SCENE I.  The United States

Enter Scorpio, The Supreme Court and Opus Dei


A Sign in the Elements Before a Spiritual Breakthrough

“‘…but at the end of October, I said, ‘Then will be this incredible breakthrough. …this is going to be the greatest thing that America’s ever experienced from October onwards…’” [Kim Clement, September 28, 2005]

Gnostics believe that the material world must self-destruct in order for mankind to be born anew in a new dimension. It is also generally believed that this transformation will begin under the astrological sign of Scorpio—from October 23 through November 21.  Occult sources are in agreement that Scorpio, which will facilitate the process of Earth “dropping the frame,” is represented by the Phoenix:

    “The Lemurian symbol for Scorpio was a winged creature, part bird and part serpent, lifting Phoenix-like from a nest of flames. . .

    “The cry of Scorpio to the ancients was ‘feed me, for I feed the flame!’ It was a sign representing the insatiable hunger of the soul to absolve the bonds of form and embrace the eternal formless self; to merge with the universe in the bliss of divine reunion. It is through the gateway of Scorpio, aided by the Lords of Form, that humanity will come to its final conclusion in the Old Earth and move through the door of the temple into the Grand Way of the New Earth Star. When the earth is under the Zodiacal influence of Scorpio the Zodiacal threshold which emanates through that sign into the earth triggers a series of celestial programs of return, facilitating the earth in ‘dropping the frame’ as the ancients used to say. This allows the earth to move into a new and more etherealized formation. In time, this will result in the earth's ascension into the New Earth Star.” (Spirit Mythos)

As the scorpion, i.e., the Phoenix, is the alchemical sign of base matter, the eagle is the symbol of resurrection. In The Secret Zodiac, author Fred Gettings stated that the eagle and the scorpion represent the dual natures of man:

“The eagle of St John is the eagle of Scorpio, which sign (alone of all the twelve) has two images, the eagle the symbol of the redeemed and spiritualized Scorpionic nature, the scorpion its fallen, unredeemed and earth-bound nature.”  (911:43)

See also: The False Gospel in the Stars: Scorpio

Falling within the dates of this astrological sign is October 31 or Halloween, which is the Druidic celebration in memory of the departed souls after the Great Deluge in Noah’s day.  [See: The Great Flood & Halloween]  On Sept. 28, 2005, Kim Clement prophesied there would be an “unusual” event on October 31st:

     “ the end of October, I said, Then will be this incredible breakthrough...

     “At the end of October – and I'll share a little bit of that if you want me to – at the end of October (God said this YEARS ago… He said that at the end of October of 2005), the beginning of a four-year harvest, like this nation has never seen, is about to take place. EVER. EVER seen. For 300 years, [we've] never seen anything like it. …in October, and from October onwards, would be THE greatest move of the Spirit that America has ever seen. And I don’t want to say it lightly. America has never experienced what's going to take place from the end of October because the cleansing would've taken place [Katrina/New Orleans?]… What I sensed was that in October that what the Holy Spirit’s been looking to do is going to actually… He’s going to find a place to rest. In other words, find a place where He can bring a habitation that Daniel saw, and that Isaiah saw, all the great prophets of old saw this day.

“... But I’d said something about October, and that there would be a Halloween that….like they’ve never experienced. So, SOMETHING UNUSUAL IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON THE 31ST OF OCTOBER…”  [Sept. 28, 2005]


What happened on October 31 that will launch “the beginning of a four year harvest...THE greatest move of the Spirit America has ever seen”?  On this date, Samuel Alito was nominated by President Bush to replace Sandra Day O'Connor as a Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. This nomination, if confirmed, presages a strategic restructuring of the Court’s composition that will have ramifications well into the Tribulation period.


Samuel Alito is a Roman Catholic and, in the likely event of his confirmation by Congress, five of nine Supreme Court justices will be Roman Catholics. But these five Supreme Court justices are not just your ordinary Roman Catholics. According to Wikipedia, the children of the Chief Justice, John Roberts, “Josie and Jack attend a private Catholic school run by Opus Dei.”  Moreover, “Roberts’s name is listed in the Federalist Society’s 1997-1998 ‘Leadership Directory,’ though he has denied ever being a member.”   Anton Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas are members of Opus Dei and the Federalist Society.  Samuel Alito is also a member of the Federalist Society which, according to, “is crawling with” Opus Dei members.


Samuel Alito has also been characterized as “Scalito” – a clone of Anton Scalia, an Opus Dei Catholic.  According to Michael Carmichael, “In March, 2001, Newsweek reported that the wife of Justice Scalia, attended Opus Deis spiritual functions. Justice Scalias son, Father Paul Scalia, personally mediated the conversion of Justice Clarence Thomas to Roman Catholicism following his confirmation to the Supreme Court.  [Counterpunch]


The Federalist Society is heavily funded by multi-millionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, a benefactor of many liberal causes as well.  The Federalist Society derives its name from the Federalist Papers which were published in 1787-88 by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison, all Freemasons. Hamilton was a crypto-Jew and a Rothschild agent who led the elitist Federalist faction. Hamilton argued at the Constitutional Convention that America could only achieve stability if governed by a king and aristocracy.  As a secret agent of the House of Rothschild, Hamilton, also attempted to establish a Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S.

