. . .and the False Prophet and 10 kings downsized to 7 and. . .






"In Libra we see two scales, one higher and one lower. These scales represent the whole theme of redemption, or purchase, and describe a commercial transaction... It is a picture of a man weighed in the scales and found wanting; man, ruined, condemned; man, with his life added up and found wholly in vanity and wholly wanting and insufficient to meet the requirements of God..." (Kennedy) 872:28

"The Egyptians also saw in Libra, a set of Scales, called 'the Scales Of Maat', one in which the human heart was to be weighed after death." (1043:'Libra')


We note here an anomaly, that the message of salvation in the 'gospel of the stars' is out of order. In the so-called 'biblical' Zodiac, the sign of Virgo, which represents a virgin conceiving the Christ, the “seed of the woman”, precedes the sign of Libra which advocates of this false gospel state symbolizes the fact that mankind has sinned. In the Book of Genesis, however, the promise of the “seed of the woman” (Gen. 3:15) is given AFTER the fall of man into sin (Gen. 3:1-14).  So why does Libra follow Virgo in the 'Biblical Zodiac' just as it does in the pagan Zodiac?  It is noteworthy that D. James Kennedy never identifies the cause of mankind's ruined condition as sin, leaving open the possibility that there is another reason for the fallen state of the human race.


We saw in the previous section that Virgo was once joined to Scorpio, but after the fall Virgo and Scorpio were separated and Virgo became Scorpio. This esoteric doctrine is known only to initiates, as Blavatsky stated in Isis Unveiled.

" ancient times...only ten [signs of the Zodiac] were known to the profane; the initiates, however, knew them all, from the time of the separation of mankind into sexes, whence arose the separation of Virgo-Scorpio into two; which owning to a secret sign added and the Libra invented by the Greeks, instead of the secret name which was not given, made 12... The Adam of the first chapter is the spiritual, therefore pure androgyne, Adam-Kadmon. When woman issues from the left rib of the second Adam (of dust), the pure Virgo is separated, and falling 'into generation,' or the downward cycle, becomes Scorpio emblem of sin and matter." (209:502ff)

Religious authorities would take a dim view of the Black Virgin if they knew that she was once Virgo-Scorpio, the divine Androgyne. Therefore, the exoteric interpretation of the original dual nature of Virgo, as found in most occult literature, is that Virgo was once Libra, Virgo-Libra.  However, this happy state of affairs ended when "Virgo...sickened by the wars of men, was the last of the celestial beings to leave the earth for the heavens, hence she is sometimes depicted with the wings that she used to ascend to the stars."  Virgo now holds a sword instead of a sheaf signifying an ongoing conflict in the age of Pisces.  Ean Begg described this state of war in The Cult of the Black Virgin:

"There is, in fact, a duality at the heart of Virgo, echoing, in the age of Pisces, the contradictory nature of the two fishes. A glance at the Tarot card Justice, generally associated with the star maiden Virgo, shows her with the sword in her right hand and a pair of scales in her left, reminding us that Virgo and Libra were once one. Now, Venus-ruled Libra has been sundered from Virgo, whose lord is androgynous Mercury. Balance, mercy, harmony, equilibrium have been split off from Justice, who, now, wields Spica, the spike or point, rather than Spica the ear of corn..."  (272:138)


"This is Spica, an ear of corn. On Denerah Virgo is Isis. Spica in Hebrew astrology is named Tsemech or 'branch'. This name is symbolic of a coming son or branch."

Virgo and Pisces, which are opposite signs on the Zodiac, represent two opposing streams of Christianity—the feminist Gnostic tradition which is vying to overthrow traditional, doctrinal Christianity. Occultists despise the literal interpretation of Scripture.

"Virgo as the opposite sign to Christian Pisces, represents its beloved ideal, its bride and the reflection of the blind-spot in its soul. To Albertus Magnus it was Christ's rising sign. The literalization of the virginity of Mary, like the literalization of Eve's role as the wicked temptress of Genesis, broke the heart of Christianity and works of reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary have still not wholly healed the wound." (272:139)

Having justified Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden and trashed the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, doctrines upheld by the Roman Catholic Church, Begg proceeds to misinterpret the woman of Revelation 12 as Virgo, personified by Mary Magdalene. Catharism was the gnostic heresy that took root and still thrives in the south of France, where the Magdalene was venerated as the Black Virgin.

    "So, if a troubadour sings of his wife and his mistress, he may well be referring to the Church of Rome and Catharism. She is nagging and dangerous, this Lady, Rome, and one should not eat her meal (i.e. the Eucharist). Amor, the dark mistress, hidden underground, is the true source of light and inspiration...

    "Thus the dichotomy of the virgin and the whore, the good mother and the witch, continues to gnaw like an unresolved canker at the soul of modern man. The author of the Book of Revelation suffered severely from this split. The Great Woman of Heaven, the sign Virgo, the Holy Spirit and Mary Magdalene, brings forth a son who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron. She is at war with her neighbouring constellation of Hydra, the adversary of Hercules in his Cancer labour, associated here with the Great Whore of Babylon, who holds a golden cup 'full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication'." (272:139)

Begg manages to bifurcate the issue into a false dichotomy, presenting the situation as having only two alternatives, when in fact other alternatives exist.  The Roman Church is assuredly the Great Whore, however, the Cathar Church is not therefore the virtuous woman.  This fallacious reasoning is the standard approach in a global smear campaign to overthrow the Roman Church and elevate the Gnostic Church as true Christianity.  To further support this fallacy, Begg proffers his Biblically ignorant readers a tangled clump of Bible prophecy and pagan mythology. 


In the Zodiac, there are many serpentine creatures—the hydra, dragon, scorpion—all of which, from the perspective of the Gnostic occultist, symbolize traditional Christianity. There is a well-organized campaign to misrepresent these beasts, as found in Scripture, as the Church of Rome. Assuredly, the demise of the Roman Church is foretold in Bible prophecy, but as the Great Whore of Babylon, not the Great Dragon. The destruction of the Church of Rome is documented in Revelation 17:9: "And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth." (KJV)  Rome has historically been called the City on Seven Hills. In modern translations, however, this verse is altered, as well as verse 10, obfuscating the identity of the Great Whore of Babylon. The confusion is undoubtedly intentional.


Gnosticism was the attempt by certain occultists of Alexandria to synthesize Christianity with paganism. To conceal the fact that Gnosticism is based in the occult rather than Christian doctrine, the Alexandrian Gnostics radically reinterpreted the New Testament and counterfeited books which they deceptively attributed to the authors of the New Testament. The Alexandrian Gnostics are credited with first introducing the heresy that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ, and that their offspring (the Merovingian bloodline) transmitted the 'secret doctrine' to the Merovingians of South France, where the Magdalene is claimed to have relocated after the death of Christ:

"It seemed that most of the Gnostic wisdom literature...and many of the finest Gnostic writings, are of Alexandrian inspiration or origin. Alexandria is also the main source of Gnostic works linking Jesus with Mary Magdalene. According to this tradition it was through the Magdalene, rather than through Peter and the male apostles, that Jesus transmitted the secret doctrine." - (272:129)

What has been remarkable is to discover theologians at D. James Kennedy's 'Reformed' seminary echoing the Gnostic works of known occultists. The following Gnostic interpretation of the Book of Revelation is posted on the website of Knox Theological Seminary, whose president is Dr. Kennedy. "The Gospel of John: A Neglected Key to Revelation?" interprets the Book of Revelation, not as prophecy to be taken literally, but as a parallel to the gospel of John. The authors conclude this flight of fancy by implying that Jesus was married to Mary Magdale!

