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Lily Endowment, Inc.

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Chicago Theological Seminary's Center for Community Transformation MidAmerica Leadership Foundation

City Voices

About Ray Bakke–– Senior Associate for Large Cities with the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism

Northwest Graduate School of Ministry & Ray Bakke

WEF’s Interdev [Randy Bridges] at Northwest Graduate School of Ministry –– Collaborative Partnerships for City Transformation Syllabus

Multnomah’s International Renewal Ministries and Interdev's Randy Bridges



North Park Theological Seminary Links

[North Park is an ATS member]

Seminary Affiliations

Listing includes:

  SCUPE North Park partners with the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE) to offer students training and experience in urban ministry


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Pement is president and board member of EMNR. See: 

Pement and EMNR are Facilitators of the Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelization.

EMNR requires their members to sign the Lausanne Covenant.


Returning to SCUPE…

SCUPE — Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education



The Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE) was created in 1976* to meet the city’s need for experienced pastors with training in urban issues and systems.  For twenty-five years, SCUPE has partnered with churches, academic institutions, denominations, and community agencies to provide this training and experience.


[Editor's Note: Ray Bakke, co-founder of SCUPE, was the contact to Big Cities for the Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelization. See below.]


The breadth of SCUPE's vision is reflected in its mission statement:

          The Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education develops leaders and provides consultation and educational resources for individuals, educational institutions, churches, and agencies that seek to enhance the spiritual, social, and physical quality of life for those who live in the city.


SCUPE offers a number of educational and consultational programs to serve the needs of urban pastors, churches, denominations, seminaries, community development organizations, and other urban ministries. 

·                   We offer contextualized theological education, training in community development, consultation in urban ministry, publications, a resource center, and a biennial Congress on Urban Ministry<<<<By clicking this link, you arrive at the Good News for the City conference. Conference info, below.



Good News for the City  



[abbreviated for purposes of this report]


Congress Co-Chairs 

•Michael Mata - Claremont School of Theology Center [ATS member]       

•Britt Minshall - Cathedral Church of St. Matthew


Clive Calver - President, World Relief, Baltimore, MD

[World Relief is an affiliate of the National Association of Evangelicals/NAE, regional member of the World Evangelical Fellowship/WEF]

Robert Franklin - President, Interdenominational Theological Center [ATS member], Atlanta, GA

Curtiss DeYoung - Twin Cities Urban Reconciliation Network 

Altagracia Perez - Episcopal Church of St. Philip the Evangelist 

Cain Hope Felder -  Howard University  School of Divinity [ATS member]   

Tony Campolo - Eastern College [ATS member] Wayne, PA [See: Biblical Discernment Ministries]

Jesse Jackson, Jr. – Representative, U.S. Congress; son of Jesse Jackson, Sr. [CFR member]



Good News for the City Sponsors

[abbreviated for purposes of this report]


Silver Anniversary Sponsors       

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

• Opportunities Industrialization Centers


Congress Sponsors

Annie E. Casey Foundation   

• Community of Christ / RLDS [Mormon]

• Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago

• Presbyterian Church USA


Supporting Sponsors

• Chicago Theological Seminary [ATS member] [see below]

• Evangelical Lutheran Church in America--Division for Outreach

• Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago [ATS member]

• McCormick Theological Seminary [ATS member]

• United Church Board for Homeland Missions

• United Methodist Church--General Board of Global Ministries


Contributing Sponsors

• CityVoices [Ray Bakke, co-founder, see below]

• Hoogendoorn Talbot Davids Godfrey & Milligan

• MidAmerica Leadership Foundation [see below]



About the Sponsors of Good News in the City


Lilly Endowment, Inc.


Created in 1937, Lilly Endowment Inc. is a private philanthropic foundation based in Indianapolis, IN. It supports the causes of religion, education, and community development, and it is interested in initiatives that benefit youth,* foster leadership education among nonprofit institutions, and promote the causes of philanthropy and volunteerism. While the Endowment's grantmaking focuses primarily on Indiana, it also provides funding for programs that are national in scope…


Lilly’s Investment in Youth –– Search Institute


See Major Current Funders at bottom of Search Institute's About Search web page.