“Alexander Hamilton married into the Rothschild family December 14, 1780, Alexander Hamilton was born Alexander Levine, of Jewish lineage, in St. Croix, the West Indies. After changing his name and his geographical situs, he married Elizabeth Schuyler… [The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton, by Allan Hamilton 1910]

“[It has been reported that there are documents in the British museum that prove Alexander Hamilton received payment from the Rothschild’s for his dastardly deeds. Could this payment have been for his involvement in the establishment of a foreign bank in this country, and for convincing Congress to assume the States debts, which would have created a debt obligation binding the United States government and the States to the international bankers?]” (“The History Of Lawful Gold And Silver Legal Tender And The Debt Brought On By Unlawful Fiat Paper Money”)

Alexander Hamilton has been called the American Machiavelli, after the famous political genius of the Renaissance.  According to Michael Ledeen, Machiavelli was a crypto-Jew, like Hamilton.  Opus Dei is an elitist organization, like the Federalist Society, but has the facade of a Catholic religious order. The philosophy of Opus Dei is believed by many to be based on Machiavelli's book, The Prince


Opus Dei was founded in 1928 by Jose Maria Escrivá de Balaguer, a crypto-Jew whose surname was originally “Escriba” which means “Scribe.” In 1982, Pope John Paul II made Opus Dei a “personal prelature,” a privilege conferred upon no other religious order.  In other words, this organization, founded by a crypto-Jew, is accountable to no one but the Pope.  That might not be a problem per se, except there is convincing evidence that Pope John Paul II was one of the many Jewish popes of the Catholic Church, including the present Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger).  After a record-breaking canonization process of 27 years, Pope John Paul II declared the Jewish Escrivá a saint of the Roman Catholic Church .


It is imperative to understand that Opus Dei is not fundamentally a Catholic organization but a front for B’nai B’rith, which is directly under the high cabal of International Jewry, the Prieuré de Sion.  An informative Catholic website, Opus Dei Alert has exposed Opus Dei as a Jewish front and Escrivá as a Marrano Jew

“Around 1492 A.D. the top Jews in Spain had wormed their way into high positions of Church and State by pretending to be Catholics. These false Marrano Jews, as they were called, were involved in treacheries against Spain and The Church. The Catholic Church’s Glorious Inquisition was used to confront this grave attack on Catholic Life, with the holy purpose of weeding out these infiltrating Jews, who were masquerading as converts, whose sole purpose (the Jewish infiltrators) was to subvert the Catholic Church from within, while remaining undetected…

“There is much evidence that Opus Dei’s, unholy founder ‘Escriva’ came from very proximate Jewish ancestry. Some point out that ‘Escriva’s’ changing his name a documented five (5) times, was a stealthy ‘shell game’ tactic he (‘Escriva’) utilized to keep his anti-Catholic roots hidden. Yet, although he may have thought it expedient to keep his alleged Talmudic background in the dark and from public scrutiny; he (Escriva) during this era of the ‘uneducated Catholic’ nonetheless, brazenly showed himself as one to have openly and knowingly judaized. [That is only of course presupposing he ever intentionally held the Catholic Faith and not just demonically exuded, just enough of a calculated veneer of Catholicism exteriorly, in order to snatch the unthinking and/or unwary Catholic into his anti-Christ Marrano Money Cult.]” (Opus Dei’s Rabbis: The Enemy Has Possession of the Citadel)


According to this Catholic website, Opus Dei even assists Jews to become rabbis, as in the case of Rabbi Angel Kreiman, whose influence over Jewry is such that it has been said, if the Jews had a Pope, he would be Rabbi Kreiman.


“The following information about Opus Dei’s Rabbis, was taken directly from Opus Dei's Official Website on January 31, 2002)

*Rabbi Angel Kreiman:

“‘Many of Josemaria Escriva's concepts call to mind the Talmudic tradition and reveal his profound knowledge of the Jewish world.’

“‘Rabbi Angel Kreiman contended that Josemaria Escriva’s teachings are strongly rooted in Talmudic traditions about work. Kreiman, who is the international vice president of the World Council of Synagogues, made his remarks in an address to a congress in Rome on Opus Dei’s founder. The rabbi said that he was pleased about the interreligious prayer meeting for peace occurring January 24 in Assisi. Such meetings, he said, ‘help us to remember often that we all have the same common father.’

“The Rabbi, who is a Cooperator of Opus Dei, said he wanted to demonstrate his special affection for the organization founded by Josemaria Escriva.

“‘Opus Dei members helped me, right from the beginning of my seminary studies, to persevere in my vocation,’ he [Kreiman] said, ‘and I have also seen them do it with other rabbis, for which I am deeply grateful.’” (Ibid)


In his 1984 book, In God’s Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul, David Yallop described Opus Dei as the Vatican’s “in-house version of Freemasonry” with connections to the Judeo-Masonic Propaganda Two (P2) Lodge:

    “In view of the fact that this Catholic sect shares many views and values with the corrupt P2 and that Opus Dei is now a force to be reckoned with inside Vatican City, a few basic details are in order.
    “Opus Dei is a Roman Catholic organization of international scope. Though its actual membership is relatively small (estimates vary between sixty and eighty thousand), its influence is vast. It is a secret society, something that is strictly forbidden by the Church. Opus Dei denies that it is a secret organization but refuses to make its membership list available. It was founded by a Spanish priest, Monsignor Josemaria Escrivá de Balagner, in 1928. It is part of the extreme right wing of the Catholic Church, a political fact that has ensured that the organization has attracted enemies as well as members. About five percent of its members are priests; the remainder are laypersons of both sexes. Although Opus Dei has members from many walks of life, it seeks especially to attract those from the upper classes, including young professionals with potential to rise to positions of power. Dr. John Roche, an Oxford University lecturer and former member of Opus Dei, describes it as ‘sinister, secretive and Orwellian.”…
    “This organization has, according to its own claims, members working on over six hundred newspapers, journals, and scientific publications scattered around the world. It has members in over fifty radio and television stations… Opus Dei is massively wealthy…” (In God’s Name, pp. 265-6)

The reason Opus Dei is ‘sinister, secretive and Orwellian” and massively wealthy is that it is one of the many religious fronts in the Jewish mafia that is directed by the Learned Elders of the Prieuré de Sion:

    “Some interesting things have come to light about the Prieuré recently. One is that the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina (GLA), the highest body of Swiss Freemasonry (akin to the Grand Lodge of England), may have been the recruiting body for the Prieuré. But the GLA is also said by some to be the meeting place of the ‘Gnomes of Zurich’ who are said to be the Power Elite of Swiss bankers and international financiers. The GLA is said by David Yallop to be the body which controlled the P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy.
    “P2 controlled the Italian secret police in the 1970s, took money from the CIA and KGB, may have had a hand in the kidnapping of Aldo Moro by the Red Brigades, had 900 agents in other branches of the Italian government and the highest positions of the Vatican...used the Vatican Bank to launder Mafia drug money, fomented fascist coups in South America, and is most likely linked to the arch-conservative Knights of Malta and Opus Dei in the Vatican.” (Prieuré de Sion)