"The Gospel [of John] concludes with a woman and Jesus in an earthly garden (John 20:15).  Jesus tells Mary that He must ascend to His Father (John 20:17).  Revelation concludes with the bride descending from the Father to be received by her Groom (Rev 21:9-10), coming to a heavenly garden with the river of crystal and the tree of life (Rev 22:1-2).  The Gospel's picture of the bride, corresponding to the bride of Revelation, is Mary Magdalene.  Now the choice of this Mary to represent the bride is remarkable due to her reputation within the Christian community as the one from whom the Lord had cast out seven demons (Luke 8:2).  Consequently, one who had known every form of demonic defilement (cf. Luke 11:26) is chosen by John to represent the bride of Jesus. When read thematically in parallel with Revelation, the redemption of Mary Magdalene is juxtaposed to the redemption of the whore of Babylon, who becomes the bride of Christ.  Once again, the parallel maintains a perfect thematic equipoise with Revelation. The marriage imagery in the Gospel is an implicit Adam typology, with the Lord awakening in the garden tomb as a new Adam.  His wounded side (John 19:34) having been healed, Jesus beholds Mary Magdalene, who has become the new Eve." (829:Part I)

Not only is the marriage imagery of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene misguided, the goddess motif is present with Mary Magdalene becoming the New Eve, the wife of Jesus who is called the New Adam. The 'Reformed' are beginning to sound suspiciously Merovingian.  In their desperation to keep their church members from understanding the literal meaning of the book of Revelation, Reformed leaders are now revealing just how gnostic their interpretation of this prophetic book really is.

The New Adam/New Eve concept of Jesus and Mary is also promoted by the present pope who is a devotee of the Black Virgin: "...Pope John Paul II says, 'Having created man male and female, the Lord also wants to place the New Eve beside the new Adam in the Redemption...Mary, the New Eve, thus becomes a perfect icon of the church...we can therefore turn to the Blessed Virgin, trustfully imploring her aid in the awareness of the singular role entrusted to her by God, the role of co-operator in the Redemption.'" (849)

The New Adam/New Eve typology derives from the Kabalistic doctrine of the androgynous Adam Kadmon (Second Adam/New Eve), whose archetype is Virgo-Scorpio and whose offspring, following reunion, is a divine androgyne. It appears that the Reformed are departing from their Reformation heritage to a new Christology which incorporates the sacred marriage blasphemy.


The sign of Libra symbolizes a future restoration of the balance between Virgo and Scorpio, per H.P. Blavatsky:

To make it clearer, the sign Virgo-Scorpio... now became Scorpio (or Cain), which sign or patriarch led mankind to destruction, according to exoteric theology; but, according to the true doctrine of the wisdom-religion, it indicated the degradation of the whole universe in its course of evolution downward from the subjective to the objective. The sign of Libra is credited as a later invention by the Greeks, but it is not generally stated that those among them who were initiated had only made a change of names conveying the same idea as the secret name to those who knew, leaving the masses as unwise as ever. Yet it was a beautiful idea of theirs, this Libra, or the balance, expressing as much as could possibly be done without unveiling the whole and ultimate truth. They intended it to imply that when the course of evolution had taken the worlds to the lowest point of grossness, where the earths and their products were coarsest, and their inhabitants most brutish, the turning-point had been reached--the forces were at an even balance. At the lowest point, the still lingering divine spark within began to convey the upward impulse. The scales typified that external equilibrium which is the necessity of a universe in harmony, of exact justice, of the balance of centripetal and centrifugal forces, darkness and light, spirit and matter. (195:456-7:Vol.II)

What Blavatsky is saying is that to achieve equilibrium, the exoteric symbolism of Libra as the Scales of Justice will be asserted in the upcoming restoration of Virgo-Scorpio.

"In the modern zodiac, the sign of the Scales rules the period from 9/24 - 10/23. The only sign of the zodiac which is not a living thing, the scales were placed to represent the balance present at the time of the equinox. Some scholars believe that at one time, the Scales were the last sign of the zodiac, the mother goddess Virgo being the first. For this reason, it is believed in some Islamic areas that the 'end of the world' will come in Libra, at the time of cosmic balancing and justice." (668)

What is meant by this "time of cosmic balancing and justice" at the end of the world? 


The sign of Libra is depicted as the Scales of Justice. According to The Fixed Stars, by Anne Wright, "From time immemorial the scales have been the principle attribute of justice, it being impossible to even a little right with any quantity of wrong. Scales are emblems of Themis as law, order and truth [Brewers Book of Myth and Legend, p.253]. The Egyptians also saw in Libra, a set of Scales, called 'the Scales Of Maat', one in which the human heart was to be weighed after death." The author proceeds to describe the judgment of souls in the Egyptian mystery religion:

"Psychostasis, or the weighing of souls, is a famous subject of Ancient Egyptian theology and art, symbolizing God's judgement of the individual after death and all the formidable apparatus of justice. The scene is generally set as follows: the scales stand in the centre with the symbol of the dead person's conscience, the heart, enclosed in an urn, in one pan. In the other is the goddess Maat's ostrich-feather, the symbol of justice. The ibis-headed god, Thoth, stands on the right ready to record the judgement, while on the left stands the jackal-headed god, Anubis, holding the dead person's hand and leading him towards the scales. In his other hand the god holds an ankh, the symbol of the eternal life which the dead person hopes to obtain. Anubis casts a keen eye upon the beam of the scales while the dead person makes a confession. This is really a negative confession in the sense that the sins listed are those which have not been committed. At the God's feet the Crocodile Devourer, with gaping jaws and a group of hippopotami behind it, waits for Thoth to give his verdict. If the feather is heavier, the dead person is saved, but if it is his conscience, then he is doomed. The scene sometimes takes place in the presence of the great gods, Ra, Osiris and Isis, assisted by forty-two assessors armed with knives, the latter being the canonical number of sins. Psychostasis means that no human action is insignificant in God's sight. It symbolizes judgement, but, at a deeper level, responsibility as well." (833:'Libra')

The Egyptian hierarchy of gods, as Blavatsky identifies them, were "Kings of Egypt, the gods Keb, Osiris, Set, Horus, Thoth-Hermes, and the goddess Ma, a long period of centuries being assigned to the reign of each of these." (897:368,II)  Ma or Ma'at was the consort/sister of Thoth-Hermes, who fled from Atlantis to Egypt where he taught the Egyptians what became known as the Hermetic arts and sciences.  Ma'at was sometimes represented as twins; when associated with the Black Virgin, Isis, she is Isis-Ma'at:

"The ankh which Isis carries as supreme initiatrix may account for some of the oddly shaped sceptres carried by Black Virgins... Her own name is considered by many scholars to mean 'throne', while to others, when combined with Maat, it signifies 'ancient wisdom'... The Black also the ancient wisdom of Isis-Maat, the secret of eternal life that is the gold at the end of the alchemical process." (272:131)

Maat personified all the elements of cosmic harmony as established by the pagan 'creator-god' at the beginning of time. These included truth, justice and moral integrity, as well as established order and structure. The name 'Maat' meant 'truth' or more particularly, 'that which is straight' or orderly. So when gnostic occultists speak of "truth," they are referring to a mythical teenage girl goddess who rules the universe rather than the person of Jesus Christ who, as God, is "the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6) and "upholds all things by the word of his power" (Heb. 1:3).

