Past/Present Officers & Prominent Member Profiles

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Jack Abramhoff - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85. The International Freedom Foundation (IFF), an organization founded by "conservative" activist, Jack Abramhoff, was recently exposed by senior South African military personnel as a cut-out of the South African military and Special Branch. IFF functioned as a propaganda arm for South African STRATCOM (strategic communications) counter-insurgency operations directed against the African National Congress and the trade union confederation. [A Small Circle of Friends

"Jack Abramoff became a Washington lobbyist after the Republicans won control of the House in 1994. He has ties that reach to all parts of Washington. He played a key role in what was called the K Street Project -- a Republican attempt to essentially take control of the D.C. lobbying world. By 1995 he would befriend Tom Delay -- who would later call Abramoff 'one of his closest and dearest friends.' He became a key fundraiser for President Bush and served on Bush’s transition team in 2000. His former assistant became Karl Rove’s personal assistant. He was accused of offering Congressional staffers lucrative jobs in exchange for legislative help. Abramoff ordered lobbying clients to give millions in political contributions to key lawmakers. The Wall Street Journal reports Abramoff could implicate as many as 60 lawmakers in the corruption inquiry.

"Lobbyist Jack Abramoff admitted to defrauding at least four Native American tribes of tens of millions of dollars, bribing government officials and evading taxes. Abramoff has reportedly agreed to testify against several members of Congress who received favors or donations from him or his clients. Washington analysts say the corruption scandal could take down as many as twelve lawmakers." [The Biggest Congressional Scandal in Over a Century?]

Howard Ahmanson, Jr.- CNP Board of Governors (1996). Member, Council for National Policy; major financial supporter and board member, Chalcedon; President of Fieldstead and Co.; Fieldstead Foundation; Board of Directors, Claremont Institute. Ahmanson is an Orange County financier who inherited Home Savings of America from his father, has spent millions (over $4 million) promoting far-right candidates, first in California and then nationwide. Ahmanson served for more than 20 years on the board of the Chalcedon Institute in Vallecito, California, a think tank devoted to the teachings of its leader, the Rev. Rousas John Rushdoony (CNP). The 80-year-old Rushdoony is the father of a movement called Christian Reconstructionism, which holds that Christianity should hold dominion over all earthly affairs. [McMahon] Ahmanson helped found The Rutherford Institute and is a major donor to Free Congress Foundation; The Ahmanson Foundation was a contributor to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), according to 1990-1993 Annual Reports.

The Fieldstead Institute helped to fund the book "Restorers of Hope", written by Amy L. Sherman, which is a PR piece for Welfare Reform's Charitable Choice [1996] which allows state/federal funding to flow into churches. In a radio interview Sherman said that Christians were involved in writing that section of the legislation. When asked in a phone interview who they were and she said Family Research Council, the Heritage Foundation and the Center for Public Justice. The book doesn't mention it, but Sherman works part time at the Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute for Public Policy [New York] which has cross-over people with both Brookings Institute and Hudson Institute [Diane Ravitch and Chester Finn]. The Manhattan Institute' Center for Civic Innovation CCI is involved in Education Reform, Welfare Reform as well as the Jeremiah Project.

Thomas R. Anderson - CNP Board of Governors (1996; 1998). Board of Directors, Family Research Council

Dr. John F. Ankerberg - CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1998). President, Ankerberg Theological Research Institute.

Hon. Richard K. Armey - CNP Membership Directory (1984-84, 1988, 1996, 1998). Majority Leader, United States House of Representative (TX-26); main author, Contract with America, which was unveiled during a Capitol signing ceremony on September 27, 1994 featuring over 300 Republican members and candidates; former chairnian, Department of Economics, North Texas State University; author, Price Theory, a graduate text; listed in Who's Who in America.

Thomas K. Armstrong - CNP Board of Governors (1996; 1998). President, Armstrong Foundation.

Sen. William L. Armstrong - CNP Board of Governors (1982). United States Senator (R-CO). Chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic Policy, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. In 1981, he was the author of the "Tax Indexing" provisions of the Reagan Administration's much publicized "tax cut". Senator Armstrong is also a Board member of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation, headed by Paul M. Weyrich, and funded in part by the Adolph Coors Foundation, the Smith Richardson Foundation (Vicks Vaporub) 72. and the Richard Mellon-Scaife Foundation's millions. 73. [Miller 4] Advisory Board of Intercessors for America. [Bellant (CC) 27]

John M. Ashbrook - CNP Board of Governors (1982). United States Congressman. Ashbrook was a former Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU) and a member of the Committee on Conservative Alternatives - Conservative Political Action Conference sponsored by the ACU and Young Americans for Freedom in cooperation with "Human Events" and the "National Review", in 1975, all described as "networks" of the "New Establishment." 75. The term "New Establishment", as used here, is defined as a grouping of "counter activist networks" under the aegis of "The New Right." Ashbrook was also active in the Young America's Foundation (tax-exempt arm of John Birch Society-Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), and advisor to United States Congressman Larry McDonald's Western Goals Foundation, and a member of the Congressional Board of [Moonie]Gary Jarmin's "Christian Voice." [Miller 4] Attended conferences of the WACL. [Anderson: 275] The powerful and shadowy YRNF "syndicate" organization ... trained and advanced the political careers of future party leaders and professionals like the late John Ashbrook...[Saloma 40]

See also: Nikitin,V. The Ultras in the USA. 1981 (240)

Edward G. Atsinger III- CNP Board of Governors (1996). President and C.E.O., Salem Communications Corporation; chairman, National Religious Broadcasters Music License Committee. Founded Salem Communications in 1986 with his brother- in-law Stuart Epperson, who is Chairman of Salem's board. Each partner owns half  the company, but Atsinger remains more involved in day-to-day business decisions. Salem Communications includes 44 stations grouped primarily in major markets across the United States. It is the largest Christian radio group and among the top ten in commercial radio groups in the nation. Salem owns stations in eight of the 10 largest radio markets in America, all but Detroit and Miami. The company's goal is to run stations in the top 25 markets.

Atsinger is also a member of a secretive entity called the Capital Commonwealth Group (CCG) comprised of four multi-millionaires who collaborate to maximize their influence by recruiting and funding candidates for state political office in California: Howard Ahmanson (heir to the Home Savings & Loan fortune); Rob Hurtt (president of Container Supply Company, and now a state senator); Edward Atsinger III (owner of 19 Christian radio stations); and Roland Hinz (publisher of dirt bike magazines). In 1992, as the press began to report on CCG and its links to the Radical Right, Ahmanson, Hurtt, Atsinger, and Hinz formed Allied Business PAC. During the 1992 election cycle, Allied Business PAC and members of CCG as individuals contributed more than $2 million to various candidates and ballot initiatives.

"Unlike a traditional radio company, religious broadcaster Salem Communications Corp. relies largely on the sale of chunks of airtime to make money, rather than on the sale of advertising. More than 50% of Salem's 1998 gross broadcast revenue came from the sale of nationally syndicated and local 'block program time' to religious groups. That was one of the insights in a June 4 company filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Local advertising provided 30.6% of revenue, and national ads, 5.2%.

"The filing details Salem's plans to go public, probably by the end of this month, and provides a detailed look at the heretofore-closed world of a Christian radio broadcaster, in this case the nation's largest both in number of stations and audience coverage. Camarillo, Calif.-based Salem owns or is buying 52 radio stations, mostly in major markets. The company owns stations in nine of the top 10 markets and 14 of the top 20 and intends to keep buying stations in the top 50 markets, both where it already has stations and in new cities. The offering will be comprised of 7.5 million shares of stock (1.5 million from current shareholders) priced at $19-$21 per share. The stock will be sold on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol "SALM." Salem plans to use the estimated $111.3 million in net proceeds to repay debt and fund recent station purchases.