The sinister P2 Lodge in alliance with Opus Dei in the United States, to which prominent legislators and jurists belong, allows International Jewry to control the right wing in the United States while it remains well-hidden far behind the main scene of action:

Where P2 is, there you will find Opus Dei. Opus Dei was a church structure that functioned to support Franco. In the last 30-40 years, it has provided the brains and personnel for the right wing revolts in Latin America--most notable Pinochet's. They were behind the attempted coup in Venezuela. At least two of the existing Supreme Court justices, Scalia and Thomas, are linked to Opus Dei. It may be that John Roberts is as well. His parish church, Little Flower in Bethesda, has hosted a celebration of the sainthood of the founder of Opus Dei, and may be a second locus of Opus Dei organizing in Washington. Opus Dei. Bollettino Romana. (The information is only in Italian. Their English page omits it.)

The primary one being the parish Scalia, Freeh, Thomas, Santorum, Hanssen the double agent and others attend: St Catherine of Siena in Great Falls. Opus Dei is connected to American right wing elites in congress and the courts, to the Council on National Policy, to Propaganda Due and their attempts to regain state sponsored Fascism in Italy, to Franco and Pinochet, to the CIA coup attempt in Venezuela, and to the Vatican scandals over the last 25-30 years, and to an American traitor like Hanssen. It may not be a tinfoil hat exercise to determine the extent to which they have allied themselves with the right wing elite of the US and are gaining a remarkably coordinated and powerful political base. This alliance allows US interests to operate abroad with a high degree of invisibility.” (DailyKos)

In an insightful article, “Dominion and Deception,” Gillian Norman writes that George Bush has surrounded himself with Machiavellian types like the aforementioned Michael Ledeen, who believe that “the elite, who transcend moral absolutes, should exploit religious faith in order to autocratically control the masses.”   Ledeens connection with the P2 Lodge may just be the tip of the iceberg in the Bush Administration:

“Serving President George W. Bush as an international affairs analyst is another neoconservative who was also implicated in the Iran-Contra affair. Michael Ledeen, an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) resident scholar with alleged ties to the Italian P-2 Masonic Lodge, is a long-time advocate of regime change in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon. He believes with Machiavelli that it is the nature of humans to do evil, and that war is our natural state. Violence, he claims, in the service of the spread of democracy, is America’s manifest destiny. In his book, Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli’s Iron Rules Are as Timely and Important Today as Five
Centuries Ago
, Ledeen unapologetically states that the purpose of total war is to permanently force your will onto another people: The goal is power, which means the domination of others, and the winners revel in it, savoring what Machiavelli calls the ‘sweetness of dominion’.”

Supreme Court Justices who are involved in Opus Dei are not only linked with the high cabal of International Jewry but they have been indoctrinated in the Talmud, which is the basis of Josemaria Escrivá's teachings. For this reason alone, these Justices would give preferentiality to Talmudic Law over Constitutional Law, a partiality which renders these Roman Catholic justices on the Supreme Court suspect as being crypto-Jews. As documented in Mystery Babylon: Catholic or Jewish?, Jewish “marranos” infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church in massive numbers during the Middle Ages and represent a Fifth Column within that Church to the present day.


Besides the five possible crypto-Jews, there are two overt Jews on the High Court—Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.   Considering that there are 5.2 million Jews out of nearly 300 million people in the U.S., a 7:2 ratio of Jewish vs. Gentile Justices is hardly an equitable situation.  Adding to the disproportionate numbers the fact that there are several Opus Dei Justices, five possible covert Jews and two overt Jews, and that all of these Justices have been indoctrinated in the Talmud as the divinely-inspired word of God, there appears to be an enemy presence in the highest court of the land.


SCENE II.  The Shattered Union

Enter Joel's Army, Neo-Nazi Militia Movement


No wonder Kim Clement, who is a Zionist and possibly a crypto-Jew himself, was ecstatic over the spiritual breakthrough that would occur on Halloween.  As an agent of the Zionists, Clement would have had insider knowledge of this pending change in the make-up of the Supreme Court. He knew exactly what would happen on Halloween when he issued the following prophecies:

There is a better way that’s coming and beyond October you will have four years of revival, four years of restoration and the greatest move that you have ever seen in the United States of America is about to come to you, says the Lord.” (Oct. 8, 2005)


Are you afraid to shed blood in the spirit again? Are you afraid to shed blood and to go into a battlefield to win one more war?… I'm speaking about battling for the rights of this Nation. I will not be taken out; I will not be taken out of the books. I will not be taken out the Pledge. I will not be taken out of the economy. I will not be taken out of the law.  I will not be taken out of the political powers. I will come back with a vengeance and it shall come to pass that even the unsaved and the unbeliever shall say, bring God back, for God's sake, we need Him back again! …

In the month of November shall be the beginning phases of a four-year harvest in this Nation. The greatest harvest that America has ever seen is about to begin, says the Spirit of the Lord.” (Oct. 21, 2005)

“For there shall be a major happening beginning tomorrow night that shall cause this Nation to begin to enter in to a time that was predestined and set aside long before you were born…” (Oct. 30, 2005)

But on November the 1st [All Souls' Day] a veil was torn and rent...” (Nov. 3, 2005)

Now the war is coming to an end. Why? Because there shall be an unusual happening that shall take place. Where I will stop and I will squash every voice that rises within this Nation that stands up against righteousness. There are laws that are going to change, where children will once again celebrate and laugh. For the heart of God has been reached by the children of this Nation... (Nov. 4, 2004)

This day I have brought this Nation into a whole brand new place in the Kingdom. Do you understand that you have come through August, September and October and now, I am going to take you into four years of a harvest that this Nation has never seen or experienced?  (Nov. 13, 2000)

Beginning in the month of November, a 4-year harvest like America has never seen. Like the world has never seen.  I have removed. I have removed the mockers.” (Nov. 18, 2005)

When Zionist revivalists like Kim Clement and Chuck Pierce prophesy a great “harvest,” Christians naively assume this revival will be a harvest of souls. However, the fulfillment of these prophecies to date is presenting a far different picture. . .a harvest of dead bodies instead.  Which is why the entire vocabulary of the Strategic Prayer Network consists of warfare terminology.  When these wolves in sheeps clothing indoctrinate theirprayer warriors in the New Age techniques of spiritual warfare,” and “territorial warfare” and shedding blood in the spirit, they are exploiting their ignorance and naiveté to bring to pass the program of International Jewry against the Goyim, and after they have exploited Christians to eliminate other Gentiles, their own heads will be on the block, literally. 