" the top of the universal order stood a goddess, a teenage girl goddess who was often represented as a pair of twins, Ma'at. This unprepossessing goddess literally ruled everything. She was not the sun and she was not power and strength; she represented, rather, an abstraction. She was 'Truth' or 'Order.' For the Egyptian believed that the universe was above everything else an ordered and rational place. It functioned with predictability and regularity; the cycles of the universe always remained constant; in the moral sphere, purity was rewarded and sin was punished. Both morally and physically, the universe was in perfect balance.
   "The Egyptian word for this balance was the Egyptian word for 'truth,' ma'at; this is perhaps the single most important aspect of Egyptian culture that you can learn. For once you really understand this concept, the whole of Egyptian culture begins to make sense. The order of the universe (ma'at ) functioned with unswerving accuracy; it was maintained by the goddess Ma'at. This meant that the concept of "truth' meant for the Egyptian the rational and orderly working of the universe rather than its diverse phenomena. The Egyptian, then, believed that he or she understood how the universe operated; all phenomena could be explained by an appeal to this understanding of the rationality of the universe.
   "I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important this concept of ma'at is to subsequent history. This idea that the universe is rational and that the 'truth' of the universe is the underlying rationality and order of the universe rather than its diverse phenomena, passed from the Egyptians to the Greeks." (1040)

Ma'at was the antithesis of Set/Seth, who brought chaos into the world. "Storms were the provenance of the god Seth, who also represented chaos, evil and confusion, among other negative qualities. The goddess Ma'at, in many ways in positive counterpart, represented the deified concept of world order, balance, harmony, justice, and truth." (1039:34) As primordial archetype, Ma'at was credited with bringing order out of the chaos produced by the Great Flood. "'Maat' has two meanings in the ancient Egyptian language. Maat is first the goddess of justice and truth, who gave meaning to the world and bestowed order upon the chaos of creation in the First Times." (1042)  Ma'at maintained the ordered processes of the universe, assuring balance, harmony and rationality. She governed the movement of the stars, the rising and setting of the sun, the inundation and retreat of the Nile, and the laws underlying all of nature. Without Maat the whole structure of Creation would collapse under the power of Chaos. 


Maat also presided over the judgment of every human being after death. This terrifying encounter occurred in the Judgment Hall of the Tuat or Other World: "Maat also plays an important part in the Book of the Dead. It is in the Hall of Maat the judgement of the dead was performed. This was done by weighing one's heart (conscience) against the feather of Maat. If a balance was struck the deceased was deemed to be worthy of meeting Osiris in the after life. If the heart of the deceased was found to be heavier then the feather of Maat it would be devoured by Ammut." (1041)


As the goddess of order and harmony, Ma'at was said to represent the natural law or universal law. In the Hall of Ma'at, those who had obeyed the natural law were saved; those who violated the natural law perished.

"From this role in the Judgement Hall arose the interpretation of 'maat' as a systemized spiritual ideal. The order she represents was apparent everywhere in the world around her faithful worshippers. It was observed in the orderly motion and interaction of the heavenly bodies and reflected in the natural laws at work on the earth. It was deemed necessary to act in accordance with universal law and to understand one's place in the natural order to ensure the soul's position among the stars above.

"Maat is the underlying current that connects all things in an intricately woven network. Each nexus is the balance of the lines of force that pass through it. It was considered essential to live according to the principles of balance and justice so as not to disturb the very fabric of creation. The ultimate will of the gods is that order is to prevail." (1042)

Natural law is defined by Webster's Dictionary as “discernible to reason, as distinguished from law laid down in codes by state, church, etc.” Natural law is contrary to that law which is found in Scripture, be it the Mosaic Law or the Royal Law of Love enunciated by Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul exalted the law of God far above that form of law which is according to human reason. "For the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (Rom. 7:14)


The Declaration of Independence opens with a declaration of human rights deriving, not from Holy Scripture, but from Natural Law:  “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

In ancient and classical mythology, 'Nature's God' is Pan, the god of lust. The author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian; his philosophy was Masonic (whether or not he ever joined a Lodge) and his religion was deism, which is, according to Webster “a movement or system of thought advocating natural religions based on human reason rather than revelation, emphasizing morality, and in the 18th century denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe.”


The reader may be surprised to learn that the All-Seeing Eye of Freemasonry originally belonged to Ma'at, and was only later transferred to Horus. By means of its limitless powers of  clairvoyance, Ma'at was privy to every action, as well as thought and motive, of her subjects. In her book, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, Cathy Burns quoted Texe Marrs and Laurie Cabot, "the official Witch of Salem," on this matter:

"The Egyptian priesthood taught first that Maat, the Goddess of truth and judgment, possessed a third eye. Later the central text of the Egyptian Mystery Religion was revised and a male god, Horus, son of the Goddess, was given the all-seeing eye." Laurie Cabot agrees that the 'Egyptian Goddess Maat originally possessed the All-seeing Eye, which later was transferred to Horus.' She adds: 'Outlining the eye emulates the Goddess, who is often portrayed with large, distinctive eyes, capable of seeing through space and time as well as into our innermost hearts...'" (39:368)

The All-Seeing Eye on the dollar bill of the United States illustrates the intense gaze of Ma'at upon mankind and portends a coming judgment based on the concept of Ma'at:

"Today the dollar bill bears the image of a pyramid with an eye set within it, which is the most ancient image of all images in daily use because it has come down to us from before the time of Sequenenre Tao, escaping the purge of Egyptian motifs of the king-making ceremony caused by the prophet Ezekiel during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews. It represents God (in the form of Amen-Re) having an ever-present eye, casting His gaze over His people to judge every action they make in life, so that they will receive their just deserts in death. The whole basis of Ma'at was a measurement of the goodness done in life as seen by God." (162:356)

Symbolizing the mathematical precision with which Ma'at ruled the universe are the Square and the Compass, which are also the symbols of Freemasonry. Once more, the symbolism of Freemasonry is discovered to be representing Ma'at:

"Masonic author, Albert Churchward writes: 'The Square is also very clearly depicted, symbolically, in the Egyptian Ritual and is plainly shown in The Book of the Dead, ... This Square you find depicted in many of the ancient temples and in the Great Pyramid, as two seats, one for Osiris and one for Maat—IT IS THE MASONIC SQUARE.'" (39:318)

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas go as far as to say, in The Hiram Key, that Ma'at is, not only the 'spirit of Freemasonry', Ma'at is Freemasonry.