"Upon completion of the offering, President Edward G. Atsinger III, Chairman Stuart W. Epperson and Nancy A. Epperson, Epperson's wife and Atsinger's sister, will control about 90% of the company. Salem executives and analysts working on the company's initial public offering could not comment for this story because of SEC restrictions." [Broadcasting & Cable, Vol. 129, No. 25, p. 91, 6/99, available at Northern Light]

Theodore Baehr - CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1998). Chairman, Good News Communications; CEO, Christian Film & Television Commission, a non-profit organization committed to lobbying and educating the entertainment industry and the general public of the media's impact on its audiences; publisher, Movieguide, a biweekly family guide to entertainment based on biblical values; writes a syndicated column for 44 publications nationwide; award-winning producer, writer, director, radio personality, and world scholar; featured on "Oprah Winfrey Show," CNN, "Entertainment Tonight," "The 700 Club," and the "Morton Downey, Jr. Show"; author, Getting the Word Out, The Christian Family Guide to Movies & Video (Vols. 1 & 2), and others; past president, Episcopal Radio-Television Foundation; serves on the board or board of advisors of more than 20 organizations including the National Religious Broadcasters and the American Theater of Actors.

Carole Baker - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

William B. Ball- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Famous Constitutional lawyer, pro-family spokesman, and vice-president and Attorney for the Board of Directors, International Christian Communications, Inc. - publisher of the Christian Inquirer. [Miller 4]

David Balsiger - CNP Membership Roster (1988; 1996). Costa Mesa advertising and public relations executive. He received his Bachelor's degree from National University and doctorate from Lincoln Memorial University for his outstanding Lincoln research; wrote The Lincoln Conspiracy. He's also trained as a private investigator. In 1984, Balsiger formed Ban the Soviet Coalition. Church Universal & Triumphant minister, E. Gene Vosseler, has emerged as a major coalition spokesman. Balsiger described him as "like a right arm for me" and said he is among those responsible for coalition finances. Balsiger was publisher of the Presidential Biblical Scoreboard -1984; Scoreboard Alert - 1989; Christian Coalition's Congressional Scorecard in early 1990s which he sold to Moonie front groups, including Christian Voice in the 1980s, per David Racer's expose on Christian Voice and Sun Myung Moon, Not For Sale. [LA Times 5/21/84]

"In May 1988, Robert Grant was invited as the keynote speaker for the annual conference of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN), which included many of the same anti-Semitic East European emigre groups recruited by David Balsiger's RAMBO Coalition. With headquarters in Munich and chapters throughout Europe and the United States, the ABN is nostalgic for the days when the Nazis occupied Eastern Europe. Scott Anderson and John Lee Anderson, authors of Inside the League, describe the ABN as: 'the largest and most important umbrella for Nazi collaborators in the world...A prime criterion for membership appears to be fealty to the cause of National Socialism; ABN officers constitute a virtual Who's Who of those responsible for the massacre of millions of civilians in the bloodiest war in history.'" [Diamond 78-9]

Hon. Gary Bauer - CNP Executive Committee (1996). Founded the Family Research Council, in 1983, merged with Focus on the Family from 1988-1992, then reorganized as a separate 501C-3 and incorporated as such in the District of Columbia in October 1992. Bauer was featured as a speaker at the Moon's Women's Federation For World Peace Conference in Washington DC in 1996 and had a full page ad in the Moon-owned Washington Times in August, 1997.  In 1997, a new headquarters for FRC, a six-story building stands at 801 G Street N.W. in the heart of the nation's capital, was built and decorated with funds through resources provided by FRC benefactors, the families of Ed and Elsa Prince and 33º Mason Richard DeVos of Amway fame. [FRC "Washington Watch" 1/3/97] Bauer ran as a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the U.S. In February of 2000, Bauer withdrew and endorsed pro-abortion candidate, John McCain.

John Beckett -CNP Membership Roster (1988, 1996, 1998. 1999). Founding member and President, Intercessors for America; Secretary-Treasurer, Religious Roundtable (1986). Advisory Board Member, National Integrity Forum; Board of Directors, Free Congress Research and Education Foundation.

Member of Coalition on Revival (COR) steering committee with Connaught Marshner. Intercessors' newsletters indicate that the group is involved with shepherding discipleship cult leaders, as does Beckett's COR leadership position...IFA has been supported by the Coors Foundation... [Bellant (CC) 26]

Intercessors for America was one of the groups that joined in a 1984 ceremonial dinner honoring Roberto D'Aubuisson of El Salvador. At the dinner a plaque was presented to D'Aubuisson honoring his "continuing efforts for freedom in the face of communist aggression which is an inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere."(4) Roberto D'Aubuisson is the founder of the ARENA party currently in power in El Salvador. He is considered to the the father of the death squads in El Salvador. [IRC: IFA]

Ray Berryman - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Morton Blackwell - Executive director, Council for National Policy; founder and president, the Leadership Institute, a foundation which trains youg people for youth leadership; founder and chairman, Conservative Leadership PAC; Republican National Committeeman from Virginia; treasurer, Reagan Mumni Association; former special assistant to President Reagan on the White House staff; former staff member, Senate Republican Policy Committee; former policy director, U.S. Senator Gordon J. Humphrey; overseer, 1980 Youth for Reagan effort; former editor, The NewRight Report; former contributing editor, Conservative Digest. Formerly with The Viguerie Company. Spouse: Helen R. Blackwell, Virginia state chairman, Eagle Forum; chairman, Voting Integrity Project; former member, State Central Committee, Republican Party of Virginia.

With Paul Weyrich and Richard Viguerie, Blackwell met with Jerry Falwell to found the Moral Majority. "Finally, on the verge of realizing his right-wing utopia, Weyrich harvested what his friend Morton Blackwell termed 'the greatest track of virgin timber on the political landscape': evangelicals. 'Out there is what you might call a moral majority,' he told Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg, Pennsylvania, in 1979. 'That's it,' Falwell exclaimed. 'That's the name of the organization.'" [Robespierre of the Right]

Morton Blackwell works with Plinio de Correa de Olivier's Tradition, Family & Property (TFP) and endorsed Olivier's book, Nobility & Analagous Traditional Elites, on the necessity of restoring traditional Nobility & Elites to rule the world. In the Forward Blackwell wrote: "One does not have to accept Papal infallibility to appreciate a case persuasively made, using theological, moral, and prudential arguments. This book will convince many readers, whatever their faith, that good elites are legitimate, desirable and, yes, necessary." The Secret Story of a Cult Apologist by Miguel Martinez features a picture of Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell with the American head of TFP, which is the parent organization of CESNUR, the cult apology network for cults such as Scientology. [See Vampire Massimo Introvigne, director of CESNUR, who is also the head of the Italian chapter of the *Transylvanian Society of Dracula*!]

