment on other matters, would take a dim view of the depraved contents of these programs, synopses of which are available on their respective websites.

The overriding issue that should concern all who subscribe to the discernment ministries' material is that these organizations have been inviting to their closed conferences high level agents of the global conspiracy (on which they write endless articles without identifying the real conspiracy) and reacting to disclosure of their very sophisticated operation with incredible hostility and even more deception.

Appended below is Dana Hoard's analysis of the "Statement of Truth" and appeal to Nancy Flint to explain her sudden backpedaling regarding Anthony Buzzard's presence in the Atlanta pre-conference.

In closing, let us not be continually looking "out there" for the deception, for Jesus said that even the elect might be deceived. Mt. 24:24

Barbara Aho
Watch Unto Prayer
October 10, 2000

June 5, 2000

It is a great burden to have to write this letter, as I have considered you to be a Christian and my friend.

Last week on the phone you referred to "the mess I created," meaning the issue of Anthony Buzzard’s participation at the Atlanta retreat [March 1997], held prior to the East Lansing Discernment Conference.

I believe what you told me last Spring ’99 and again in December ’99 in regard to Anthony Buzzard was the truth. The inclusion of your name on the recently issued Statement of Truth [April 29, 2000] — Cynthia Weatherly [], Sarah Leslie [], Nancy Flint [] and Jewel van der Merwe []. — suggests to me that you are willing to abandon the truth to protect your associates, and contradicts what you discussed with me on two separate occasions.

Last Spring, while talking to you on the phone, I asked if you had attended the Atlanta pre-conference. When you said that you had, I asked if Anthony Buzzard was in those meetings. You said that he was. I asked if that wasn’t a problem for you. You said that Anthony Buzzard’s presence was in no way a problem. You wanted to get your information on the World Christian Movement and the U.S. Center for World Mission/USCWM out to anyone who would listen. You did not care that he was present. Your attitude was that anyone was welcome to hear your presentation, even Anthony Buzzard.

But Galatians 2:4 warns us: "And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage."

At our lunch this last December you told me you had changed your presentation on the Missions Movement/ USCWM to include British Israelism. Toward the end of our time together I brought up the subject of Anthony Buzzard by handing you Barbara Aho’s report, Discernment Ministries — The Conspiracy Was Strong. You said that you had not read it. At that time you again reiterated your position on Buzzard; that his presence in Atlanta was not a problem, and if he had been at the East Lansing Conference, you were not aware of it, as you had been too busy with preparations for your presentations. I explained to you that Aho’s report goes into detail about Anthony Buzzard and that after reading it you would definitely change your position; adding that Buzzard’s association in the World Wide Church of God [British Israelism] and his British intelligence connections, which are brought out in the Discernment Ministries report, would dovetail with the British Israelism element you are now incorporating into your USCWM presentation.

During that discussion you went into more detail about the Atlanta meeting; that you had gone out to the kitchen and had a discussion with the person who owned retreat house. According to you, this person told you he was involved with military intelligence. He explained that, due to the sensitive nature of the meetings, it was necessary that there be high security, as there were government officials present. You named off to me a few of the agencies involved, including the Department of Education. Upon hearing this, you said that you were dumbfounded and you returned to the meeting, asking if anyone else there knew this information. They all responded by nodding in the affirmative.

At that same luncheon I requested that you be in touch with Barbara Aho about the one issue — Anthony Buzzard’s participation at the Atlanta Conference. Subsequent to our meeting, I understand that you did speak to Barbara Aho on the phone and that you did send her the e-mail about Anthony Buzzard which Aho has added to her Discernment Ministries report.

In reading your e-mail, I was struck by the fact that you were now saying that Buzzard’s presence had been a concern for you at the time of the Atlanta meetings, which was a revision of your two previous statements to me:

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 12:46 PM
Subject: Re: RequestHello Barb,

I can verify that Anthony Buzzard was in Atlanta. I met him there and spoke with him, and remember it quite clearly. I also had a misgiving about his presence and was told that Jewel had invited him. I had absolutely no idea about his background and connections... nef

April 24th, 2000, Cynthia Weatherly phoned me. She accused me of circulating rumors over the Internet. I asked her several times to identify the source of her accusation, but she refused. According to Weatherly, it was not true that Buzzard had attended the Atlanta meeting; Buzzard had only dropped off Jewel van der Merwe and her friend at the retreat house.