Lilly plays a significant role in the funding of grants to the Association of Theological Schools/ATS:


Lilly Theological Research Grants 2001-2002


The Lilly Theological Research Grants are designed to aid the scholarship and publication of faculty members at ATS schools. The program encourages scholarly research that:

*          contributes to theological education,

*          informs the life of the church,

*          develops a greater public voice for theology in society,

*          collaborates with other academic disciplines,

*          offers new perspectives on Christianity in a pluralistic setting.


 …The program of Lilly Theological Research Grants is supported by Lilly Endowment Inc. All decisions regarding the selection of fellows and grantees will be made by the Association upon recommendation from its Advisory Committee to the program…


Advisory Committee [all ATS members]

Barbara E. Bowe, Catholic Theological Union

B. Barry Levy, McGill University Faculty of Religious Studies

Larry I. Rasmussen, Union Theological Seminary

R. Scott Rodin, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Edward P. Wimberly, Interdenominational Theological Center



Sponsor of Good News in the City


Annie E. Casey Foundation  



Sponsor of Good News in the City


Chicago Theological Seminary's Center for Community Transformation

More Lily Endowment…


In 1998, Lilly Endowment Inc. awarded CTS a grant of $1.5 million to fund a bold and experimental approach to theological education called "The Center for Community Transformation." Growing from years of curricular work by faculty, students, and alumni/ae, and translated into real design, processes, and dollars with the help of extraordinarily committed trustees, the center's mission is to discover new ways to prepare transformative leaders for transformative communities.


At the core of this five-year research project is the conviction that there can and must be a much deeper partnership between theological education and communities of transformation which are already working successfully to bring about greater justice and mercy, healing, health, and vitality. We believe that theological education itself can and must be transformed. The grant provides funds for three new faculty appointments to be assigned to the project: Bible and Ministry, Mission and Evangelism, and Social Sciences. These new faculty will join our present faculty in learning and teaching with community partners - congregations, health-care providers, business and financial leaders, grass-roots leaders, community service organizations - and what they learn together will impact the core of our M.Div. curriculum. Also supported by the grant are the Director, Deborah Haffner; Assistant Director, Lori Taylor; and Associate Director of Major Gifts, Constance Lee; and the students selected to participate in the project.


This is, indeed, a research project. We will begin, therefore, with one partner site for school year '00 -'01, then expand to two sites the next year, and three sites the final year. By the end of the project we believe we will have not only new wine, but new wineskins to hold it. There are, of course, many issues to be faced and obstacles to be overcome in such a new undertaking. Whatever the practical problems are, however, the greatest challenges will be to our faith, and in the days ahead we will often need to walk by faith, not by sight. For this reason, we shall have to return again and again to the resurrection witness of the Church. [emphasis added]



Sponsor of Good News in the City


MidAmerica Leadership Foundation  

• Community Programs: Incubator of emerging ministries.

• Community and Economic Development: Asset-based approach leading low-income individuals to self-sufficiency.

America's Promise: Youth-focused development between America's Promise, the Council of Leadership Foundations and Search Institute.


[See Character Education for Race Betterment: The Bohemian Grove, Colin Powell & America’s Promise]



Contributing Sponsor for Good News to the City


City Voices [Ray Bakke, co-founder of SCUPE, above]

Connecting the Urban World

Increased expectations and limited resources are the dual realities facing America's city churches. Never before have we had the opportunities to impact our communities and change individual lives as we do right now. Urban congregations need the right resources [Editor: such as federal funding through Faith-Based Welfare Reform??] and networks to carry out their mission, and that's what CityVoices is all about!


Through CityVoices, thousands of churches now have the opportunity to exchange workable solutions to everyday ministry issues. In joining the CityVoices network





Dr. Raymond J. Bakke Biographical information


Raymond J. Bakke is Executive Director of International Urban Associates (IUA). IUA animates a network of more than 100 urban-based church and mission leaders in many of the largest cities of the world, the result of more than 250 major urban consultations in those and other cities since 1979. Through resourcing, networking and mentoring Dr. Bakke’s ministry touches countless people every year. Doctoral students and Senior Associates actively involved in ministry all over the world are the beneficiaries of Ray Bakke’s mentoring, through e-mail, his books and his presence.