Thomas A. Bolan - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996). Attorney at Law; Director, Overseas Privat Investment Corportaion; Member, U.S. National Commissin for USESCO; Board of Editors, National Law Journal; former Chairman, Mercantile National Bank, Chicago; a Founder and Executive Committee member, Conservative Party of N.Y.; Member, Judicial Screening Committee, Sen. Alphonse D'Amato [R-N.Y.]; Co-Chairman, NY Reagan-Bush '84; World War II USAF veteran, decorated with Air Medal with five oak clusters. Sovereign Military Knights of Malta. A partner in Saxe, Bacon and Bolan, the law firm of Roy Cohen (Senator Joseph McCarthy's henchman during the 1950s). [National Catholic Reporter ; John Birch Society]

Bolan was a founding trustee of the St. Francis of Assisi Foundation, the purported charitable organization a charity with links to the Vatican that Martin Frankel had established in the British Virgin Islands (and tied to the British-American Commonwealth dirty-money apparatus, according to the New Federalist). Martin Frankel recently fled the country after exposure of an alleged embezzlement scheme of $3 billion from insurance companies. Bolan is also a friend and former top adviser to President Reagan. When Pope John Paul visited Alaska in 1981, Bolan was flown there on Air Force One to represent the president. Records show that Bolan was flown to Italy at Frankel's expense on March 9 for a meeting with the Vatican's secretariat - the Holy See's equivalent of secretary of state - concerning the St. Francis foundation's relationship with the Vatican-funded Monitor Ecclesiasticus Foundation. [Washington Post]

Pat Boone - CNP Board of Governors (1982), Member of the Board of Directors of Clement Stone's Religious Heritage of America (RHA). [Miller 4] Pat Boone is an elder in Jack Hayford's (Foursquare Gospel) Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, where Trinity Broadcasting Network founders, Paul and Jan Crouch, are members. The Foursquare Gospel Church founded by twice-divorced Aimee Semple Mcpherson is the American extension of British-Israelite Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance of Great Britain which has much influenced the American Assemblies of God. Jack Hayford was instrumental in helping the apostate Worldwide Church of God become a member of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Richard Bott - CNP Board of Governors (1996), member 1988, 1998; President, Bott Radio Network, 11 stations; Member, executive committee and board of directors, National Religious Broadcasters. Member of Ed McAteer's Religious Roundtable Council of 56. In 1986, South Africa's Department of Information (DOI) authorized expenditures of $73 million for more than 160 secret projects to buy politicians and media favorable to the apartheid state. [National Reporter, Winter 1985] Rev. Moon's Washington Times was one of the beneficiaries -- approximately $4.5 million was funneled to Moon's overseas enterprises... The current Christian Right media treatment of South Africa was organized at the February 1986 convention of the National Religious Broadcasters... In May, National Religious Broadcasters executive director Ben Armstrong toured South Africa with... Dick Bott, owner of a string of Christian radio stations in the Midwest... the tour was paid for not by U.S. broadcasters but by an "anonymous group of South African businessmen." Armstrong confirmed this and agreed that some of the money may come from the South African government. [Covert Action Information Bulletin 27:25]

Rich Bott - CNP 1988, 1996, 1998; vice president, Bott Radio network, directing the programming and corporate development at radio stations in Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Fort Wayne, and Modesto/Fresno; Outstanding Young Men of America; B.S. Management, with honors Bob Jones University.

Dr. James Bowers - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Lynn Francis Bouchey - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85). An active organizer for the Unification Church's CAUSA operations in Central and South America. [Frederick Clarkson, "'Privatizing' the War," Covert Action Information Bulletin, Washington, D.C., Number 22 (Fall 1984), p. 33] Bouchey, the co-author of The Strategy of Terror (written with Stefan Possony), was a former member of the Young Americans for Freedom employed by the American-Chilean Council, a front for the murderous Pinochet regime. [Alan Crawford, Thunder On The Right: The "New Right" and the Politics of Resentment, New York, Pantheon Books, 1980, p. 197] Member of the first and second Committee of Santa Fe... In 1980, [the Council for Inter-American Security] published the influential A New Inter-American Policy for the Eighties, generally known as the "Santa Fe Document."...The authors called for the "restoration" of the Monroe Doctrine as the linchpin of U.S. regional strategy. In other words, the United States was free to pursue its regional interests unhindered. Bluntly, this meant that the internal politics of the Central American states were subject to "review" by the U.S.: "correctives" -- dictated from Washington -- would be applied as needed. [A Small Circle of Friends]

Dr. David W. Breese - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996; 1999). President, Christian Destiny, Inc., Board of Directors, Christian Solidarity International U.S.A., and a member of the National Advisory Board of the Moon lobby, Christian Voice, member of Religious Roundtable Council of 56. [IRC: Christian Solidarity U.S.A]

Dr. William Rohl Bright (1921-2003) - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Formerly fancy foods salesman. For 11 years, Bill and Vonette Bright were groomed for leadership and trained in ecumenical doctrine living in the home of Henrietta Mears, who with Charles Fuller, Harold Ockenga, J. Edwin Orr of Oxford University and Armand Gesswein worked together to establish ecumencial campus movements. President and  Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, member of the National Honorary Committee of the RHA, and a leading participant at the founding of the STEP Program and Foundation. In 1951, Nelson Bunker Hunt, heir of the Hunt Oil Company fortune, and Wallace Johnson, founder of Holiday Inns, worked with and funded Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christ to the tune of $15.5 million. In 1967, formed Christian World Liberation Front (CWLF) as a covert front for Campus Crusade, which split off and became a leading ministry in the Jesus People movement. Bunker Hunt arranged a retreat for more than 500 millionaires who pledged $20 to Campus Crusade. [Media Spotlight 22:1, p.8; Saloma 53; Diamond 51-56]

Floyd Brown -CNP Membership Roster (1999) Director of Citizens United. Spearheaded the early work on the "Clinton scandals and distributed videotape called "Clinton Chronicles"; the author of the racist Willie Horton TV ad in the 1988 presidential election. "Christian Voice pioneered the use of 'moral report cards' to rate Congressional and presidential candidates on issues from abortion to sanctions against Rhodesia. The organization was started in California in 1976 under the name Citizens United. In August 1978, the gropu changed its name to American Christians United and in October 1978 to Christian Voice, Inc." [Diamond 62]

Samuel A. Brunelli -CNP Membership Roster (1996). Former Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, American Legislative Exchange Council. National Advisory Board of Capital Research Center.

The American Legislative Exchange Council [ALEC], another Paul Weyrich-formed institution, is a member of the Free Congress Foundation's Coalition for Constitutional Liberties. Ex-ALEC Director Samuel Brunelli is listed as a member of Chester Finn's Education Policy Committee which interfaces with GOALS 2000 [1995]. Both American Legislative Exchange Council [ALEC conservative] and the ALEC counterpart, the National Conference of State Legislatures [NCSL liberal], blanket state legislators with their MODEL legislation. ALEC boasts a membership of over 3,000 state legislators; additionally there are over 450 corporate members. ALEC supports charter school legislation. ALEC literature discusses their promotion of "public/private partnerships" as a solution to reform government. These partnerships will utilize public funds, but will remove accountability to taxpayers. There is a high correlation of GOALS 2000 related corporations who are members of ALEC. [ See ALEC Corporate Members ]

An offshoot of ALEC recently honored the wife of Sun Myung Moon, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. The award was presented by Robin Brunelli, president of the National Foundation for Women Legislators and the wife of Sam Brunelli, the Director of ALEC and long-time member of the CNP. For more information, the extensive connections between the Council for National Policy and Sun Myung Moon were discussed at length during an AFN radio interview of Chey Simonton by Kelleigh Nelson.

Larry Burkett -CNP Membership Roster (1996, 1999). Founder and CEO, Christian Financial Concepts.

John Commuta- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Operations Manager of the National Religious Broadcasters and one of ...more than 30 evangelical Christian leaders and Orthodox Jewish Rabbis representing the top leadership of the Rabbinical Council of America... 78. who met in Washington D.C. forge an alliance of political support for Israel... The two groups said the meeting may become the first step in an alliance on domestic and other foreign issues as well... 79 [Miller 5]

Robert Cone - CNP Board of Governors (1996). Former co-owner and present director, Graco Childrens Products, Inc.