I told Cindi that the information about Buzzard was stated exactly as I had heard it from you and that she should be talking to you and Barbara Aho. I told her about my unsuccessful attempts to reach you by phone and e-mail, and if she was able to reach you, that I was again requesting you to call me. She agreed to pass along my message. But I never heard from you.

Within a few days of her phone call, I received the Statement of Truth which carries a new explanation on the circumstances surrounding Anthony Buzzard’s attending the Atlanta retreat. I was very surprised to find your name included as one of the contacts. The Statement of Truth only puts Buzzard at the doorstep of the Atlanta retreat house, however, you had told me that Anthony Buzzard heard your USCWM presentations in Atlanta,and your e-mail to Barbara Aho speaks for itself.

According to the Statement of Truth/SOT:

[my comments are in brackets]

SOT … However, it has now come to our attention that innocent individuals are being harmed by the perpetuation of this false information. Therefore, after much prayerful consideration, we have determined that it is necessary that the light of truth shine forth, and we have issued this statement to correct the distortions, dispel the rumors, and protect the innocent. The Lord warns against "a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren" (Prov. 6:19).
SOT Participants [in Atlanta] were invited who were known to the planners personally and who already possessed a substantial background in the issues of concern; researchers who had reputations for standing firm in the Lord against heresies.

SOT It was decided to invite those individuals [to East Lansing] known by reputation to be solid Christians

[dbh: According to the SOT, those in attendance are by reputation, mature, solid Christians, who are researchers; by implication, trustworthy and open to warning the flock on all issues that are found to be heretical. Who are the "innocent" people? If they were attending, based on their qualifications of Biblical solidness, discernment and expertise, they are not "innocent" or in need of coddling. If they attended, they should be more than willing to be forthright with their names and speak the truth in this matter, especially now, with the ongoing controversy.]
SOT One possible misconception this may have created was that the retreat and/or the conference were somehow "secret." That is not true. These two events were closed to the public, however, and were "by invitation only."

[dbh: In a follow-up e-mail to the SOT, via Cindi, Sarah Leslie refused to issue a list of the people who attended the Atlanta/ Athens retreat:

To: Dana Hoard <>
Subject: [Fwd: the list]
Date: Thu, May 4, 2000


Pertaining to the inquiry about who was in attendance at the Athens retreat:
You may recall that at the very beginning of my introductory remarks to the
Lansing conference I listed the names of the individuals who were in
attendance at the Athens retreat; this information was made available to all.

I will not provide this list of names again due to the fact that you have
informed me that Barb Aho does not intend to correct the errors in her
articles, which gives rise to a deep and abiding concern on my part that
innocent Christians could be harmed by falsely associating them with this
Buzzard fellow.

"We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and
not to please ourselves." (Romans 15:1)

Sarah Leslie

[dbh: Atlanta was a "by invitation-only discernment conference" — where the goal was supposedly to learn how to warn the sheep. Sarah’s excuses for not disseminating the names are not valid. In essence the Atlanta meetings were secret — not open to any one but those allowed behind closed doors. The very statements contradict themselves.

How is the Atlanta conference any different than the secret meetings of the Council for National Policy/ CNP, where our so-called national Christian leaders strategize in a fraternity of unbelievers? Let us judge, as Bereans, if the Atlanta planners/ researchers are those, after close examination of their doctrines, we would elect to trust as a source of our information and direction. It is very simple. Are the Atlanta planners worthy of honor according to their sound doctrine? The entire list of participants in Atlanta is quite important.

We, as believers, are to judge in matters that pertain to the kingdom of God, and those in the Body of Christ should be capable of rendering discernment.

I Corinthians 6:2-4 "Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church."

Ephesians 5:11-12 "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret."

Nancy, this is offered as a way of protecting us from erring. Let’s bring everything into the open that all may learn to judge what has been said and done.]

SOT The video tapes [of the East Lansing conference] were, unfortunately, never produced.

[dbh: You and I have talked about this issue also, wondering if the videos were a way to record your information, but never intended for dissemination.  It would have been easy for video-taper Wolfgang to give the tapes to someone who could send out your crucial USCWM information, while he dealt with his personal matters.]