    "'Ma'at-neb-men-aa, Ma'a-ba-aa'

    "Those readers who are Freemasons will recognise these words but will be astounded to know that they are pure ancient Egyptian. Their meaning is breathtaking:

        "Great is the established Master of Freemasonry. Great is the spirit of Freemasonry.'

   "We have translated 'Ma'at' as 'Freemasonry' because there is no other modern single word that comes close to the original complex concept that conveyed a whole bundle of ideas around 'truth, justice, fairness, harmony and moral rectitude as symbolised by the regular purity of the perfectly upright and square foundations of a temple'. Ma'at attitude of life that blended the three most important values that mankind possesses, namely the knowledge of science, the beauty of art and the spirituality of theology. That is the craft of Freemasonry...

    "...they have been viewed as the 'magic words', the incantation which made the resurrection of the new candidate something more than symbolic... The newly resurrected candidate is the spirit of Ma'at (Freemasonry) living on past the deaths of those that have gone before." (162:143-4)

Knight and Lomas imply there will be a future "attempt to restore the 'balance' or cosmic order of the world, i.e. Maat, as it was in the 'First Time'."  The restoration of the cosmic order would be performed by a future 'council of the gods', using the Scales of Maat in a global Judgment of Solomon.

    "Cosmic Order, in the symbolic terminology of the ancient Egyptians, was known as Maat. The same word also means 'justice' and 'law' -- for example the justice that was exercised by the 'council of the gods' of Heliopolis when they judged in favour of Horus, after his conflict with Seth, and passed on to him the legacy of the Osirian throne.

    "The ancient Egyptian religious texts transmit details of one of the high rituals of Osirian liturgy — the 'weighing of the soul' of the dead in the Great Judgment Hall of Osiris. This is a sort of archetypal 'Judgment of Solomon', with the weighing being done on the Great Scales of Maat. These latter have a name — Mekhaat — which means in other contexts 'the balance of the Earth'.

    "The hieroglyphic determinative sign for the verb 'to weigh' shows a triangle, or builder's 'square', with a plumb-bob suspended from the apex — a sign which can also mean 'balance in the earth'. The triangle distinctly recalls the profile or cross-section of a pyramid...

    "Perhaps the Great Pyramid -- the terrestrial counterpart of the star Al Nitak was seen as a weighing device or 'instrument' playing its part in some as yet unexplained attempt to restore the 'balance' or cosmic order of the world, i.e. Maat, as it was in the 'First Time'...

    "...The Queen's Chamber lies along the centre-line of the Pyramid." (162:278-82)

"The Great Pyramid (of Egypt) is in itself a sign of the 7 stars comprising as it does, the square and triangle in one figure and the other 2 pyramids near this one, represent the sun and moon." (9:277-78)

According to Richard Allen Hinckley, author of Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, Ma'at is also Vega, which is Lucifer:  "The Egyptians also saw in Libra, a set of Scales, called 'the Scales Of Maat', one in which the human heart was to be weighed after death." (833, 'Libra') To understand the Ma'at-Lucifer connection, please refer to the section of this report on Sagittarius.


There is a precedent for the sign of Libra in action. During the French Revolution, on October 16, 1793, which fell under the sign of Libra, Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France as wife of Louis XVI, was convicted of treason and guillotined in Paris. Jasper Ridley wrote of the invention of the guillotine during the French Revolution in his book, The Freemasons: A History of the World's Most Powerful Secret Society: "The guillotine was named after Dr. Joseph Guillotin, a medical doctor who...was a Freemason. He had said...that it was essential to have an instrument to carry out the death penalty as quickly and painlessly as possible, though it was not he, but some technicians, who had then constructed the guillotine." (542:140)

The guillotine would serve to facilitate the 'reign of terror' conducted by Robespierre, the Jacobins and Napoleon:

    "Guillotin...proposed to the constituent assembly...the use of a decapitating instrument as a means of execution. This was adopted in 1791 and named after him, though a similar apparatus had been used earlier in Scotland, Germany and Italy...

    "(1793-4) The extreme phase of the French Revolution, characterized by the systematic execution of political opponents of the Jacobins and supposed sympathizers of the Counter-Revolution, who were brought before the Revolutionary Tribunal, and guillotined. 40,000 people are thought to have been killed in Paris and the provinces." (218:496)

“Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” was a motto formulated to articulate the ideals and aspirations of the oppressed under the opulent French monarchy.  However, what happened in the wake of this Masonic rallying cry was another affair altogether. The awful brutality of the French Revolution is detailed in Texe Marrs' article, “Revolution of Blood”:

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
    “The rallying cry and motto of the Illuminati in France was, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” Seemingly worthy goals. But in reality, the actual meaning and operation of these three terms was diabolical.
    “The word “Liberty,” to Illuminism, means liberty of man from God, the liberty of man to do as he wants, when he wants, free of the shackles of the Christian religion. Rebellion and anarchy are to be used to achieve such liberty.
    “Equality,” meanwhile, implies that all authority is to be smashed and that no man should own more goods than his fellows. Man would have little or no property to tie him down, no family or children, no cities, no government. Instead, rewilded man would live pure in nature in a savage and primitive, yet exalted, state.
    “Fraternity” means that all men are to be brothers, the artificial strictures of national borders, religions, and races, etc. obliterated.
    “To attain these goals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, a Masonic physician, Dr. Guillotine, invented a bloody, head-chopping blade machine, and heads began to roll. The King and the Queen were just two of thousands executed. Next, perceiving the guillotine as too cumbersome and slow—only one person at a time was beheaded—other killing methods were employed.

Christians and Churches Persecuted
     “Christians in towns and cities across France who refused to renounce Christ were bound hand and foot and loaded onto boats. The boats were pushed out into deep waters of rivers. Riflemen would then shoot holes in the boats. Plaintive screams and cries were heard as the vessels sank and helpless, bound Christians drowned.
    “Protestant ministers and Catholic priests alike had their eyes gouged out. Many were shot, others bayoneted, still others stomped to death or killed with the sword. Crazed rioters tore many to pieces. Some who renounced Christ were spared after being humiliated.
    “Inside churches, revolutionary mobs shattered stain glass windows, defecated on and destroyed pews, and threw down crosses and urinated on them. In some churches, naked women paraded inside as “Lady Liberty,” proceeding to the altar where they were adored and pawed at by drunken revelers shouting obscenities at God. Pornographic art was displayed in galleries and in homes.
    “Across France, over three million people perished—many of whom were small merchants and shop owners, simple farmers, and God-fearing elderly persons. In some cases, entire towns were razed and destroyed.
    “Finally, the executors became the executed. Robespierre, chief of the Illuminati butchers, was, in turn, himself dragged to the gallows and his head lopped off. It was the bloodthirsty feasting upon the bloodthirsty. Terror begetting terror.
    “When the Terror finally exhausted itself, the fake messiah, Napoleon, appeared on the scene. Many more died in the wars and famine that ensued after the crowning of the little Corsican dictator.” (2003)