Peter Cook - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

Holland (Holly) Coors - CNP Board of Governors (1982); CNP Executive Committee (1988, 1994); CNP Vice President (1996). The Coors Brewing Company purchases image advertising in women's and feminist publications...To improve its reputation and expand its sales, the Coors Corporation purchases image-enhancing advertising in gay and lesbian publications around the country...The Coors family has funded and worked with the interlocking network of organizations under Paul Weyrich's Heritage Foundation which have employed racists, eugenicists, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and a convicted Nazi collaborator. Executive Advisory Board of The Conservative Caucus. [Bellant (CC) 58, 64, 69]

Jeffrey Coors - CNP Board of Governors (1996). CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996).

Jeffrey H. Coors sits on the Free Congress Foundation board of directors along with the FCF director Paul Weyrich, an ardent supporter of the neo-fascist Society for the Protection of Tradition, Family and Property; and Charles Moser, an editorial adviser to a publication that praises the Nazi Waffen SS. Weyrich, who for years has represented the political interests of the Coors family in Washington, DC, sponsors the work of a convicted Nazi collaborator, Laszlo Pasztor, a Hungarian-American who is employed at FCF. The Coors-funded Heritage Foundation co-sponsored a 1989 forum with a pro-Nazi group, the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations.

Coors family funding continues to flow toward rightist groups, and the family's political involvement plays a crucial role in the establishment and maintenance of key organizations defining the political dialogue for both the New Right and the Religious Right. Ironically, the family derives the bulk of its wealth from working-class and middle-class people who purchase Coors beer products. The Coors family, through its political operations, then uses its share of the profits from beer sales to perpetuate and encourage regressive governmental and social policies serving only the narrow interests of a handful of the very wealthy in this country. That they are able to cloud this reality is due to the Coors Corporation's high-visibility advertising campaign.

The Coors family is highly influential in shaping the activities of three organizational pillars of the New Right--the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation (FCF) and the Council for National Policy (CNP)--which comprise an influential force in Washington, DC. It involvement with these key groups provides the Coors family with a conservative political base. From this base, the family is connected to prominent activists in other New Right organizations, to groups on the Religious Right, and to allies in governmental agencies and in Congress.

Power Brokers: There are other powerful New Right funders, but it is the Coors family who time and again appear in leadership roles in New Right institutions, offering a guiding hand along with their signed checks. The family is seen, by critics and compatriots alike, as being in the front rank of conservative U.S. power brokers. Some observers contend that the Coors empire has moderated politically because the Coors Corporation now financially supports some women's, civil rights and gay and lesbian groups. [Still Backing the Hard Right]

Joseph Coors - CNP Board of Governors (1982); Executive Committee (1984-85). Chairman of the CNP Governmental Affairs Committee, president of the Adolph Coors Company, chairman of the Board, Coors Porcelain Company, former Regent of the University of Colorado, former member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Manufacturers  (NAM), a member of the Citizen's Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, which is closely allied with the National Lay Committee of the National Council of Churches (NCC), and a prime donor at the founding of the Heritage Foundation.

"The founder," beer magnate Joe Coors, donated the first-year Heritage budget of $250,000 for 1973 from the coffers of the coors Corporation...For the next two years Coors gave $200,000 to the group...then pledged $15,000 per month... Eventually, Coors and Weyrich set up the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress to carry out political activities and the Heritage Foundation as a tax exempt educational research entity. The Coors company provided Heritage Foundation with $20,000 per month during the foundation's first year. Weyrich was Heritage president until February 28, 1974.

In 1980, Heritage published Mandate for Leadership to guide the incoming Reagan Administration and its transition team.... Working the high-level inside track on these personnel hirings was Reagan's "Kitchen Cabinet," of which Joe Coors was probably the best known member. A Reagan loyalist since the 1968 GOP convention, Coors began spending a lot of time in Washington, D.C. and the White House. The attempt at governance by the Kitchen Cabinet became so elaborate that they actually established an office in the Executive Office Building across from the White House. Embarrassed by the image of a covey of millionaires seeming to run parallel and sometimes conflicting personnel recruitment operations, senior White House staff produced legal opinions saying that it was illegal for a private group to occupy government property, in this case a White House office. Although Coors produced a legal opinion arguing there was no violation of law, Coors and friends were evicted. Heritage could hardly claim diminished relations with the Reagan Administration, however, as an estimated two-thirds of its Mandate recommendations were adopted in the first year of the Administration. Further, Heritage was using a letter of endorsement from White House Chief of Staff Ed Meese in a December 1981 fundraising effort. In his letter of endorsement, Meese promised Feulner that "this Administration will cooperate fully with your efforts." After leaving the Reagan Administration, Meese joined the staff of the Heritage Foundation. [Bellant (CC) 1,9,10]

Mary C. Crowley - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Member of the Religious Roundtable Council of 56. [Miller 4]

Beverly Danielson - CNP Board of Governors (1996, 1998). Art Institute of Chicago; board of directors, Accuracy in Media and the Leadership Institute; member, advisory board, Center for the American Founding; member, executive committee and board of governors, Council for National Policy; associate, the Heritage Foundation; advisory council, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy; member, Granada Presbyterian Church; board of overseers, Institute for World Politics; trustee, Capital Research Center; board of trustees, Media Research Center; member, Metropolitan Club; founding member, Riviera Country Club; member, policy committee, The Vizcayans.

Sen. William Dannemeyer- Board of Directors, Council for the Defense of Freedom; Congressional Advisor, National Defense Council Foundation, founded and directed by Major F. Andy Messing, Jr.

"Congressman William Dannemeyer accompanied the Christian Emergency Relief Team (CERT) International on a tour along the Honduras/Nicaragua border in 1987. According to Daniel Junas, CERT is coordinating its Honduras activities with members of the Unification Church or its related organizations. Junas, a researcher on the Unification Church, said it appears that CERT has taken over the direct humanitarian and contra assistance work of CAUSA, the political arm of the Unification Church.(13,14) He also indicated that the American Freedom Coalition, an organization dominated by the Unification Church, tried to arrange morning TV appearances for a representative of the Miskito Indians who was working with CERT.(13) The American Freedom Coalition has also supported CERT financially." [IRC: CERT]

Karen Davis - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Fort Worth, Texas. Mrs. Davis (Karen) is the National Director of Christian Women's National Concerns, an arm of the James Robison Evangelistic Association, Inc. (Editor's note: This is the James Robinson discussed previously in connections with the STEP Program and Foundation.) [Miller 5]

Cullen Davis - CNP Board of Governors (1982). According to Fletcher Brothers writing in the Christian Inquirer of June 1981 heads some 80 Corporations, Cullen Davis is vice-president of KenDavis Industries, Inc. - the largest oil drilling firm in America. Davis is also one of the founders of the Texas Roundtable, an offshoot of McAteer's Religious Roundtable of Washington, D.C. [Miller 5] With Nelson Bunker and Herbert William Hunt, wealthy Texan, T. Cullen Davis funded the Council for National Policy in 1981 and began recruiting members. [Bellant CC 37]

Arnaud deBorchgrave - CNP Membership Directory (1988); Editor-in-Chief, The [Moon-owned] Washington Times; former chief correspondent, Newsweek, former correspondent UPI, Sr. Advisor, Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies; member of the Council on Foreign Relaions (CFR).