The four-year harvest and revival that Christians have awaited with high hopes will apparently be a “Christian theocracy” based on the Bible however, not the New Testament gospel of Grace but the Old Testament Law.  No doubt Kim Clement had this expectation in mind when he prophesied that the U.S. would experience what he claims the “Christian” forefathers wanted all along — a “Christian” nation under a “Christian” president.  

Now God says, for four years this Nation shall experience what the forefathers prayed for, what the forefathers cried out for, what the forefathers said must be the order of the day. Their prayers are now set in the atmosphere and for three terms I will see that there is a Christian in the White House, a Christian that knows how to pray but not dictate, a Christian that knows how to be merciful and will get Gods presence into this nation, into the schools, universities, into the legal houses, into the legal system, into the media. And God said, it is your greatest day, America, for four years the Heavens shall remain open for you to have the greatest move of the Spirit that this Nation has ever seen. For four years over and over and over, says the Spirit of God.” (Dec. 4, 2005)

Does Kim Clement have in mind a Christian on the order of Barack Obama?  And will the ultra-liberal President Obama be discredited as ultra-conservative George Bush was discredited, yet win reelection in 2012 after a run by Sarah Palin and a Third Way nomineelike Ron Paul splits the conservative vote? (See: Ron Paul: Rosicrucian)  President Obama's reelection would provoke another Civil War---which is, in fact, the theme of the aforementioned newly-released video game, Shattered Union.  A preview of the chaotic events leading to the next U.S. civil war is presented in the trailer:



The most unpopular ever President is elected.



A terror attack on United States.  Civil unrest follows in many cities.  Militias go into action.



President invokes Homeland Security and declares martial law on the West Coast and other areas of US.




Supreme Court sidesteps the electoral process and disqualifies presidential candidates from several states.


Sham election returns the unpopular President to the White House.





January 20

During 57th Inauguration ceremony, a nuclear attack on Washington, D.C. kills the President and most of Congress.

January 28

Destruction of Washington, D.C. breaks chain of succession and precipitates national chaos.

The European Union deploys “peacekeepers” to Washington, D.C. to protect foreign interests. 

April 13

California governor declares Home Rule and secedes with other states to form Commonwealth of CA.

April 17

Texas secedes with neighboring states and forms the Republic of Texas.





The former United States of America lies in ruins. Civil war erupts between 7 regions which form nation-states.

Depending on where in the United States the player of this war game lives, he plans and executes strategies to invade, occupy or destroy other regions. 


Take your time as you decide your move, and after you've selected your actions, see all the results play out in full animation models, exploding vehicles, and burning cities and forests.

Fully destructible terrain/environment. As the battle proceeds, everything from explosions and destroyed buildings permanently mark the terrain.  At the end, very little will look the same.

“Fight your way across the United States! Had enough of the Windy City, then go ahead and bomb Chicago! Invade across the Rockies into California, capture the tank factories in Ohio, and lay siege to New York City! You decidethe fate of the nation is in your hands!

Choose to play as one of 7 different factions: Greater California, Arcadia (Pacific Northwest), New Republic of Texas, Heartland (Midwest and Great Plains States), Dixieland, Yankee Union and the European Expeditionary Force.

Call up National Guard forces equipped with M1 Abrams battle tanks, Apache helicopters and stealth bombers. Or make a deal with the Russians and equip your boys with MiG fighters and T-95 Heavy Tanks.” (Shattered Union Campaign)

The company which produced this treasonable video game is Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. whose International headquarters are located in Great Britain and corporate headquarters in New York City.  Take-Two offers other video games designed to produce young criminals, for example, their best-selling Grand Theft Auto  For this stellar creation, the CEO of Take-Two was awarded 43rd place in Bernard Goldbergs book 100 People Who are Screwing Up America. Considering the targeted victims in Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Take-Two appears to be a fascist outfit which specializes in fostering hate and prejudice among American youth while training them to murder entire categories of people—as the Nazis trained the Hitler Youth, who later became the dreaded SS, Hitler’s Storm Troopers. 

43. Paul Eibeler (CEO of Take-Two Interactive Software) Eibelers company produces the bestselling Grand Theft Auto, a video game that simulates the killing of gays, cops, blacks, and hookers. His company is being sued for inspiring an eighteen-year old to killing three people (two of which were police officers). Goldberg doesnt believe in censorship, but he is sick of capitalists who will willingly ruin our culture to make money.” (100 People Who Are Screwing Up America)


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City HERE'S the games basic bit: Youre a cocaine dealer, see, and you get ripped off in a drug deal that goes bad. So your mission is to get your drugs and your money back - by committing as many violent, homicidal crimes as you can possibly think up. You can pursue your goal by killing Haitians, of course, but you can also kill anyone (or everyone) else. You can machine-gun them, beat them with baseball bats, chop them up with machetes or run them over with stolen cars. And when you do, everything will look incredibly and shockingly real, with blood spewing everywhere. You can kill a cop, steal his gun, and then use it to shoot someone else. Or you can pick up a prostitute and have sex with her in the back of your stolen car, then beat her to death - or shoot her, bludgeon her, whatever you want. In fact, whatever you want is what the game is all about. Thanks to its artful and complex programming and its incredibly realistic graphics, the game creates the impression of being inside a totally unscripted, live-action drama in which you can manufacture your mayhem as you go along.” (Take Down Take-Two)

Returning to the “Shattered Union” video game, a nearly identical scenario was predicted by a Russian professor and reported by Robin Stringer in the November 24, 2008 issue of Bloomberg News:

Russian Professor Says U.S. Will Break Up After Economic Crisis
By Robin Stringer

Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) -- A professor at the diplomatic academy of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the U.S. will break into six parts because of the nation’s financial crisis.