From 1959 through 1979 Ray pastored inner-city churches in Seattle and Chicago. During that time he also co-founded the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE) and taught Bible at Trinity College and Church History at McCormick Theological Seminary [ATS member]. Between 1979 and 1989 he served as Professor of Ministry at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary [ATS member], and presently he is Professor of Global Urban Ministry at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary [ATS member] in Philadelphia. [Bakke is on the EBTS faculty with Tony Campolo and Ron Sider (Evangelicals for Social Action).] He served as Senior Associate for Large Cities with the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism from 1979 to 1995.


Dr. Bakke has personally led or served as a major resource leader for urban ministry consultations in more than 200 large cities on six continents. He is author of The Urban Christian (InterVarsity Press, 1987), a groundbreaking book on urban ministry, which has been translated into seven foreign languages. He is a collaborative author of Espoir Pour La Ville, Dieu Dans La Cite, the first book of its kind done in and for French-speaking cities. He is also a theme editor for the Word in Life Study Bible (Thomas Nelson, 1996). Ray’s two most recent publications are A Theology as Big as the City (InterVarsity Press, 1997), The Expanded Mission of City Center Churches (International Urban Associates, 1998), which he co-authored with Sam Roberts, and A BIBLICAL WORD FOR AN URBAN WORLD (Board of International Ministries, 2000), which contains a series of Bible studies that both inspire and direct the reader to come to the texts in ways that bring engagement in Christian mission from a global perspective. [emphasis added]


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Note that Ray Bakke of City Voices is member of the Alliance.

>>>  <<<



Ray Bakke is/was a featured speaker at Lausanne’s Chinese Congress on World Evangelization [CCOWE, July 2001, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]



Ray Bakke imparts a vision of the Global City to the Northwest

Bakke is on the faculty for the Northwest Graduate School of Ministry in the Seattle, WA region.


Overlake Christian Church’s Northwest Graduate School of Ministry/NGSM 


A catalogue for the NGSM (based at Overlake Church), lists the NGSM faculty, including several prominent names in Christian leadership:

·        W. Ward Gasque, the president of the Pacific Association for Theological Studies (aka Fuller Theological Seminary's Theological Extension Education [TEE] offering courses in Seattle. Gasque was co-founder of Regent College [ATS member], Canada.)

·        Jack Dennison [Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary] founder and president of CitiReach, which works closely with George Otis, Jr.’s Sentinel Group. He was formerly North American regional coordinator for DAWN Ministries [DAWN’s founder was Donald McGavran of Fuller Seminary. DAWN was the precursor to CitiReach]. Dennison was previously on the faculty of  Multnomah Biblical Seminary's Pastoral Theology Department teaching Church Growth and Leadership Development [ATS member].

·        Joseph Fuiten, pastor of the local Cedar Park Assemblies of God [AOG] church and president of the Christian lobbyist org. WERG [Washington Evangelicals for Responsible Government]––helped to lobby with Focus on the Family and World Vision for Faith-Based Welfare Reform legislation in WA state.


Adjunct professors:

·        George Sweeting, the former president of Moody Bible Institute and a featured speaker at Billy Graham’s Amsterdam 2000.

·        Glenn Wagner, former Vice President and Pastor-at-Large for “the international Promise Keepers.”


OCC's Northwest Graduate School offers a Master of Theological Studies or a Doctor of Ministry in a “Four Course Concentration” that is aligned with the George Otis/Sentinel Group's Transformations I and II videos:

·        City Transformation Strategies [teacher Jack Dennison of CitiReach]

·        Spiritual Factors in City Transformation [teachers George Otis of the Sentinel Group and Tom White of Frontline Ministries & Multnomah’s Int’l. Renewal Ministries]

·        Leading Congregational Transformation

·        Collaborative Partnerships.


Another “Four Course Concentration” is offered in Transformational Leadership for Ministry in the Global City and is taught by teachers including:

 ·        Dr. Raymond Bakke of International Urban Associates [a featured speaker at the upcoming Lausanne Chinese Congress on World Evangelization [CCOWE, July 2001, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

·        Ward Gasque of Fuller Seminary who is the North American Coordinator for the Doctor of Ministry in Transformational Leadership and co-founder of Regent College, Vancouver, Canada.