Richard DeVos - 33º Freemason- CNP Executive Committee (1984-85); CNP Senior Executive Committee (1986-88, 1990-93). Founder of Amway Corporation; Templeton Foundation - judge for the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion; Bd. of Directors of (33º Mason) Robert Schuller Ministries, Newcomen Society, Trustee of (33º Mason) Gerald R. Ford Foundation, Round Table. Served on Chairman's Council of the Conservative Caucus. In an undated Amway brochure titled 3 Decades of Caring: AMWAY, Amway announced that it had launched "a new, five year corporate sponsorship: the Aspen Global Change Institute. Amway's partners in this exciting new project include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United Nations Environment Programme, and the Windstar (John Denver) Foundation." [(Who's Who in America (1992-93); Bellant (CC) 27); Harris]

One of the principal Committee of 300 assets in the U.S. is the Aspen Institute of Colorado, which helped plan events in Argentina even as it did in the case of the fall of the Shah of Iran. Latin America is important to the United States, not only because we have so many mutual defense treaties with countries there, but also because it has the potential of providing a huge market for American exports of technology, heavy industrial equipment which world have galvanized many of our faltering companies and provided thousands of new jobs. This was to be prevented all costs, even if it meant 30 years of war. [Committee of 300:2]

Rich DeVos - CNP Excecutive Committee (1994); Board of Governors (1996).

Dick Dingman - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Former executive director of the Republican Study Committee, former administrative assistant to Congressman John Conlon, and member of the Religious Roundtable Council of 56. [Miller 5]

Dr. James Dobson- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Associate of Pediatrics, USC School of Medicine. Founder and Director of Focus on the Family. Signed 1993 Covenant of Mutual Respect responding to objections of Catholic and Jewish leaders in Colorado Springs that "Jewish and Catholic youth were being evangelized at school." In this covenant, Focus on the Family, Young Life, International Students, Inc., and the Navigators agreed to cease such activities out of respect for other religious beliefs. A former employee of Focus on the Family presents a rare inside look at FOTF in an expose, Let's Focus in on Focus on the Family. See also: James and Shirley Dobson's Historical Connections to the Theosophical Society.

In 1989 Focus on the Family vice president Rolf Zettersten testified: "One of the striking first impressions I had when I came to Focus on the Family seven years ago was the diversity of denominations represented by my co-workers" (Focus on the Family, December 1988). He said: "I joined the Nazarenes, Presbyterians, Baptists, and Charismatics (& many other denominations) who had cast their theological distinctives aside in order to achieve a common objective--to help families."

The March 8-14, 1998, issue of the National Catholic Register contained an article about Catholic musicians. which noted that James Dobson and Focus on the Family has endorsed Roman Catholic singer, Kathy Triccoli, and her music. The National Catholic Register also pointed out that Dobson endorses a Catholic youth magazine named "YOU!"

The November 1989, issue of Focus on the Family's Clubhouse magazine featured the late Roman Catholic Mother Teresa. A smiling Mother Teresa was on the cover, and the lead article was entitled "Teresa of Calcutta: Little Woman with a Big Heart." The readers of this magazine were made to think that Mother Teresa was a genuine New Testament Christian and that she did great work for God through her Sisters of Charities mission. The September 1990, issue of New Covenant, a Catholic charismatic magazine, featured Dobson and a very positive report on Focus on the Family. Dobson's photo appeared the cover. Dobson accepted an honorary doctorate from the Roman Catholic Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio [The Fundamentalist Journal, November-December 1991; Evangelical Catholics, p. 200]

In the late 1980s Dobson helped form the Religious Alliance Against Pornography which included Roman Catholic priests and bishops. The 1986 meeting was held in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Dobson praised the unity which was present at that meeting and stated that "there has been great camaraderie among the top leaders of virtually all religious groups" in the U.S. (Focus on the Family, January 1987). Of this alliance Jerry Kirk said, "Never before have we seen Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Greek Orthodox and (Mormon) leaders come together in such agreement and cooperation on an issue." Also represented at the meeting were the National Association of Evangelical, the National Council of Churches, the Southern Baptist Convention, and Charismatics. A Catholic archbishop called the alliance "an ecumenical miracle." [Fundamental Baptist Information Service, Aug. 22, 1998]

John T. (Terry) Dolan - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Former member of the advisory board of CAUSA USA, whose president is Bo Hi Pak, top aide of Sun Myung Moon. Terry Dolan, Paul Weyrich, Richard ViguerieandHoward Phillips were the main architects and commanding generals of the New Right. Dolan, Weyrich and Viguerie are Catholic; Phillips is a Jewish convert to Christianity. Dolan, co-founder and national chairman of the 300,000-member National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC), organized the Conservative Alliance (CALL) which had professional ties with and received major funding through groups affiliated with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who also contributed $775,000 in 1984 to NCPAC. Dolan stated that the secret of fundraising is to try to "make them angry and stir up hostilities. The shriller you are, the easier it is to raise funds. That's the nature of the beast." Homosexual, died of AIDS, 12-30-86, age 36. [IRC: Unification Church; Diamond 56, 58; Young 59, 88; Bellant (ON) 45]

Arthur M. Dula - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Chairman of the Science and Technology Section of the American Bar Association and Chairman of the CNP Science, Technology and Space Committee.

Pierre du Pont - CNP Membership Directory (1988, 1996, 1998, 1999). Candidate for President, 1988; former Delaware governor, 1977-85; former member U.S. House of Representatives, 1971-77; former member, Delaware State House of Representatives, 1969-70; former chairman, Hudson Institute, founder and chairman, GOPAC.

Ann Drexel - CNP Board of Governors (1996).

John East - CNP Board of Governors (1982). United States Senator (R-NC) - chairman of the Subcommittee on Separations of Power, Senate Judiciary Committee, a leading advocate of "Judiciary reform", and an "endorser" of the Washington Times. [Miller 5]

Thomas F. Ellis - CNP President (1982-83); CNP Executive Committee (1984-85; 1988). Succeeded Tim LaHaye in 1982 as president of the CNP. Ellis is a top political operative of 33º Mason Jesse Helms and former director of one of the groups which supports the Helms network -- the Pioneer Fund, a foundation which finances efforts to prove that African-Americans are genetically inferior to whites. Recipients of Pioneer grants have included William Shockley, Arthur Jensen and Roger Pearson, who has written that "inferior races" should be "exterminated." All three and others were funded during Ellis' directorship on the Pioneer board. Yet Ellis served on the CNP's thirteen-member executive committee with Holly Coors, Paul Weyrich, and Heritage Foundation president, Edwin Feulner until June 1989. Oliver North and Reed Larson recently joined the executive committee. [Bellant (CC) 37-38]

The National Congressional Club is Jesse Helms' PAC based in Raleigh and directed by Helms' senior advisor, attorney Tom Ellis. The Congressional Club began after the 1972 Senate campaign, when Ellis retained Richard Viguerie to help pay off the Helms campaign debt. Ellis and Viguerie built the Congressional Club mailing list to more than 300,000 regular contributors -- a constituency for Helms and a major financial resource within the conservative movement...Helms has used his political organization to build connections with New Right and conservative political activists. Besides Viguerie, Phillips, and Dolan connections, Helms is actively represented in Weyrich's coordinating groups. [Saloma 90-92]

Stuart Epperson - CNP Board of Governors (1996). Co-founder with Ed Atsinger and Chairman of the board, Salem Communications Corporation; 1984 and 1986 Republican nominee, fifth Congressional district, North Carolina; member, board of directors, executive committee, National Religious Broadcasters Association.