“The dollar isn’t secured by anything,” Igor Panarin said in an interview transcribed by Russian newspaper Izvestia today. “The country’s foreign debt has grown like an avalanche; this is a pyramid, which has to collapse.”

Panarin said in the interview that the financial crisis will worsen, unemployment will rise and people will lose their savings -- factors that will cause the country’s breakup.

“Dissatisfaction is growing, and it is only being held back at the moment by the elections, and the hope” that President- elect Barack Obama “can work miracles,” he said. “But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.”

The U.S. will fracture into six parts: the Pacific coast; the South; Texas; the Atlantic coast, central states and the northern states.

“Now we will see a change to the regulatory system on a global financial scale: America will cease to be the world’s regulator,” to be replaced by China and Russia, he said.

By 2012, hopes of a pseudo-Christian theocracy would be in full swing with the Dominionist neo-Nazi agents provocateurs in the militia movement leading the American version of the Hitler Youth Movement Joels Army to slaughter prostitutes, adulterers, homosexuals, heretics, thieves and anyone else caught breaking the Ten Commandments.  Joels Army is the subject of our report, The Elijah Revolution: Joels Army Coming of Age, which documents the Strategic Prayer Network’s formation of a movement to transform Christian young people into “radical revolutionaries” who will turn the churches into “command posts for revolution.” 


On November 30, 1999, Cindy Jacobs. National Apostle for the USSPN with Chuck Pierce, prophesied to Peter Wagners Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, “The church will be in key transition period between 2000-2003. During this period the youth in particular will be transitioning into revival.”  (Entering the New Millennium) A few months later, on April 20, 2000, that youth revival was launched with the murder of 13 students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.  Evidence that the Columbine massacre was a planned event orchestrated for this very purpose is presented in “Columbine: Catalyst for the Rise of Joels Army”.


The Dominionist madness driving the ultra-right wing Joels Army and neo-Nazi militia movement may explain why the various regions of the former United Statesthe red states and the blue statesbegin warring against one another. For the New Radical Youth Reformation in the ultra-liberal regions such as California and New England will bitterly oppose the New “Christian” Theocracy which takes on the mandate of a “crusade” led by the ultra-conservative Southern Confederacy. 



SCENE III.  The New Christian Theocracy

Enter Roy Moore, Dominionist/Reconstructionists & the Constitution Party


The present controversy over the Ten Commandments is actually mobilizing Christian support for this New Reformation which will demand a theocratic government under the candidate nominated by the Dominionist Constitution Party.  Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is running for governor of Alabama, has been a leading light in the Christian Right, demanding that the federal government allow the posting of the Ten Commandments in government facilities such as courtrooms and schools.  What the Christian Right doesnt know is that Judge Moore has troubling connections to Freemasonry and the Council for National Policy, that CFR-founded bastion of New Age cults, Nazi war criminals, neo-Nazis, secret societies, subversive organizations and globalists who are the bedfellows of the Christian Right leadership.  {See: Moores Foundation for Moral Law]


It appears the Judeo-Freemasons have big plans for Roy Moore in the up and coming pseudo-Christian theocracy.  Chuck Pierce gave Judge Moore honorable mention in his prophetic word to Alabama on July 22-23, 2003 when Dutch Sheets prophesied that a “reforming anointing” was upon the state of Alabama, and that God had chosen Alabama to “reform the nation.  Should Moore be elected governor in 2006, he would doubtless be leading this Reformation with the zealousness of another Martin Luther or John Calvin.

“Here are some key concepts the Spirit of the Lord released for Alabama:...

Beauty The birthing that needs to come forth...

Gates of Justice In these gates where there is so much injustice locked up, I am opening these gates to usher in Justice to the South... Justice is coming through the Southern Gates. (Prophesied by Negiel Bigpond, Yuchi Peace Chief.)

Reformer I keep hearing the word reform, reformer, reforming, reform’ — the ability to reform. There is a reforming anointing on Alabama, a true Hezekiah reformer anointing, the ability to tear down the old and establish the new. Thats what reformers dothey deal with the old and bring in the new. (Prophesied by Dutch Sheets.)

Voice Ask the Lord for a full voice in Alabama--to become a complete, forerunning, reforming people with a full voice to deal with the old and bring in the new. (Prophesied by Dutch Sheets.)


“Judge Roy Moore provided the flash point that finally brought national awareness to the judicial crisis and our nations courts. This case was not about the Ten Commandments, but whether the state has the right to acknowledge God publicly [not true] ... After the Supreme Court did not accept his case, thus allowing the inconsistency to continue, he announced legislation that would be introduced nationally to address it...

“Even without Moore running, Alabama elections are stirring up the same issues. With Moores witness of moral courage and willingness to stand on principle in public office, the issues are escalating in the state (and even nation). (Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation, 2005, pp. 115-17)

Dutch Sheet’s “reforming anointing on Alabama” sounds suspiciously like the Dominionist theology of the Reconstructionists, who aspire to establish the Kingdom of God” on earth before the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Dominionists teach their brainwashed disciples that an elite army of ‘overcomers’ will either destroy or subdue all the enemies of Christ until they eventually gain power and authority throughout the world. The government of the nations will be upon their shoulders and when all the secular authorities, governments, princes and kings have finally submitted to them, Christ will return and they will present the kingdom to him!