World Evangelical Fellowship/Lausanne’s Interdev: Contribution to City Transformation…



COURSE TITLE:  Collaborative Partnerships for City Transformation  

DATE:  June 19-22, 2001   

INSTRUCTOR:  Randy Bridges, Ph.D.


Dr. Randy Bridges is the Director of City Ministries at Interdev* [see note below] in Seattle, Washington. He is responsible for the training and development of faith based ministry partnerships working with multiple cities in the U.S. and Canada. He is the convening partner of the City Impact Roundtable, a partnership dedicated to the learning and acceleration of citywide partnership process. His experience includes: pastoring for 28 years, ten years as a city leader in Tacoma, Washington, and the directing and facilitating of Leadership Consultations for International Renewal Ministries [see below]

(based at Multnomah Biblical Seminary [ATS member], see below). Randy has been married to Marcia for 29 years and his son has recently graduated from



About Interdev:

•Interdev is a member of the Lausanne/AD2000 Resource Networks (Tracks) & Task Forces.

AD2000 Track –– Partnership Development Chairperson : Phill Butler, Interdev.


•Butler also serves on the AD 200 Prayer Track under the direction of C. Peter Wagner.


•In 1994 Brian O'Connell, representing the World Evangelical Fellowship/WEF was on the steering committee which wrote Evangelicals & Catholics Together I/ ECT I.

However, in 1997, O'Connell, appearing on the steering committee for Evangelicals & Catholics Together II/ ECT II, represented Interdev.


•Interdev [Randy Bridges] is an Associate Member of the World Evangelical Fellowship/WEF.



Seattle Pacific University/SPU

The new president for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, replacing IVCF's Steve Hayner, is a professor from SPU, Alex Hill.



Returning to Interdev's Collaborative Partnerships for City Transformation Syllabus…



The course is designed to give the student a working knowledge of Missional Unity. The course will deal fully with the development of “ministry partnerships” and collaborative processes by covering theology, definitions, theory, leadership styles, leadership skills and stages of partnership development. It is the intent of this course to bring the student to a point where “partnering” becomes a new paradigm and theoretical framework for the work of ministry.



Upon the completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.   Define and use the language of collaborative ministry

2.   Evaluate and critic the process of partnership development over time.

3.   Understand leadership skills needed for true partnership.

4.   Identify the stage and crisis points of the partnering process.

5.   Clearly communicate a theology of Missional Unity.

6.   Plan and carry out partnering strategies.



1.   Reading Assignment: …

2.   Course Project:

Submit a final written project reflecting how the course information will be used to develop a ministry partnership in the future


[Here's the list of texts which spell out the formula for City Transformation; the Bible not being a primary source:]


REQUIRED READING  (1162 pages)

Bennis, Warren, Biederman, Patricia. Organizing Genius: The Secrets of Creative Collaboration. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1997.  

Kouzes, J.M.& Posner, B.Z. (1987). The Leadership Challenge: How to Get Extraordinary Things Done in Organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 1996.  

Kraakevik, James, H. & Welliver, Dotsey.  Partners in the Gospel: Strategic

Role of Partnership in World Evangelism. Wheaton: Billy Graham Center, November, 1992.  

Taylor, William D. Kingdom Partnerships for Synergy in Missions. Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 1994.    

    [This library is located at the US Center for World Mission, Pasadena, CA.]



Bakke, Ray. A Theology As Big As The City. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1997. 

Carle, Robert & Decaro, Louis. Signs of Hope in the City. Valley Forge: Judson Press, 1999. 

Greenleaf, Robert, K. On Becoming A Servant Leader. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 1996.  

Guder, Darrell, L. Missional Church: A Vision For The Sending Of The Church in North America.  Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1998. 

Katzenbach, Jon & Smith, Douglas. The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High Performance Organization. New York: Harper Collins, 1993. 

Koivisto, Rex, A. One Lord, One Faith: Wheaton: Victor Books, 1993. 