Dr. Jerry Falwell- CNP Board of Governors (1982). President of the Moral Majority, Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church of Lynchburg, VA, president of the "Old Time Gospel Hour", Chancellor of Liberty Baptist College, and a prominent endorser of the Unification Church run Washington Times. [Miller 5] Member of Religious Roundtable Council of 56.

"The GOP's Own Asian Connection: Rev. Moon" by Robert Parry -- along with assorted political details, includes a shocking allegation that a Moon organization "funneled $3.5 million to [Jerry Falwell's then-desperate] Liberty University through a clandestine channel"--apparently the Women's Federation for World Peace. [Apologia Report, Vol. 2: No. 39, 11/24/97] In 1981 Sun Myung Moon was investigated by the U.S. government investigation and stood trial for criminal tax evasion, after which he served a short prison term. Jerry Falwell and other religious leaders presented "amicus curiae" (friends of the court) briefs on behalf of Moon.

Promise Keepers national spokesman Mark DeMoss is chief of staff to Jerry Falwell. DeMoss was the administrator of the self-proclaimed "Christian Embassy" in Jerusalem. The embassy serves as a bridge between End Times Christians, lunatic freemasons, and right-wing Israeli Zionists. This is a pivotal component of the Temple Mount initiative to foment a religious war over the holy sites in Jerusalem, to "fulfill Scripture." This covert network is engaged in the most dangerous terrorist provocation, which may yet bring on End Times unless it is handcuffed. At Fort Bliss, Texas, DeMoss's Promise Keepers were engaged to train the nation's highest-ranking non-commissioned officers. Earlier this year, the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy advertised "training with 'Promise Keepers' " as a "spiritual fitness program," on the Army unit's official Internet web site. [British Subversion of America: Militias and Pentecostalism]

Joseph F. Farah - CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1998, 1999). Author, veteran newsman, and media consultant; owner, Farah & Associates, an editorial consulting company, clients have included Rush Limbaugh, the Herald Tribune, Jacobs Engineering, Inc., New World Entertainment, the Institute for Contemporary Studies, and NBC; co-author, This Land Is Our Land, with U.S. Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA); former editor, Sacramento Union, then the oldest daily newspaper in the West; founder and editor, WorldNetDaily, a full-service Internet newspaper, Dispatches, a bi-weekly national investigative newsletter, and Inside California, a monthly publication covering state politics. Farah is Executive director, Western Journalism Center, a non-profit, tax-exempt foundation promoting journalism education and investigative reporting which is heavily funded by Richard Scaife, heir of the Mellon fortune, who funds both conservative and liberal organizations. [The Consortium]

Michael P. Farris - CNP Membership Directory (1996, 1998, 1999). President and Founder, Home School Legal Defense Association; attorney, specializing in constitutional law; former Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, 1993; won contested nomination in convention; delegate to Virginia and National Republican Conventions; appointed to National Republican Education Task Force; appointed to Republican governor George Mien's Blue Ribbon Strike Force; Chairman, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) in USA; international vice president, CSI, an interdenominational Swiss-based human rights organization specializing in religious freedom; former general counsel, Concerned Women for America; author, Where Do I Draw the Line, Constitutional Law for Christian Students, Home Schooling and the Law, The Homeschooling Father.

Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr - CNP Board of Governors (1982, 1996); CNP Executive Committee (1988, 1994). President of The Heritage Foundation. [Miller 5] Feulner was recruited in 1977 by Richard Scaife, heir of the Mellon fortune, to become Heritage president, a position he holds today. In 1975, Feulner was introduced to KCIA station chief Kim Yung Hwan by Neil Salonen and Dan Feffernan of the Freedom Leadership foundation.' Salonen was head of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church in the United States. The Freedom Leadership Foundation (FLF), a political arm of Moon's Unification network was linked to the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). The FLF was described as 'an organization to be used to achieve KCIA objectives,' by the Congressional report, which was based on a KCIA document that discussed FLF." (8)

In the early 1980s, the KCIA began making donations to Heritage Foundation. In turn, Heritage established an Asian Studies Center which The Nation magazine of 1/23/89 states "has quartered apologists for [So. Korean Prime Minister] Chun's regime." The Wall Street Journal of August 1995 does not mention Sun Myung Moon, but references the Korea Foundation, one of Heritage's largest donors and an affiliate of the South Korean government. The WSJ article states that Heritage Foundation promotes and actually writes pro-Korean legislation.

The Heritage offices in Washington, D.C. have housed and employed a number of Unification Church operatives such as Director of Administration [1980] Michael Warder, who was a key leader of Moon's Unification network in the United States."Christian Voice is one Moon-connected group that has operated out of the Heritage building. A 'former' Moon operative, Gary Jarmin, attacked critics of Moon and gave an interview to a Moon-controlled newspaper after he joined the Christian Voice (CV) staff. CV's chair, Robert Grant, has been a leader of Moon's Unification network front groups such as the American Freedom Coalition, which fundraised for Oliver North." (11)

Father Charles Fiore- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Member of the Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable, President of Information for the Dominican Educational Association (I.D.E.A.) of Madison, Wisconsin, and a member of the Board of Advisors of Catholics United for Life (CUL). [Miller 5]

Foster Friess - CNP Executive Committee (1994); Board of Governors (1996). Founder and chairman, Friess Associates, Inc.; member, 1986 National Finance Committee, Pete du Pont for President, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee; founder, the Life Enrichment Foundation; member, Advisory Council, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences of Stockholm.

John Templeton Foundation Board of Advisors: "Founder of firm that manages approximately $7 billion in equities including the Brandywine mutual funds. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin in 1958, Foster is past president of the Council for National Policy which networks leaders in the U.S. committed to a strong national defense, traditional values, and the free enterprise system. He also founded the Life Enrichment Foundation whose giving is focused on replicating proven, faith-based, inner-city entrepreneurial ministries."

On the Mother Jones List of Top 400 Political Donors, Foster Friess ranked #14 in 1997: "Republican Foster Friess' Delaware investment fund is so successful that even the state Democratic Party chairman -- himself an investment banker -- belongs. But Friess breathes more than business. 'The most important thing in his life is his belief in Christ as his savior,' says friend Art Brosius, who met Friess at Bible study. And faith influences his politics. He's vice president of the Council for National Policy, the secretive group headed by former Attorney General Edwin Meese that includes Oliver North and Pat Robertson and influenced the fundamentalist planks in the GOP's 1996 platform.

"Friess helped raise more than $1 million for unknown politico Raymond Clatworthy's failed 1996 bid to unseat Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), persuading investment bankers nationwide to contribute $1,000 each. His $260,000 in donations to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, headed by Sen. Al D'Amato (R-N.Y.), drew criticism because they began pouring in days after D'Amato resurrected a bill that will save the mutual fund industry billions by lifting state regulations. Friess shrugs it off: 'I have never talked to anyone about the bill.'" [Mother Jones Top 400 List]

Willard Garvey - CNP Directory (1984-85; 1988; 1996, 1998, 1999). Founder, The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International, Inc and, in 1983, The National Center for Privatization. [Willard Garvey is also a contributor to the Center for Health & Wellness of Wichita, Kansas, a New Age center displaying a pentagram in its logo. Among many foundations, businesses and banks, other donors to this New Age outfit are Via Christi, The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, and Society of the Precious Blood.]

The National Center for Privatization was founded by Willard Garvey and other Wichita, Kansas businessmen. Its 1986, its Board of Directors included Willard Garvey and Robert D. Love, a founding member of National Council of The John Birch Society who, according to a JBS publication cited by by The Belmont Brotherhood was "a Thirty-second Degree KCCH Mason, a member of the Median Shrine."