The French messiah, Napoleon, was well-connected with the Merovingian bloodline. According to Guardians of the Grail, by J.R. Church, he married into the Merovingian dynasty:

“Merovee died in 458 A.D., leaving the throne to his son, Childeric I. Though the grave of Merovee has never been found, the grave of Childeric I was found in 1653. 'The tomb contained...items less characteristic of kingship than of magic, sorcery, and divination—a severed horse's head, a bull's head made of gold and a crystal ball!'... There were other items of interest also found in the tomb of King Childeric I, son of Merovee and father of Clovis—a special set of 300 miniature solid gold bees!... [T]he bees...were given to Leopold Wilhelm von Habsburg, military governor of the Austrian Netherlands, who was considered to be a descendant of the Merovingian dynasty. By 1804, when Napoleon was crowned emperor, those 300 bees had been returned to France. Having special importance to Napoleon, he had them affixed to his coronation robes. Napoleon, of course, had a special interest in the Merovingian dynasty. In 1810, Napoleon married Marie-Louise, the daughter of Francis II, the last Habsburg to sit on the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.” (127:81-2)

J.R. claims the occult meaning of the bees is not known, however, they are found on the Plantard family crest and their significance is explained by Kenneth Grant, the Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the organization once directed by Aleister Crowley. 

“In the Typhonian Tradition the Bear is the constellation of Ursa Major. The stars must be aligned in a specific way in order for Set [Satan] to be properly invoked. To the Priory of Sion (the secret, occult organization dedicated to preserving the Merovingian Bloodline), the Bear was an animal of the Goddess Diana. According to Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, the authors of The Templar Revelation, ' ...the Merovingian kings, from their founder Merovee to Clovis (who converted to Christianity in 496) were 'pagan kings of the cult of Diana'.'  Picknet and Prince got this information from the Dossiers Secrets of the Priory of Sion. The bees, which are a recurring symbol of the Merovingians are, in the Typhonian Tradition, represented frequently as the humming or buzzing sound that occurs before the appearance of the Great Old Ones or 'beings' proper to this tradition. Grant writes 'The bee, beetle, or crab, is therefore the link between the earliest manifestation of the Typhonion current and its final phases.'... There are eleven bees because eleven is the number of Magick and of the sephirah on the Tree of Life, called Daath, which is the 'Gateway' to the backside of the Tree and to the Gods...” (571)

Returning to the French Revolution, one month after the beheading of the Queen, Marie Antoinette, the “Goddess of Reason” was enthroned by proxy in Notre Dame Cathedral—the same cathedral named in honor of 'Notre Dame de Lumières' (Our Lady of the Lights/Lucifer) whom Pierre Plantard de Saint-Claire identified as being Isis. According to Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, the Goddess of Liberty also became a popular idol in many French churches which were converted into pagan temples.

"The Goddess of Reason [was] the central figure in an attempt to supersede Christianity during the French Revolution. The first Feast of Reason was held on 20th Brumaire [November 11], 1793, when the 'goddess', Mlle Candeille of the Opera, was enthroned in Notre Dame Cathedral, which became the Temple of Reason. She was dressed in white with a red Phrygian cap (liberty cap) and the pike of Jupiter-Peuple in her hand. Mme Momoro, wife of a member of the Convention, was later installed at St Sulpice. Goddesses of Liberty and Reason were soon set up throughout France, one allegedly wearing a fillet bearing the words 'Turn me not into License!' Saturnalia of an uninhibited kind accompanied these installations." (842:457)

On June 8, 1794, was held the Inaugural Feast of the Supreme Being and of Nature. This feast would have been a celebration of the lusty god of nature, Pan.  The laws of nature's god, Pan, also called the Natural Law, governed mankind in the pre-flood era. The lawlessness of nature was bluntly articulated by the British spy and occultist known as 'The Beast': "Aleister Crowley' call(ed) the...Book of the Law was reducible to a single precept...'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."' (36:58)


The French Revolution reveals the type of Justice that is signified by the Scales of Libra—a form of justice that will be enforced 'at the end of the world'. This is precisely what the occult underground, now the occult establishment, have envisioned as the necessary final phase of mankind's release from its prison of matter into the Great Beyond. At some point in the near future, the sign of Libra will again assert its influence over mankind and another reign of terror will ensue, this time on a global scale.




Let us consider a few parallels between the French Revolution and the approaching Tribulation period. The Great Tribulation will follow a calendar of 30-day months over a period of 42 months, or 1260 days (Rev.12:6). Mankind will revert to the 30-day month of the antediluvian era as seen in the account of Noah's flood, where a 360-day year is indicated by the usage of a uniform 30-day month. For instance, from the onset of the flood rains, until when the ark rested on Mount Ararat, there are an even "150 days" (30 x 5) and this period is said to span from the "seventeenth day of the second month" until "the seventeenth day of the seventh month." (Gen. 7:11; 8:3-4)  Jesus said in Matt. 24:37, "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."


Likewise, during the French Revolution, the calendar was changed to 30-day months. The Columbia Encyclopedia states concerning the French Revolutionary Calendar: "...the official CALENDAR of France, Nov. 14, 1793-Dec. 31, 1805. Its introduction was decreed by the Convention on Oct. 5, 1793, but it was computed from September 22, 1792, the autumnal equinox and the day after the proclamation of the republic. Supposedly philosophical and mathematical in its basis, it was divided into 12 months of 30 days..." (124:1052-3)


In the new calendar adopted at the time of the French Revolution, the first day of the year, the 1st of Vendemiaire (the grape-harvest month), was the date of the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Since the year was divided into twelve months of 30 days each, "that left five or six surplus days which were celebrations ending the year, in honor of virtue, genius, work, opinion, prizes and revolution." ("Fall Equinox Celebrations")


Of added interest, September 22, which became the French New Year, is important in occult numerology. Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince state in The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ: "There is a good reason for the emphasis on eleven and twenty-twos: these numbers are both 'Master numbers' in the occult. They are particularly significant in cabalistic studies." (242:203)  Recall that the first Feast of Reason was held on November 11, 1793. Also, there are 11 bees on the Plantard family crest because, according to Kenneth Grant, "eleven is the number of Magick and of the sephirah on the Tree of Life, called Daath, which is the 'Gateway' to the backside of the Tree and to the Gods..." (571)


The drastic restructuring of society, government and the economy which occurred during the French Revolution will be duplicated on a global scale during the Tribulation period, including the redistribution of wealth and violent overthrow of Christianity.  The Cambridge Encyclopedia lists some of the 'reforms' of the Revolution:

"French Revolution (1789). A complex upheaval, profoundly affecting every aspect of government and society, and therefore considered a significant turning point in French history...with wide sweeping political, social, and economic measures (1789-91). These included the abolition of feudal, aristocratic, and clerical privileges, the Declaration of the Rights of Man, the establishment of a constitutional government, the confiscation of church estates, and the reorganization of church-state relations in the Civil Constitution of the Clergy (1790). Thus the ancien regimé was effectively dismantled in the name of liberty, equality and fraternity..." (218:439-440)

The book of Daniel is less euphemistic about the Antichrist's program of social reform. Although many elements will be similar, the horrors of the French Revolution will pale in comparison to the approaching nightmare.

Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. Dan. 7:23-5


On January 17, 1951, the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch elected Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson to be the Lubavitch “Rebbe.”  The “Rebbe,” who is regarded by the International Lubavitch Movement as the “messiah,” was also recognized as a moral leader by many U.S. presidents, starting with President Richard Nixon. According to the Chabad-Lubavitch, the Rebbe enjoyed an especially close relationship with Ronald Reagan, who began the process of giving legislative status to what the Lubavitchers call “the Seven Universal Laws”:

“The President was an early and enthusiastic adherent of the Rebbe’s call to make all people aware of the Seven Universal Laws, based on the belief in a Supreme Being. The Rebbe’s call for a moment of silence in the public schools, and his persistent belief that America must export to the world faith-based moral values, were among the themes that found a welcoming ear in President Reagan.”

According to The Encyclopedia of Judaism these Seven Universal Laws, also called the Seven Noahide Laws, are as follows:

(1) Civil justice [the duty to establish a legal system];

(2) Prohibition of blasphemy [which includes the bearing of false witness];

(3) The abandonment of idolatry;

(4) The prohibition of incest [including adultery and other sexual offenses];

(5) The prohibition of murder;

(6) Also that of theft;

(7) The law against eating flesh [a limb] cut from a living animal [i.e., cruelty in any shape or form] (T.B. Sanh. 56A)

If we compare the Jewish Noahide Laws with the Masonic Noahide Laws as presented in Albert Mackey's History of Freemasonry, they are nearly identical, revealing the Jewish source of Freemasonry:

(1)  To do justice 

(2) Worship God

(3) Abstain from idolatry

(4) Preserve chastity 

(5) Do not commit murder 

(6) Do not steal 

(7) Do not eat the blood - (112:409)

The Encyclopedia of Judaism identifies the source of the Noahide Laws as the Talmud Bavli, the Babylonian Talmud, which is the most authoritative Talmud for Orthodox Judaism which regards it as divinely inspired.  The Talmud also delimits the penalty for disobedience of one Noahide Law: “One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanhedrin Tract 57A)”

The Seven Noahide Laws do not apply to Jews, but only to Gentiles, and will establish a legal framework for the Jewish elite to rule the Gentile world during the Tribulation period. The B’nai Noach website put it this way: “A bat Noach [daughter of Noah] or b’nai Noach [son/child of Noah] is a non-Jew (Noahide) who follows the Jewish laws specifically given by God for them.”

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, “due process” will not be followed in the prosecution of Noachides: “The many formalities of procedure essential when the accused is an Israelite need not be observed in the case of the Noachid. The latter may be convicted on the testimony of one witness, even on that of relatives, but not on that of a woman. He need have had no warning (‘hatra’ah’) from the witnesses; and a single judge may pass sentence on him (ib. 57a, b; ‘Yad,’ l.c. ix. 14).” [For more information on the Noahide Laws, see the Watch Unto Prayer report, Under the Law.]

In 1982, in honor of the 80th birthday of Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, President Reagan, an Honorary Scottish Rite Mason, issued a declaration, which Congress confirmed, that April 4 would become a National Day of Reflection on the Seven Noahide Laws as a moral code for mankind. 

    “One shining example for people of all faiths of what education ought to be is that provided by the Lubavitch movement, headed by Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, a worldwide spiritual leader who will celebrate his 80th birthday on April 4, 1982. The Lubavitcher Rebbe's work stands as a reminder that knowledge is an unworthy goal unless it is accompanied by moral and spiritual wisdom and understanding. He has provided a vivid example of the eternal validity of the Seven Noahide Laws, a moral code for all of us regardless of religious faith. May he go from strength to strength.

    “In recognition of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's 80th birthday, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled have issued House Joint Resolution 447 to set aside April 4, 1982, as a "National Day of Reflection.

    “NOW, THEREFORE, I, RONALD REAGAN, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim April 4, 1982, as National Day Reflection.”

Nine years later, in 1991, the Seven Noahide Laws became Public Law 102-14 after a vote by the U.S. Congress on the recommendation of Reagan’s successor, President George H. W. Bush, a member of the Masonic Order of Skull & Bones ('48). Before a joint session of Congress, President Bush honored Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, the now deceased “messiah” of the Lubavitch Movement, by establishing the observance of Education Day, USA. This national observance was intended “to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws.” In reality, P.L.102-14 established the Talmud as of the supreme Law of the Land.

Lest the reader think the current President of the United States, who claims to be a Christian, would never pay tribute to the Lubavitchers’ false messiah like his father who issued the Education Day proclamation, on March 26, 2002, President George W. Bush, also a member of the Order of Skull & Bones ('68) held a White House reception in honor of the 100th birthday of Rabbi Schneerson.

“Bush Meets Lubavitch Rabbis to Mark Rebbe’s 100th Birthday.” 


“U.S. President George W. Bush hosted a delegation of 10 leading rabbis and officials from the Lubavitch Hasidic movement at the White House yesterday. The 90-minute meeting took place in the framework of events organized by the movement to mark the 100th birthday of the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson... Bush added his signature to a document declaring the late Rebbe’s birthday ‘The day of education and charity.’  [Avraham] Rabbi Shem-Tov thanked the president for his support of Israel and presented him with a Passover Haggadah.”

If decapitation is the penalty for violation of even a single Noahide Law, and beheading is the preferred method of exterminating multitudes of believers during the Tribulation period, as it was during the French Revolution, is it foreseeable that Christians might be accused of violating one of these Talmudic laws?

We now turn to the proceedings of a meeting that took place at the Vatican just a few months prior to the March 2002 White House reception in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. This Jewish-Christian dialogue, which was conducted by the Chief Rabbi of Rome, presaged the very grim future that awaits the Tribulation saints:

“The Noachides & Romes Chief Rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni”


    “In Rome, on January 17, 2002, in the Lecture hall of the Major Roman Pontifical Seminary, a meeting was organized by the Diocese of Rome, part of the Day of Jewish-Christian dialogue. Present on the Catholic side were Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia and Msgr. Rino Fisichella, and on the Jewish side, Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, who replaced Rabbi Elio Toaff as Chief Rabbi of Rome...

    “Rabbi Di Segni...explains [the seven precepts that all noachides must respect]:

    “These rules are: interdiction of all worship except monotheism, interdiction on blasphemy, the obligation to form tribunals, the interdiction on homicide, theft, adultery, and incest, and the interdiction on eating food torn from living animals.