According to Fredrick Clarkson of Public Eye, Christian Reconstructionism has been the catalyst for a major theological shift since the 1960s and is arguably the driving ideology of the Christian Right in the 1990s.”  Dominionist/Reconstruction ideology has become popular not only in Evangelical churches, but has been a staple of the Charismatic movement since its inception. This is evidenced by the warmongering and theocratic teachings of Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce who lead the revolutionary charge with a host of Charismatic gurus in their Strategic Prayer Network, such as Cindy Jacobs, Benny Hinn, Gwen Shaw, Rick Joyner, Francis Frangipane, Randy Clark, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.  An example of the militant anarchist propaganda that is churned out day after day by these agents provocateurs is found in Francis Frangipanes book, The Three Battlegrounds:

The devil knows that when we become one with Christ and, through Him, one with each other, it is only a matter of time before this Jesus-built church will destroy the empire of hell!... The Lord is raising up His Army... There are a growing number of churches around the world who are being gathered together by the Lord for war." (The Three Battlegrounds, pp. 43, 128.)

The late Paul Weyrich was a long-term member of the Council for National Policy, a co-founder of the Moral Majority, and founder of the Free Congress and Heritage Foundations. The latter networks all of the right-wing think tanks which influence Republican administrations and give intellectual respectability to the fascist revolution that is taking place in the United States.  In 1992, Weyrichs Free Congress Foundation  sponsored two radio programs, The Next Revolution and Victoria, which were designed to foment  rebellion against the American government. The following excerpt from the transcript of one program reveals the fascist agenda of the Dominionists:

“Are we on the verge of a second American Revolution? In the old Soviet Union, the government seemed all-powerful – until one day it fell.

“Next Revolution is one of the most radical – and most popular – programs on Americas Voice. Each week, hosts Bill Lind and Brad Keena say what people are thinking but are often afraid to say: that the cultural Marxism of Political Correctness is destroying our country, that multicultural nations break apart in civil war, and that uncontrolled immigration and rising crime are turning America into a Third World nation. They ask the forbidden questions: is real reform still possible, or will a new Revolution be necessary to restore America’s traditional – and very successful – culture? Is the United States Government still a legitimate government? Is racism the real problem or do cries of racism arise as a result of bad behavior by minority groups?

“Can America in fact go the way of Bosnia? Is Civil War II part of our future? Is that what it will take to rescue our culture? Bill Lind is now working to answer these questions in a book-length version of Victoria – a novel in the form of a future memoir that will rock and shock the Politically Correct Establishment. . .

“She was not a particularly bad bishop. She was, in fact, quite typical of Episcopal bishops of the first quarter of the 2lst-century – agnostic, compulsively political and radical, and given to placing a small idol of Isis on the altar when she said the Communion service. By 2037, when she was tried, convicted and burned for heresy, she had outlived her era. By that time only a handful of Episcopalians still recognized female clergy, and it would have been easy enough to let the old fool rant out her final years in obscurity. But we are a people who do our duty.

“I well remember the crowd that gathered for the execution – solemn, but not sad, relieved that at last, after so many years of humiliation, the majority had taken back the culture. Civilization had recovered its nerve. The flames that soared above the lawn before the Maine statehouse that August afternoon were, as the bishopess herself might have said, liberating.” [The Next American Revolution]

Despite Chuck Pierces protests to the contrary, the flap over the Ten Commandments is leading to the imposition of a the Mosaic Law upon the unregenerate masses, who would never be able to keep them even if they wanted to.  This was precisely the program conceived by the late Rousas J. Rushdoony, the architect of the Reconstructionist/Dominionist strategy to reconstruct America by reforming the U.S. government in accordance with Old Testament Law. The Kingdom of God plan would, of course, require the swift execution of adulterers, homosexuals, witches, heretics and other lawbreakers, which is precisely what the late Rushdoony had in mind.  To implement his revolutionary ideas, Rev. Rushdoony founded the Rutherford Institute and joined the Council for National Policy, where he would have lots of supporters like multimillionaire Howard Ahmanson, whose Ahmanson Foundation also contributes to the Council on Foreign Relations, another revolutionary, dominionist organization.

“The Rutherford Institute was founded at the behest of the Reverend R. J. Rushdoony of Chalcedon, Inc., located in Vallecito CA. He also served on the board of directors along with multimillionaire Howard Ahmanson, Jr. co-founder of the Allied Business PAC. Both men are members of the Council for National Policy. Rev. Rushdoony is credited as being thefather of Christian Reconstructionism a belief that says democracy is a heresy and seeks to establish a Theocracy ruled by biblical law as our form of government.

Rousas Rushdoonys son-in-law and successor, Gary North, who is also a member of the CNP, advises the more sane (but not much) Christian theocrats to bide their time until the country is ripe for the new Reformation.

“Similarly, while claiming to be reformers, not revolutionaries, Reconstructionists recognize that the harsh theocracy they advocate is revolutionary indeed. Gary North warns against a premature revolutionary situation, saying that the public must begin to accept the judicially binding case laws of the Old Testament before we attempt to tear down judicial institutions that still rely on natural law or public virtue. (I have in mind the US Constitution.)  Thus, radical ideas must be gently and often indirectly infused into their target constituencies and society at large. The vague claim that God and Jesus want Christians to govern society is certainly more appealing than the bloodthirsty notion of justice as vengeance advocated by some of the Reconstructionists. The claim that they do not seek to impose a theocracy from the top downwaiting for a time when a majority will have converted and thus want to live under Biblical Lawis consistent with Reconstructionists decentralist and anti-state populism, which they often pass off as a form of libertarianism. Even so, there is an inevitable point when the majority would impose its will. North bluntly says that one of his first actions would be to remove legal access to the franchise and to civil offices from those who refuse to become communicant members of Trinitarian churches.Quick to condemn democracy as the idea that the law is whatever the majority says it is, North et al. would be quick to cynically utilize a similar majority for a permanent theocratic solution.”  (Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence )

Although Gary North demurs from the concept of a revolution, calling it a “reformation instead, the statements of many prominent Dominionsts are clearly agitating the Christian Right to take up arms to overthrow the present government of the U.S. and establish a theocracy in its place. (See: The Next American Revolution)


The Dominionist/Reconstructionist agenda of R. J. Rushdoony is the party platform of the Constitution Party, whose former candidate, Michael Peroutka, another “former Roman Catholic (Opus Dei?), was a candidate on the presidential ballot in 2004.  The Constitution Party evolved from the U.S. Taxpayer’s Party which was founded by Howard Phillips, a Jew and a founding member of the Council for National Policy.  Should the Evangelical Christian voter bloc become sufficiently disillusioned with the Republican Party, another Dominionist candidate chosen by the Constitution Party, ie. Ron Paul, would be their logical alternative. 