In 1984, Garvey wrote a letter to President Reagan which disclosed that the objective of the National Center for Privatization was to work toward the end that non-profit organizations and the private sector might render obsolete the cumbersome machinery of representative government. "Now why not adopt the all positive system -- privatization? Hold a White House conference on Privatization and appoint a Presidential Task Force on privatization...Privatization is now "an idea whose time has come" The knowledge, communication, and computer industry can make political representatives obsolete!" [4/6/84]

The letter was published in a media promotion for the International Conference On Family Choice/Educational Vouchers sponsored by the NCP that was scheduled for September 30- Oct. 2, 1985 in Wichita.  Speakers for this conference on "Privatizing Education" were CNP members James Dobson, Tim LaHaye and Phyllis Schlafly, and also free market economist, Milton Friedman and Secretary of Education, William Bennett. The NCP brochure promoted the conference as being "Where the Future Begins." The late J. Peter Grace, CFR member and President of the American Chapter of the Board of Founders of the Knights of Malta, served as a National Advisory Committee Member for this international conference. [The Council for National Policy]

Peter B. Gemma - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Member of the Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable. [Miller 5]

George F. Gilder - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Program Director, Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute; Contributing Editor National Review, American Spectator. "Favorite" of David Stockman, a member of the Editorial Board of Policy Review - an organ of the Heritage Foundation, former editor of Advance - a Rockefeller vehicle for far-left "Republicanism" at Harvard, close friend of David Rockefeller, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), since 1964. [Miller 5]

Dr. Duane Gish- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Member of the Board of Directors of the Creation Research Society. [Miller 5]

Ronald P. Godwin - CNP Membership Roster (1984-85; 1988; 1996; 1999).

In 1976, Weyrich, Viguerie and Howard Phillips attempted a takeover of the American Independent Party and, in the wake of failure, turned to Jerry Falwell to form the Moral Majority. When Rev. Moon was indicted in 1981 for fraud and criminal tax evasion, Falwell unexpectedly joined with other religious leaders to present an amicus curiae, (friend of the court) brief on behalf of the Reverend Moon. A 1987 Seattle Times article explained "How Rev. Moon Got Ensconced with the New Right" via Paul Weyrich's network:

"Ron Godwin, an influential former vice president of Falwell's Moral Majority, is one of several who experienced a conversion. In 1984 Godwin attacked another fundamentalist leader for taking Moonie money. 'It strikes me as peculiar,' observed Godwin, himself an evangelical Christian, 'that (he) should accept financial support from a church whose founder believes he's divine . . . It's a little like the Jewish National Fund accepting money from (PLO leader Yasir) Arafat.' "Eighteen months later, Godwin joined the Moonie - owned Washington Times as a senior vice president, where he also serves as emissary to conservative Christian leaders."

Alan Gottlieb - CNP Membership Directory (1984-85; 1988, 1996, 1999).Chairman,Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; Founder and trustee, Second Amendment Foundation; Pres., Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise; Board member of the American Freedom Coalition of Washington, a front for the Unification Church. Gottlieb is the author of The Gun Grabbers and The Rights of Gun Owners Political Action Manual. Convicted of a felony in 1984 when Gottlieb pleaded guilty to underpaying income tax returns by $17,000 and served ten months in Federal prison. Director, American Conservative Union. President and founder of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, which in 1988 launched the Wise Use Movement, today the most powerful anti-environmental force in the country. Chairman of the Board of the Talk America Radio Network; Owner of Merril Mail Marketing, Inc., a mail fund-raising corporation.

In Trashing the Economy (1993) book he and co-author, CDFE Vice President Ron Arnold write: "The message of the direct mail letter must appeal to three base emotions; Fear, Hate and Revenge..."[The] fund raising mailer must present you with a crisis -- a problem won't do...That crisis must frighten you...If you are not frightened, you won't send money..."Then the direct mail letter must present you with a bogeyman against whom to focus your anger... "Once you've been frightened and made to hate the bogeyman, the successful direct mail appeal must offer you a way to get revenge against the bogeyman -- the payoff for your contribution. The more soul-satisfying the revenge, the better the letter pulls. "All this must be dressed up in an appeal that appears to have a high moral tone, but which--without you realizing it--works on your lower emotions."

In February 1983, Gottlieb got an all expense paid trip to Jamaica to attend a conference put on by CAUSA. CAUSA is Spanish for "cause", but it stands for the Confederation of Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas. Founded in Mexico City by Col. Bo Hi Pak (Rev. Sun Myong Moon's chief lieutenant) and Kim Sang In, the former Korean Central Intelligence Agency station chief in Mexico City, CAUSA was the Rev. Moon's multinational anti-communist and political organization. CAUSA served as the vehicle for Rev. Moon's funding of the New Right, as well as for supporting the Reagan administration's military build-up and its cause celebre, the Nicaraguan contras.

Gregory McDonald, who was Executive Director of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and Executive Director of the Second Amendment Foundation,...[i]n a lengthy telephone interview with Eastsideweek, McDonald said, "Bo Hi Pak was in our office several times. '83." McDonald says that Pak was in the Liberty Park office "at least four times, that I can remember. I was introduced to him, briefly, once, just as I was walking down the hall," McDonald recalls, "But they would go into Alan's office and the door would be closed. He'd come in a limo and have with him, oh, three or four Korean people and they'd go into Alan's office."

Most people know of Rev. Moon as the leader of the Unification Church, a religion that accords him divine status, holds mass weddings, and has a reputation for being a mind-control cult, but he is much more than that. The entire story on the Moon organization is yet to be written, but suffice it to say that rather than a being just the spiritual head of a religion who has been frequently quoted as wanting to establish a theocratic empire that would control the world, Rev. Moon is the quasi-chief of state of a multi-national organization that has all the characteristics of a nation except territorial sovereignty.[Merchant of Fear]

Gottlieb's first known direct connection to Rev. Moon is his service for two years as a board member of the American Freedom Coalition of Washington, which rented office space from him at Liberty Park. The AFC is unquestionably a Moon holding and has a branch in each state. Gottlieb argued that the branches are independent and therefore not Moon connected, but Ron Arnold in a separate interview said that even the articles of incorporation for the state branches are dictated by AFC national headquarters. An AFC document copyrighted 1987 says under the heading "State and Local Committees -- Each state will form a similar [to the national] Policy Board representative of its key leaders and activists." The national board of directors had as its president, Dr. Robert G. Grant, who had visited Liberty Park to discuss the national coalition with Gottlieb and Arnold. See "Merchant of Fear" in Appendix IX. Arnold also served as President of the Washington AFC board of directors in 1989, 1990 and 1991. He also joined CAUSA Northwest's Speakers bureau. CAUSA USA is a major Moon anti-communist group. [Merchant of Fear: Appendix VIII]

Robbie Gowdey- CNP Board of Governors (1982). Director, HERE'S LIFE, WORLD of the Campus Crusade for Christ. [Miller 5; SEE: Nelson Bunker Hunt]

J. Peter Grace - CNP Membership Directory (1984-85; 1988). Bachelor of Arts Yale University (1936), started in 1936 as Assistant Secretary at W. R. Grace, in 1945 became President and CEO, Newcomen Society, CFR, Knights of Malta: American Chapter of the Board of Founders, Knights of Malta President, 114 Avenue of the Americas [Who's Who in America (1976-77, 1992-93)] Grace was involved in Project Paperclip -- a post World War II CIA arrangement to remove classified information from dossiers so that former SS members and 900+ Nazi scientists could emigrate to the U. S. Hundreds of war criminals would find employment within government agencies and companies such as W.R. Grace chemical company whose president was J. Peter Grace.