    “...The Rabbi’s attention is completely fixed on the first precept, that of monotheism: ‘As to the monotheist cult, apparently, it poses no doubt for the major religions.’ Aren’t  Judaism, Christianity and Islam defined, in post-conciliar language that has become colloquial today,  as ‘the three major monotheist religions’? In fact, Di Segni sees no difficulty in defining  Muslims as strict and even circumcised monotheists. But, as to Christians, he has some doubts....

    christians: monotheists or idolators?

    “This is where Di Segni—who is the author of the re-publication of the Toledoths Jeshu, under the new title, Il Vangelo del Ghetto [The Gospel of the Ghetto], with the Toledoths Jeshu being  the most inflammatory Jewish legends against Jesus (1)---‘speaks clearly’ to the prelates who heard him:

    “At the point we have now reached, it is necessary to make a clarification on Jewish theology, which, on the subject of monotheism and how it is lived by Christianity, gives rise to a debate that is essentially a dilemma. The point in question is in view of establishing whether Jesus’ divinity can be compatible, for a non-Jew (because for a Jew it is absolutely not) with the monotheistic concept. 

    “In other words: The Jew who would become a Christian, thus then believing in the divinity of Jesus, would cease to be a monotheist in order to become an idolater. Must one say the same thing of a non-Jew? Is believing in Jesus’ divinity a sin of idolatry, a violation of the first precept of the Noachide law? Rabbi Di Segni advises:

    “‘As to be expected, in Jewish theology, the answer to this question is not unanimous: some firmly deny it, others place certain conditions on it. The consequence is that, according to the literal opinion, the Christian would not be on the path of salvation’ since he is guilty of idolatry...

    “Di Segni concludes: ‘If one must literally apply the Noachide system of laws, it [the punishment of death] would be applied to all, so that the Noachides might observe it. Likewise, the punishment of death would apply to what treats forbidding the worship of strange gods,’ in view of monotheism.” (559) (emphasis added)


Source: “The Noachides and Rome’s Chief Rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni,” Father Francesco Ricossa, Sodalitium, French Edition, No. 53, July, 2002, translated by Suzanne M. Rini, Trans Et Alia, Vol. 3, No. 3, Sept. 2002.

We note that this meeting took place on January 17, the day on which Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson was elected as the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1951. January 17 is also the date upon which Convents of the Prieuré de Sion are traditionally held for the election of Grand Masters. January is the month of the Roman god Janus, whom the Prieuré worships as Diana, which is the reason the name ‘John’ or ‘Jean is the esoteric name of its Grand Masters. January 17 is also the exact day in 681 when Sigisbert IV, the deceased King Dagobert's son, known as the 'Plant-Ard', took refuge from the Carolingian assassins at Rennes-le-Chateau. The fact that January 17 was chosen to announce the impending enforcement of the Noahide Laws implicates the Prieuré de Sion, which is the central command of all secret societies, as a Jewish organization.

The Chief Rabbi of Rome is putting the Roman Catholic hierarchy on notice that the Jewish elite, the Prieuré de Sion, which even now controls the world from behind the scenes, will soon have legal authority to prosecute and exterminate Christians for the crime of idolatry.  According to the Sodalitium article, not one of the Vatican prelates protested the agenda of the Jews: Today, the unthinkable has been realized. But the Cardinals present at the lecture of...Rabbi Di Segni, keep silent. Nor did the prelates question the Jewish power in a court of law.

Since the 2002 meeting at the Vatican, Rabbi di Segni has been cultivating interfaith unity among Roman Catholic, Muslim and Jewish leaders. It would appear from the news clip below that the crypto-Jewish leadership of the Catholic Church, as well as of Islam, are working in concert with the Jewish agents of the Prieuré de Sion to bring about the overthrow of Christianity.

From left, Rome's Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, President of the St. Egidio Community Andrea Riccardi, Pontifical Council of Interreligious Dialogue's French Cardinal Paul Jean Poupard, Secretary of the Islamic Cultural Center Abdallah Redouane, Rome's Mosque Imam Sami Salem, Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni, and President of the Jewish Community of Rome Leone Pasermann join their hand in unison at the end of an interreligious meeting held in Rome's Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006. Three top religious representatives - Di Segni, Salem, and Poupard - gathered Tuesday in a symbolic meeting to present a new magazine and called for renewed interreligious dialogue, only days after Pope Benedict XVI's remarks about Islam and violence prompted anger in part of the Muslim world. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito) (Corriere Della Sera, Martedì 19 Settembre 2006, 18:19)

Ean Begg spoke of the Church of Rome as a nagging wife and the Cathar Church as a dark mistress, hidden underground and the true source of Light. Begg also predicted that Virgo, identified as Catharism, would win the war against the Great Whore of Babylon. We expect this will occur at mid-Tribulation after the Roman Catholic pope has conducted another Papal Inquisition in the revived Holy Roman Empire. Having exploited the Great Whore to the full, the Prieuré de Sion will execute the Pope as a scapegoat Antichrist identifying him as the man of lawlessness per II Thess. 2:3 in revised versions of the Bible.  The King James Version correctly translates this phrase as man of sin, however, the revision is indicative of disobedience to the Noahide Laws. One charge will be violation of the prohibition against idolatry which, in the monotheistic belief system of Talmudic Judaism, and Islam, includes the worship of Jesus Christ as God. See: Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Laws


As Americans watch events unfold in the daily news which presage a new world order and one world religion, it should be apparent that the United States is rapidly becoming a nation governed by judicial fiat rather than separate but equal branches of government.  The establishment of a super-judiciary is not happenstance, but was planned well in advance to condition the masses to accept a court system that is controlled and staffed by Judeo-Freemasonry. For the Church Age—the Age of Grace—will soon come to a close with the catching away of the Church, and the 70th week Daniel will commence God’s dealings with the nation of Israel, which will once again come under the Mosaic Law, or rather the Talmudic version of the Mosaic Law.

Daniel 7:25 says of the Antichrist: “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

Since the Jews do not believe that Jesus fulfilled the criteria for the Jewish messiah, they are awaiting a different messiah who will restore the Jewish nation to pre-70 A.D. conditions. The criteria for a false messiah acceptable to the Jews are posted at Light to the Nations:

“According to the prophets of the Bible, amongst the most basic missions of the messiah are:

Restoration of the Sanhedrin in Israel is, in fact, a work that is quietly in progress. The 71-member body which conspired to crucify Jesus Christ two thousand years ago was reestablished on October 13, 2004.

    “A unique ceremony - probably only the second of its kind in the past 1,600 years - is taking place in Tiberias today: The launching of a Sanhedrin, the highest Jewish-legal tribunal in the Land of Israel.
    “The Sanhedrin, a religious assembly that convened in one of the Holy Temple chambers in Jerusalem, comprised 71 sages and existed during the Tannaitic period, from several decades before the Common Era until roughly 425 C.E. Details of today’s ceremony are still sketchy, but the organizers announced their intention to convene 71 rabbis who have received special rabbinic ordination as specified by Maimonides...

