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The Association of Theological Schools
10 Summit Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Telephone: 412.788.6505

Association of Theological Schools

ATS Executive Committee
The Executive Committee oversees the work of the Association, other than the work of accreditation, and acts on behalf of the membership between the Biennial Meetings of the Association. Members of the Executive Committee are elected to six-year terms. The officers of the Association also serve on the Executive Committee.


MARTHA J. HORNE, Dean and President, Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia, Alexandria, VA
Vice President
DAVID L. TIEDE, President, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN
CLARENCE G. NEWSOME, Dean, Howard University School of Divinity, Washington, DC
THOMAS E. FAHEY, Partner, Ernst & Young, New York, NY
Past President / ex officio
LUDER G. WHITLOCK JR., President, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS

Class of 2002
PHYLLIS D. AIRHART, Director of Advanced Degree Studies, Emmanuel College of
   Victoria University, Toronto, ON
CHERYL BRIDGES JOHNS, Faculty, Church of God Theological Seminary, Cleveland, TN
RICHARD J. MOUW, President, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA
ATARINA SCHUTH, Faculty, Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity of the
   University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

Class of 2004
EFRAIN AGOSTO, Faculty, Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT
KENNETH S. HEMPHILL, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort
   Worth, TX
WILLIAM J. PHILLIPS, Principal, Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC
DONALD SENIOR, President, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, IL

Class of 2006
MAXIE D. DUNNAM, President, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY
JAMES KENNETH ECHOLS, President, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Chicago, IL
JORETTA L. MARSHALL, Faculty, Iliff School of Theology, Denver, CO
FAITH E. ROHRBOUGH, President, Lutheran Theological Seminary,
   Saskatoon, SK
Public Members
AUDREY BRONSON, Pastor, Philadelphia, PA
THOMAS R. JOHNSON, Attorney, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, Pittsburgh, PA

PETER STEINFELS, Journalist, The New York Times, New York, NY

Commission on Accrediting

The Commission on Accrediting conducts the work of ATS accreditation. It is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the ATS list of accredited schools, implementing the standards of accreditation across the membership of the Association, and undertaking regular accrediting reviews of member schools. Members of the Commission are elected to six-year terms.

Class of 2002

LELAND V. ELIASON, Chair, Executive Vice President/Provost, Bethel Theological

   Seminary, St. Paul, MN

DORCAS GORDON, Vice Chair, Principal, Knox College, Toronto, ON

WILSON YATES, President, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, New Brighton, MN

Class of 2004
DONN F. MORGAN, President and Dean, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA
TIMOTHY GEORGE, Dean, Beeson Divinity School of Samford University, Birmingham, AL
JOHN W. KINNEY, Dean, Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology of Virginia Union
   University, Richmond, VA
RUSSELL E. RICHEY, Dean, Candler School of Theology of Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Class of 2006

ALBERT AYMER, Dean, Hood Theological Seminary, Salisbury, NC

LINDA CORMAN, Librarian, Trinity College Faculty of Divinity, Toronto, ON
CECILIA MURPHY, Academic Dean, Saint Vincent Seminary, Latrobe, PA
KENNETH L. SWETLAND, Academic Dean, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South
, MA

Public Members
JOHN A. BUEHRENS, President, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations,
   Boston, MA
CAROLYN JURKOWITZ, Associate Director for Education, Catholic Conference of Ohio,
   Columbus, OH
LOUISE ROLSTON, Educational Consultant, Surrey, BC

Sent via e-mail: May 4, 2001
Loretta A. Groff, ATS Educational Technology Specialist



Regent University School of Divinity Faculty [1997]


Pat Robertson, President Regent University [CNP]

Vinson Synan - Dean of Regent School of Divinity ATS member



Previously found:     



Members and their credentials are listed below.

See: Background information on the Association of Theological Schools

Identified as ATS member below.


This directory reflects the status of faculty members as of September 1, 1997. The date in parenthesis indicates the first year of employment at Regent University.

[partial listing] 


Holman, Charles L. (1982), Ph.D., University of Nottingham, England; B.D. and Th.M., Fuller Theological Seminary- ATS member; B.A., Westmont College. Review his list of publications or visit his personal web site.