When it was at its height in drug experiments, operation MK-ULTRA was formed. This was the brainchild of Richard Helms who later came to be a CIA director. It was designed to defeat the "enemy" in its brain- washing techniques. MK-ULTRA had another arm involved in Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) known as MK-DELTA. The "doctors" who participated in these experiments used some of the same techniques as the Nazi "doctors". Those doctors who were not indicted in the Nuremberg trials were imported from Germany under the program called "Operation Paperclip." The Nazi doctors were a valuable source of information to the CIA since many of the U.S. techniques mimicked what had already been done by the Nazis. [Winds, CIA: Bastion of Integrity]

From 1982-95, J. Peter Grace (CFR) was Chairman of the Advisory Committee of AmeriCares, which included William E. Simon (CFR), Treasury Secretary under Richard Nixon. The Honorary Chair of AmeriCares is Zbigniew Brzezinski (BB/CFR/TC); Ambassador-At-Large is Barbara Bush and the Advisory Committee includes: Prescott S. Bush, Jr. [brother to former Pres. George Bush (CFR)], 33º Mason Gen. Colin L. Powell (ret.) (CFR) and Sol M. Linowitz (CFR/TC), chairman of Xerox Corp and officer of the World Future Society. Sol Linowitz was also a representative to the Organization of American States and co-founder in 1964 with David Rockefeller (CFR) of the International Executive Services Corp, an international business development organization for which Linowitz and Rockefeller received the Medal of Freedom Award in 1998. [John Birch Society]

Lt. General Daniel O. Graham - CNP Board of Governors (1982). Thirty-year military career in Germany, Korea and Vietnam; received Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Intelligence Medal, Legion of Merit. Later served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, then as Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Upon retiring, he became military advisor to President Reagan and Founder and Director of High Frontier...and said, by many, to be the "inspiration" behind Reagan's latest "Defense Strategy", former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and another "endorser" of the Unification Church run Washington Times. [Miller 5]

Graham was also a member of the World Anti- Communist League and a member of the board of directors of CAUSA USA, political arm of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. [Anderson 126] Co-chaired with John Singlaub the American Security Council's Coalition for Peace Through Strength (CPTS). In 1988, as vice chair of U.S. Council for World Freedom, U.S. branch of WACL which he co-founded with John Singlaub, Graham was one of an eight-man delegation that met with President Ronald Reagan in an effort to block the Geneva accords calling for withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. In 1995, Distinguished Public Service Medal by NASA. [Citizens for a Strong America]

He is also a member of the American Freedom Coalition, a conservative grassroots lobby linked to the Unification Church.(25) Graham was vice chairman of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, and has been heavily involved with the Unification Church's political arm, CAUSA, USA.(25) Initial funding for the AFC came from the Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Christian Voice and leadership positions in the AFC are filled by members of the Unification Church and Christian Voice.(7,48). [Interhemispheric Resource Center: Religious Roundtable]

Senior Advisor to Daniel Graham's High Frontier is Gene Vosseler, Chairman of Citizens for a Strong America. Previously a Lutheran and Unitarian minister, Vosseler was ordained as a minister of the Church Universal and Triumphant in 1985 where he serves on the Church board and as chairman of theology. A 1987 Summit University Forum hosted a number of of well-known experts on varying topics related to SDI, including CNP Board member Gen. Daniel O. Graham. The 1987 Annual Doctors for Disaster Preparadness (DDP) and American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) Seminar co-sponsored by High Frontier featured as speakers Daniel O. Graham, director of High Frontier, and H-bomb architect Dr. Edward Teller.

Robert Grant - CNP Directory (1984-85; 1988; 1994, 1998, 1999). Founder/Chairman of the Board, Christian Voice, which operates out of the Heritage Foundation; Chairman of American Freedom Coalition. Both organizations are fronts for the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon. Grant is also a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary. Member of Religious Roundtable Council of 56.

"Christian Voice pioneered the use of 'moral report cards' to rate Congressional and presidential candidates on issues from abortion to sanctions against Rhodesia. The organization was started in California in 1976 under the name Citizens United. In August 1978, the gropu changed its name to American Christians United and in October 1978 to Christian Voice, Inc. The original Christian Voice directorate consisted of Rev. Robert Grant, a graduate of Rev. Steuart McBirnie's California Institute of Theology, Gary Jarmin, a long time right-wing lobbyist and former disciple of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and Colonel Donor (Colonel is his first name, not a military title)...In 1988, an investigative news feature on CBS' 'West 57th" documented McBirnie's history of fraudulent financial dealings and featured elderly followers whom he has allegedly swindled by refusing to pay thousands of dollars of loans.

"In 1987, leaders of the Christian Right formed the American Freedom Coalition (AFC)...Robert Grant [was] an AFC founder and president of Christian Voice. With initial funding from the Unification Church, the AFC signified a merger between about 30 Christian Voice field organizers and the state representatives of Moon's American Constitution Committee. At the August 1987 kick-off rally for the American Freedom Coalition in Washington, D.C., Moon's top aide Bo Hi Pak praised the 'marriage' between Christian Voice and the American Constitution Committee and said it 'shows what a great sense of humor God has.'

"As with other Moonie-influenced New Right projects, the AFC was organized in such a way as to obscure Moonie domination. The original officers included Christian Voice President, Robert Grant, black civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy, Richard Viguerie, and Richard Ichord (D-MO) and Bob Wilson (R-CA). After their poor results in the 1986 Congressional elections, Christian Voice leaders, Robert Grant and Gary Jarmin had concluded that Christians alone could not steer the country rightward. To be politically effective, they argued, Christians would have to be 'unequally yoked' with non-believers and even enemies of Christianity...

"In May 1988, Grant was invited as the keynote speaker for the annual conference of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN), which included many of the same anti-Semitic East European emigre groups recruited by (CNP member) David Balsiger's RAMBO Coalition . With headquarters in Munich and chapters throughout Europe and the United States, the ABN is nostalgic for the days when the Nazis occupied Eastern Europe. Scott Anderson and John Lee Anderson, authors of Inside the League, describe the ABN as: 'the largest and most important umbrella for Nazi collaborators in the world...A prime criterion for membership appears to be fealty to the cause of National Socialism; ABN officers constitute a virtual Who's Who of those responsible for the massacre of millions of civilians in the bloodiest war in history.'

Grant's public association with Nazi sympathizers drew no storm of criticism from fellow evangelicals." [Diamond 62, 78-9]

Christian Voice, which claims to be the nation's largest conservative Christian lobby, secretly joined forces with the Unification Church [in August 1987], according to documents obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Together they mobilized grassroots conservative activists nationwide, hoping either to move the Republican Party rightward or build a new hard-right U.S. political party. Behind this large, well-heeled alliance, called the American Freedom Coalition, is conservative strategist and fund-raising genius Richard Viguerie, rescued from the brink of bankruptcy in October by Bo Hi Pak, a former Korean military-intelligence officer and Moon's top U.S. operative. Rev. Robert Grant, chairman of the coalition, initially denied, then confirmed links between his traditional Christians and the Moonies. A main source of the Moon money involved "hundreds of millions, Moon said in 1984" seems to be Japan. A national bar association panel there reported in July that a church - organized high-pressure sales scheme had bilked Japanese consumers out of at least $165 million since 1980, terming that sum only the "tip of the iceberg.'' [Seattle Times, Dec. 31, 1987]  

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