    “One of the leaders of today’s attempt to revive the Sanhedrin is Rabbi Yeshai Ba’avad of Beit El. He said that the 71 rabbis ‘from across the spectrum received the special ordination, in accordance with Maimonides’ rulings, over the past several months.’ Rabbi Ba’avad explained that the membership of the new body is not permanent: ‘What is much more crucial is the establishment of this body. Those who are members of it today will not necessarily be its members tomorrow. But the goal is to have one rabbinic body in Jerusalem that will convene monthly and issue rulings on central issues. This is the need of the generation and of the hour.’
    “Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who heads the Temple institute in Jerusalem, is one of the participating rabbis. He told Arutz-7 today, ‘Whether this will be the actual Sanhedrin that we await, is a question of time - just like the establishment of the State; we rejoiced in it, but we are still awaiting something much more ideal. It’s a process. Today’s ceremony is really the continuation of the renewal of the Ordination process in Israel, which we marked several months ago. Our Talmudic Sages describe the ten stages of exile of the Sanhedrin from Jerusalem to other locations, until it ended in Tiberias - and this is the place where it was foretold that it would be renewed, and from here it will be relocated to Jerusalem.’”  (Arutz Sheva News, 1066)

Ironically, October 13 is the date nearly 700 years ago (October 13, 1307) on which King Phillip IV of France, with the complicity of Pope Clement V, ordered the arrests of the Knights Templar in France prior to executing nearly the entire order.  Weeks later the Pope issued a bull to all Christian rulers in Western Europe ordering them to arrest all Knights of the Order of the Temple resident in their countries.


A few months following the announcement of a restored Sanhedrin, the Arutz Sheva reported that its members ascended the Temple Mount in anticipation of their accession to this most powerful tribunal which will convene in the rebuilt Temple. The date of the rabbis’ ascent of the Temple Mount???  


Members of Reestablished Sanhedrin Ascend Temple Mount
12:17 Jan 20, ‘05 / 10 Shevat 5765

“In a dramatic but unpublicized move, members of the newly established Sanhedrin ascended the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, this past Monday. [January 17!] Close to 50 recently ordained s’muchim, members of the Sanhedrin, lined up at the foot of the Temple Mount Monday morning. [The word s’muchim comes from the same root as s’michah, rabbinic ordination.] The men, many ascending the Temple Mount for the first time, had immersed in mikvaot (ritual baths) that morning, and planned to ascend as a group.”


One member of the Sanhedrin was quoted as saying, “Those behind the revival of the Sanhedrin stress that the revival of the legal body is not optional, but mandated by the Torah. ‘We don’t have a choice,’ says Rabbi Richman. ‘It is a religious mandate for us to establish a Sanhedrin.’” The rabbi cited no Scripture mandating revival of the Sanhedrin, but rather quoted the Talmud:


“A tradition is recorded in the Talmud (Tractate Megillah 17b, Rashi) that the Sanhedrin will be restored after a partial ingathering of the Jewish exiles, but before Jerusalem is completely rebuilt and restored. Another Talmudic tradition (Eruvin 43b; Maharatz Chajas ad loc; Rashash to Sanhedrin 13b) states that Elijah the Prophet will present himself before a duly-ordained Sanhedrin when he announces the coming of the Messiah. This indicates that despite common misconceptions, a Sanhedrin is a pre-, not post-messianic institution.”

Since the restored Sanhedrin is mandated by the Talmud, which denigrates Jesus Christ, the messianic figure it heralds must be the Antichrist, in whose service the 71 rabbis will be employed.  “And he shall...think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” (Dan. 7:25 )

The Arutz article continued, “The rabbis behind the Sanhedrin’s reconstitution...see it as a vessel that, once established, will reach the stature and authority that it once had.” A very recent article, dated May 18, 2005, quoted Vendyl Jones on the subject of the authority of the Sanhedrin.

“According to Jones, The Sharon government will soon be history and the Sanhedrin (the Jewish High Court of 71 judges) will take its place and lead the Jewish people. ‘The Sanhedrin was established October the 13th of last year. Now all we have to do is have an election to elect counselors. The Sanhedrin is like a Senate and the elected counselors are like a House of Representatives.’” (“Kabbalist Blesses Jones: Now's the Time to Uncover Holy Lost Ark”)

Also published was a partial listing of issues the Sanhedrin would be deciding. Among the weightier matters of governance were “restoring the Davidic monarchy” and “the establishment of regional ‘small Sanhedrins’” (“Sanhedrin Rabbis Discuss Sublime, Procedural Issues”)  The reconstituted Sanhedrin, called for by the first Noahide Law as “the duty to establish a legal system” to enforce “civil justice,” will function as a Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court, all rolled into one. And by virtue of the fact that a Jewish Antichrist will rule the world, the Sanhedrin will preside, not only over Israel, but over all mankind. Within its judicial purview will be the interpretation of the Noahide Laws for the lower courts (‘small Sanhedrins’) to administer to the Gentiles. (For a preview of the Sanhedrin in the United States, see: “Death of the Phoenix: The New Reformation”)

...and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God. - Rev.20:4

“Restoring the Davidic monarchy” presages the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel under the rule of a descendant the Merovingian dynasty which claims to be of the lineage of David and Solomon. See: “The Revelation of the Antichrist as the Second Coming of Solomon” on our website. As the Sionist plan unfolds, it will be necessary to thoroughly discredit Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and to transition Christendom to a new messiah—a descendant of Solomon. Although the false teachers promoting the “Gospel in the Stars” presently claim that the signs of the Zodiac prophesied the first and second comings of Jesus Christ, when our Lord Jesus Christ has been vilified as a false Christ—in fact, labeled the Antichrist—the false “Gospel in the Stars” will be seen to apply to the Antichrist, Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair, who will be declared to be the “reincarnation of Solomon.”


For example, “Virgo holds in her right hand a branch...a reference to the seed of the woman”; “Plantard” means branch and Solomon was not only the seed of David but of the Moabite woman, Ruth. (II Sam. 7:12, Matt. 1:5,6)  In the Egyptian Zodiac, the “Gemini” are “twin gods,” brother and sister who mated in “sacred marriage.” Solomon wed the “black virgin” whom he called “my sister, my spouse” in the Song of Solomon (1:5, 4:9) and Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair and his twin sister, Irmine, will lead mankind in a sacred marriage ritual. “Libra” represents the “Scales of Justice” and Solomon was famous for his justice in judgment (1 Kings 3:9, 23); likewise, Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair will be the High Priest who will preside over the Great Sanhedrin in Israel which will govern the world. “Scorpio” is the agent of divine vengeance; Solomon took swift vengeance on his enemies to establish his kingdom (I Kings 2), as will the Antichrist. “Leo” represents the Lion of the  “Tribe of Judah”  who will destroy the wicked at his second coming; in Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike bestowed upon Solomon the title of the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah.” (p. 210) The Antichrist, Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair, will claim to be of the Tribe of Judah through Solomon and will destroy his enemies worldwide to establish his global kingdom.







               ANTICHRIST IN VIRGO

               THE GREAT CHYREN











                  ANTICHRIST IN CANCER

                  THE THREE BEARS

                  FALSE PROPHET IN CANCER

                 THE MICHAEL IN CANCER