Lipman-Blemen. The Connective Edge: Leading In A Interdependent World. San Francisco, CA: Josey-Bass, 1996. 

Sine, Tom. Mustard Seed Vs. McWorld: Reinventing Life and Faith for the Future. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1999. 



Randy Bridges [Interdev under the umbrella of WEF] is director and facilitator of Leadership Consultations for International Renewal Ministries…


Multnomah Biblical Seminary's

International Renewal Ministries


IRM's Representatives


IRM's History   


*          While pastoring Mariners Church in Newport Beach, Calif., in the '70s, Dr. Joe Aldrich often took the leaders of the church away for extended times to seek the Lord. The growth of the church and the impact on the community was incredible.

*          In 1978, when Dr. Joe became president of Multnomah, he sponsored the first Pastors Enrichment Congress 

 *         Dr Joe wondered, "What would it take to initiate and sustain a significant work of God in a specific geographical community? In other words, what would it take to see John 17 lived out in answer to the Sons prayer?" He believed that unity comes about through a five-part process: holiness, humility, unity, community, and impact. 

*          Dr. Joe invited Terry Dirks to join him in what was then referred to as Northwest Renewal Ministries. In February 1986

*          The idea of getting the critical mass of pastors from a specific geographical community together for several days of seeking the Lord was talked about for years before the vision resonated with the hearts of pastors in nearby Salem, Oregon. At the request of pastors in Salem, Dr. Joe Aldrich and Terry Dirks facilitated the first prayer summit in 1989. 

*          Since then the movement, now referred to as International Renewal Ministries, has exploded with an ongoing relational commitment to more than 120 cities and communities, resulting in hundreds of groups of pastors meeting regularly for prayer, and many community-wide celebrations of unity and prayer gatherings.

*          Thousands of pastors became involved in the movement and local churches have been significantly impacted. Communities are seeing the benefits of a unified church. We have witnessed confession, repentance, brokeness, reconciliation and restoration--the amazing expressions of unity. The walls that typically divide and fragment are coming down.

*          Women in ministry leadership summits have grown out of the movement at the request of many women, as well as summits for pastor's wives, youth workers, lay leaders and college students. It is obvious from the scores of personal testimonies received that the Lord is using the movement in a powerful way.

*          IRM remains in regular contact with most of the communities where we've ministered. As we continue to serve the local churches and leadership, the movement is growing stronger. It is truly a movement that is being sustained.

*          Such a relational movement has been made possible through the commitment of hundreds of volunteers and covenanted alliances with ministries of similar vision and passion. 

*          Both Billy Graham and international evangelist Luis Palau said they experience the most significant results where the prayer summit movement is strongest.

*          We must press on to see cities and specific geographical areas reached for Christ. The vision of IRM concludes with our desire for a fresh touch of God in heaven-sent revival upon the church and its leadership, resulting in widespread evangelization of the lost, leading to a change in society. The prayer summit is only the first step. We must persevere in prayer, dwell together in unity, and follow the Lord’s leading in obedience until the complete vision becomes reality. [emphasis added]


[Editor's note: The IRM movement includes Catholic churches. Does IRM envision the inclusion of Mormons also?]

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IRM Prayer Summit


IRM Facilitators' Consultation 2001 

Note: Randy Bridges of Interdev serves as facilitator of Leadership Consultations for International Renewal Ministries and would therefore be involved in this IRM Prayer Summit.

If you have served as a facilitator or are interested in learning about Prayer Summit facilitation, you are invited to join us for the Eighth Annual Cannon Beach Facilitators' Consultation. Please mark your calendar now and plan to attend:


Dates: June 11-14, 2001

Times: 12:00 noon Monday to 1:00 pm Thursday

Location: Cannon Beach Conference Center in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cost: $198 Individual, $178 Spouse

This will be a time 1) of fellowship with other facilitators and their spouses, 2) to hear and share some of the encouraging stories from summits 3) for some instruction and dialogue about how we can see His work sustained in a summit community and (last but not least!) when we can come into His presence in a summit environment.


[Cannon Beach is an exclusive beach get-away resort location on the coast of Oregon.]