Sivigny, Robert J. (1983) M.L.S., Simmons College; M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary- ATS member; B.A., Barrington College.


Story, J. Lyle (1984) Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary- ATS member; M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary; B.A., Sterling College. Review his list of publications.


Synan, Vinson (1994) Ph.D., University of Georgia. M.A., University of Georgia; B.A., University of Richmond.    



David Barrett, Research Professor of Global Evangelization. B.A. and M.A., Cambridge University, England; Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary- ATS member and Columbia University, NYC- ATS member. He is one of missiology’s most often quoted statistician and author/compiler of the World Christian Encyclopedia.

[See Missions Mobilization, Global Evangelism Movement/GEM–– David Barrett]


Reinhard Bonnke, Visiting Professor of Global Evangelization. Honorary Ph.D., Regent University- ATS member, Virginia Beach, VA; Bible College of Wales, Swansea, United Kingdom. World-renown evangelist, author, and founder of Christ For All Nations, Frankfurt, Germany, with offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Norway, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya and has developed many evangelistic outreach tools for worldwide distribution.


Ithiel Clemmons, Visiting Professor of Christian Leadership. Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary-- ATS member and Columbia University, NYC- ATS member; D.Min., New York Theological Seminary- ATS member. Bishop and member of the General Board of the Churches of God in Christ; Associate Editor of Spirit-filled Life Study Bible [See Modern Bible Versions]; Chairperson for the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA).


Jim Egli, Visiting Professor in Cell Church Studies. B.A., Goshen College, M.A., Lincoln Christian University. He is vice-president of consulting for Touch Outreach Ministries. He has published several monographs on the cell church movement.


Tim Elmore, Visiting Professor of Leadership Development. B.A., Oral Roberts University- ATS member; M.Div., Azusa Pacific University; D.Min. Candidate, Azusa Pacific University ––APU's Haggard Graduate School of Theology - ATS member. Director of leadership development at the EQUIP Foundation, founded by John Maxwell [CNP] in 1996. He served as a pastor for 15 years and is a notable author, speaker, illustrator, and visionary leader.  


Carl George, Visiting Professor of Christian Leadership and Church Revitalization. Founder of the Fuller Leadership Institute [Fuller Theological Seminary]- ATS member and expert in trends and issues related to church growth and leadership development.


Jack Hayford, Visiting Professor for Christian Leadership and Church Revitalization. D. Litt., California Graduate School of Theology [not found]. He is also senior pastor of Church on the Way, the First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys, Calif. He is general editor of the Spirit-Filled Life Study Bible, author, composer and one of America’s leading pastors of pastors.  


Paul Taek-Yong Kim, Visiting Professor of Church Growth Studies. B.Div., Presbyterian General Assembly Theological Seminary; M.A., Korean University; Th.M., Columbia Bible and Theological Seminary- ATS member; Th.D., Central Biblical Theological Seminary; D.Min., Howard University. He is the current president of Washington Theological Seminary and is regarded as one of the premier writers on the Korean Church in America.


Young Hoon Lee, Visiting Professor in Church History. Th. B., Th. M., Yonsei University; M.A. , Ph.D., Temple University. He is the senior director of the International Theological Institute - ATS member and director of International Relations for Soon-Shin University in Seoul, Korea. He also serves as Chairman of the Theological Committee of the Korean National Council of Churches….


Ralph Neighbour, Jr., Visiting Professor for Cell Church Ministry. D.Min., Luther Rice Seminary. Founder and President of In-Touch Ministries [Charles Stanley], a ministry that has experienced great success in cultivation of vibrant and growing churches through methodical cell multiplication. He is also Senior Associate Pastor of Faith Community Church, Singapore….


Ralph Winter, Visiting Professor of Global Evangelization. B.D., Princeton Theological Seminary - ATS member, M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University [designs curriculum for GOALS 2000], Ph.D. Cornell University. Dr. Winter is the president and founder of William Carey International University and the founder of the U.S. Center for World Missions. [emphasis added]



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