See: The Libertarian Revolution: Ron Paul: Rosicrucian


Scene IV.  Geneva, Switzerland

Enter John Calvin


The Dominionists adhere tenaciously to the tenets of Calvinism or Reformed theology, which maintains that all of the end-time Bible prophecies were fulfilled by 70 A.D., with the destruction of Jerusalem.  Therefore, it only remains for the Christian Church to set up the Kingdom of God on earth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  The spiritual father of the Dominionists is Protestant Reformer John Calvin, who aspired to set up the Kingdom of God” in Geneva, Switzerland during the Protestant Reformation.   This utopian enterprise required the eradication of heresies by executing heretics, the 'most wanted' being Michael Servetus who wrote and taught against the deity of Jesus Christ and the Trinity. Louis Israel Newman documented in Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements Calvin's justification for governing Geneva according to the Old Testament Law:

"The burning of Servetus produced a great revulsion of feeling in Geneva... [Calvin's] Declaration pour maintenir la vraye Foye, published in Latin under the title: Defensio Orthodoxae Fidei de Sacra Trinitate contra errores Michaelis Serveti seeks to champion Calvin's own view of the Trinity, and particularly to prove the validity of capital punishment of heretics and the justice of the judgment against Servetus. This work affords an insight into the method by which Old Testament texts were drafted in support of doctrines oftentimes contrary thereto in spirit and purpose... Religious persecution, it has been long thought, found sanction and justification in the commands of the Mosaic Law. Christian historians are quick to point out that punishment of heterodoxy by death is ordered by many Old Testament passages...

"Melanchthon believed that the 'Mosaic law against idolatry and blasphemy was binding upon Christian states and was applicable to heresies as well.' Thus Calvin's plea that the right and duty of Christian magistrates is to punish heresy by death stands or falls with his theocratic system, and his belief in the binding authority of the Pentateuchal Code.  He draws his arguments chiefly from the Jewish laws against idolatry and blasphemy, and from the examples of pious kings of Israel. He indignantly repels Servetus' charge that because he preserved intact the severity of the Law, he was a 'Jew,' and seeks proof in defense of his cause from Jeremiah...Psalms 18:45; 2:9;...Isaiah 49:23...Daniel 3:29;...Deuteronomy 13:6...; 13:12...; Exodus 32:27..., and several selections from the New Testament: Corinthains...John...Acts...Timothy, Matthew, and other books thereof, numbering in total more than those selected from the Old Testament..." (NY, 1925, pp. 604-6)

How does one explain a Reformed minister burning heretics at the stake with the same ferocity as the Catholic Popes who exterminated entire heretical sects?  There is compelling evidence that the Protestant Reformation was the brainchild of the Rosicrucians who functioned as agent provocateurs throughout the Holy Roman Empire.  By founding new Reformed denominations, these agents acted in most un-Christian ways in order to give Protestant Christianity a reputation for violence, just as their agents had formerly done so effectively in the Catholic Church.  (See: The Reformation: Rosicrucian Connections) One New Ager, Jeff Nisbet disclosed their game plan in Atlantis Rising magazine:


    “In one fell swoop, the Christian world was cleft in twain. No longer would Rome be able to raise great armies from its subject nations to crush heresies wherever the Papal finger pointed. There was no longer just one big boy on the block. Another had moved in. The mightiest church the world had ever known had been ‘divided’ and ‘conquered’.

    “But the Reformed Church would not be allowed to remain squeaky clean. The life of Mary’s grandson, James VI, the first...king of both Scotland and England, would be threatened by a plot hatched by ‘witches’ on Halloween, 1590.  The celebrated but trumped-up case of the ‘North Berwick Witches’ kick-started over a century of Scottish witch hunts, and proved that your average Presbyterian could be just as vindictive as your average Catholic when it came to fighting Satan's minions. While an equilibrium had been established between the two great Christian powers, neither can yet lay claim to being the saintliest, and each still has that heavy cross of guilt to bear.  Another perfect doublecross, perhaps?” (Rosslyn Chapel Revisited)


One agent provocateur of the Rosicrucian societies may have been John Calvin whose legacy of legalism and bloodshed brought reproach on Christianity which continues to the present day. Of interest, Louis Israel Newman noted that after the death of Servetus...

"Doubts began to arise concerning Calvin's own orthodoxy in regard to the doctrine of the Trinity... Scattered throughout the works of the Genevan Reformer were several references to his disbelief in the partition of the Unity of God, although by no means did he rival Servetus in his opposition to the convention Trinitarian views; his conceptions were more subtly and skilfully portrayed, giving no offense to orthodox feelings." (Newman, op. cit, p. 604)

The following staggering piece of evidence that Calvin was Jewish was obtained from the proceedings of the Bnai Brith Convention in Paris in 1936.


“Once the revolution had been decided upon, the Jewish plotters introduced Calvinism into England to split Church and State, and divide the people. Contrary to general belief, Calvinism is of Jewish origin. It was deliberately conceived to split the adherents of the Christian religions and divide the people. Calvin's real name was Cohen! When he went from Geneva to France to start preaching his doctrine he became known as Cauin. Then in England it became Calvin. History proves that there is hardly a revolutionary plot that wasn't hatched in Switzerland; there is hardly a Jewish revolutionary leader who hasnt changed his name.

At B'nai B'rith celebrations held in Paris, France, in 1936 Cohen, Cauvin, or Calvin, whatever his name may have been, was enthusiastically acclaimed to have been of Jewish descent (The Catholic Gazette, February, 1936)...