SOT Jewel van der Merwe’s account:

[Anthony Buzzard] and his wife dropped us at our destination [Atlanta/Athens retreat house], were introduced to those who had already arrived, and left immediately.

SOT Main text:

At one of these [East Lansing conference] sessions a man named Anthony Buzzard made some alarming statements about his doctrinal beliefs. This did not come as a complete surprise to some of the researchers who had met him when he dropped off Jewel and her friend at the Athens retreat; several of us had real questions about him.

[dbh: Nancy, this really stretches credulity. "…several of us [researchers] had real questions about him" — after a brief introduction and his hasty departure? And then he is invited to the conference in East Lansing?

If no one knew his background and he was only briefly introduced and then left —why would any participant wonder about him, since all those attending had the approval of Jewel, Sarah and Cindi?

If no one spoke with him other than getting his name, and he left immediately — then when did he have time to raise questions about his beliefs? Did he not talk with various people in attendance, including you, Nancy, as in your own statement to Barb? Or when introduced by Jewel, as he dropped her off, and left immediately — did he happen to blurt out that he is on staff at the Unitarian college, is a Unitarian, denies the deity of Christ, is a British Israelite, was a Templeton Award nominee, and has British intelligence connections — "And, by the way, my name is Sir Anthony Buzzard. May I come to your next conference, too?"

If it hadn’t had been for Barbara Aho’s discernment in identifying Buzzard’s Unitarian doctrine at the East Lansing conference and for her courage to speak out about it, it appears we would never have known that there are many yet-unanswered questions about the Atlanta gathering.

SOT We sincerely hope that the misinformation regarding our supposed "association" with this man — that is running amuck on the Internet and elsewhere — will be corrected and that amends will be made in Christian love.

[dbh: What misinformation? — is Buzzard not a Unitarian? a British Israelite?; who had no business in a "by invitation only" conference for "solid Christians" whose research, expertise and discernment on certain issues brought them there and who were there to discuss ways to warn the flock about those who hold heretical doctrines?]

SOT Many of these troubles … include the painful loss of good relationships with many fellow researchers over the interpretation of some of these issues and the circulation of untrue rumors concerning falsely perceived associations.

SOT — We have also accepted the hard fact that there may be deep doctrinal and belief differences among the researchers involved.

[dbh: Whose doctrinal issues are in question — Buzzard’s or those that said that Buzzard should not have been there, and question what took place at the very carefully planned, "by invitation-only" conference?

I Timothy 1:10 –11 "…if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine; According to the glorious Gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust."

Romans 16:17 "Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them."]

SOT May our experience serve as an example to us all to be more considerate of each other and faithful to God's encouragement to approach each other in love if we question a behavior we do not understand. May we all learn to correct each other in love toward restoration to a right relationship before the Lord.

[dbh: Barb followed all of the appropriate steps. After the Michigan conference, she spoke to Sarah and wrote to Jewel about Buzzard. She also confronted Buzzard about his heretical views. A year later she corresponded again with Sarah about him.]

SOT This document may be distributed in its entirety to anyone you feel needs to see it. Please direct questions to the individuals whose names are at the top of this statement [Weatherly, Leslie, Flint and van der Merwe].

[dbh: If the SOT has been circulated to others, I hope and pray that they are reading it will ask the penetrating questions.]

According to the Statement of Truth, you are available to answer questions. My questions to you are:

• Which of your statements concerning Anthony Buzzard and the Atlanta meetings is true?

On the two occasions that we discussed him, according to you, Buzzard was at the Atlanta retreat to hear your USCWM presentations.

• If Atlanta wasn’t/ isn’t secret, where was the meeting held? [name/location of the retreat house]

• If Atlanta wasn’t/ isn’t secret, list the names of all the Atlanta retreat participants, including the government officials.

• If Atlanta wasn’t/ isn’t secret, give an overview of the agenda for this week-long gathering.

"And the other Jews dissembled likewise with him [Peter]; insomuch that Barnabas also was carried away with their dissimulation. But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, I said unto Peter before them all.…" Galatians 2: 13 - 14

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Galatians 4:16

"Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good." Romans 12:9

"Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord." Psalm 4:5

"Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven." Psalm 119: 89

Please answer my questions or address any of my statements by Wednesday, June 14th.

Dana Hoard

The British-Israel Conspiracy & Discernment Ministries

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