“‘We are the Fathers of all Revolutions, even of those which sometimes happen to turn against us. We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War. We can boast of being the Creators of the Reformation! Calvin was one of our children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the reformation (which was to convince Christians it was alright to charge usury and other damnable heresies which are in violation of Gods Laws).(The Catholic Gazette, February, 1936)

See: The Reformation: Rosicrucian Connections: John Calvin

The modus operandi of International Jewry is the dialectical process sowing discord, polarizing the masses and playing both extremes off against one other. The animosities they generate render the masses incapable of recognizing the true conspirators and, even if they did, the rivalries would be so ingrained they would be unwilling to unite against the conspiracy.  This modus operandi is clearly stated in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Throughout all Europe, and by means of relations with Europe, in other continents also, we must create ferments, discords, and hostility. Therein we gain a double advantage. In the first place we keep in check all countries, for they well know that we have the power whenever we like to create disorders or to restore order.” (Protocol 7)


Scene V.  The Inquisition

Enter Pope Ratzinger


The strategy that worked during the Protestant Reformation will be employed during the upcoming Reformation as well.  As the prophesied New “Radical” Reformation led by the Gay Community is gaining momentum on the liberal West Coast and East Coast, the New Theocratic Reformers in the conservative South and Midwest will surely rise to the occasion by putting laws on their books requiring obedience to the Ten Commandments.  The New Theocratic Reformers may even have a staunch ally in the VaticanPope Benedict XVI, whose former job in the Vatican was Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is the modern-day successor to the Inquisition.  The Pope was also member of the Hitler Youth Movement.


Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was inaugurated as Pope on April 24, three weeks after the death of Pope John Paul II on April 2.  On the day of the papal death, Kim Clement delivered a prophecy which implies that the new Pope will institute a global theocracy:

For in 21 days from now a shaking will take place in the Roman Catholic Church. They will say, No it can not be. Why would they elect such a person? And then they will say, No we can not do it at this time. But it shall be done and I will bring the Spirit into the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican. There will be an infilling of the Spirit of the Cardinals and the priests. This day I have received a servant. This day you call him the Pope. This day I call him My son. This day you said a pope has died, this day I say a servant has won. I have raised up a new voice and a new spirit that shall come into Italy, and I shall invade Europe in a way that I have planned thousands of years ago. Where they shall say, What is happening in these places? The Spirit of God shall fall in buildings of rock and stone. It shall fall in places where they least believed it. I will cause CHAOS and I will say to them now I will take people by the hundreds of millions and share my Spirit with them. For I will raise up a man that shall continue, and they will say in the beginning he won’t be able to do it. But there shall be an experience after 33 days and a raising up and a resurrection. And a Spirit filled pope that will raise up a voice, and he shall speak the truth, and they will say, We must get him out of the way. But rejoice this day for there are deaths of many great leaders, because it is necessary so that I can raise up a new generation of men and women that will go in to the marketplace and raise up the name of Yahweh.” (Kim Clement, April 2, 2005)

As a lifelong fascist, Pope Ratzinger shares the extreme right-wing ideology espoused by the Dominionists and, of course, the Supreme Court Justices who are members of his personal prelature, Opus Dei, which is exclusively accountable to himself.  Concerned liberals have expressed fears that the global network of Opus Dei operatives under the direction of this fascist Pope will have the political power to elevate the Roman Catholic Church above civil authorities.

The selection of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the new pope is a clear sign that the Vatican will seek to use its influence to promote the most reactionary political forces within the ruling elites of countries around the world, particularly in Europe.

Ratzinger’s long record as enforcer of Church doctrine and chief adviser to Pope John Paul II strongly indicates that as Pope Benedict XVI, he will aggressively intervene into political affairs, using issues such as abortion and homosexuality to foster the development of a social base for right-wing parties and policies.

The new pope has close ties to ultra-conservative factions within the Catholic Church, such as Opus Dei, which are openly hostile to the core democratic principle of the separation of church and state, and seek to elevate the Church over civil authority. Such theocratic tendencies are increasingly being embraced by parties on the right as part of their ideological arsenal for attacking all of the social and democratic gains achieved in the course of the twentieth century.” (Pope Benedict XVI’s Political Resume: Theocracy And Social Reaction”)

Scene VI.  Jerusalem, Israel

Enter The Antichrist & Sanhedrin


Those Christians who take consolation in the fact that liberals will finally be forced to abide by the Ten Commandments, have a surprise in store for themselves under the judicial watch of an Opus Dei Supreme Court. Foremost is the prospect that the Jewish Noahide Laws will be enforced by this Talmudic body when the rest of the world has had enough bloodshed at the hands of the Christian Dominionists.  This transition will occur when the Jewish Antichrist rises to power and establishes the Jerusalem Sanhedrin as the Supreme Court of the World.


Soon thereafter, when the U.S. Supreme Court is officially transformed into the U.S. Sanhedrin, the Ten Commandments will be replaced by the Talmud-mandated Seven Noahide Laws as a legal means of eliminating the violence of Roman Catholicism and Christianity, as well as the right-wing Catholics and Christians who foment wars and persecutions in the name of Jesus Christ. 


Even now the Noahide Laws are being promoted as a rational and practical compromise between ecumenically-minded Christians, Catholics and Jews.  Howard Rollin, a devotee of Vendyl Jones and his “Plural Covenant Concept,” has expounded the argument that will form the basis for universal acceptance of the Noahide Laws:

“What the world needs today is a compromise to achieve a meeting point for all religions and creeds. There is an original faith, and our focus should be upon the G-d of Noah. We are all descendants of Noah and we should believe and observe at least those seven commandments stated previously. For the descendants of ISRAEL, the Bible specifies only a handful of significant Mosaic Laws. These commandments are indicated in biblical statements that say it shall be a statute for ever or a perpetual statute, etc.  (Bridging the Judeo-Christian Gap)

The Noahide Laws have NO basis in the Bible, but are found in the Talmud, that compendium of invectives and curses against Christians and Jesus Christ.   The Tribulation saints will fare no better under a system of law adjudicated by a Jewish Sanhedrin than Jesus Christ, His apostles and the early Christians fared under the Jewish Sanhedrin in Israel two thousand years ago. 


See also: Under the Law: The Noahide Laws

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